Tuesday, March 07, 2017


If you have a 'good' week at Weight Watchers, you usually get a little sticker.

It's just something most Leaders do to 'reward' you.

So.  At last night's weigh in, I lost .800 grams.  Not a huge loss, but one I'm happy with.

And I got a sticker for a good loss.  

THEN I was given another one because I was at my lowest weight since re-joining. (after yo-yo'ing for a while)

AND then I was given ANOTHER one because I went for my first bike ride in 28 years!

ABOVE: First time ever I've had THREE stickers!

I was pretty chuffed.  

After feeling so sick all day, it was a nice way to end the day.  Funny how tiny stickers can make you feel so good!

I went out last night and bought gallons of Trim Milk.  And also Diet Sprite.  Anything to supplement my fluid intake, cos I'm cutting back on the Diet Coke.

I wonder how long it will take for a migraine to kick in?

Luckily, the Doctor has given me migraine medication to help with that.

I will get on top of this.  Acid Reflux is going to be kicked to the curb.

ABOVE:  The new hall we get to have our Patchwork meeting in.  It's twice the size of our old one, had lovely warm carpet on the floor, a huge kitchen with microwave and so on, and it's just all round lovely.

 ABOVE:  Lacy has her uses.  Here she is plucking ear hair out of Tallula's ears!  It's an ikky job, but she's good at it.  *smiles*
It doesn't seem to hurt the dog at all, even though she did struggle to get away.  Lacy ended up sitting on her. lol

And that's me for now.  I'm going for a bike ride once the kids are at school/kindy.

Let's see how that new seat feels.



Well... I'm happy to say the new bike seat is much more comfortable than the old one, but my butt is still sore after my ride!
I rode the same distance today, not trying to go further for a few more rides.

It is a cloudy, slightly cool day!  I got home and did this:

ABOVE:  Slippers on! Took me a little while to actually find them in my wardrobe!  Covered in dust too.  Oh well... me toes are happy again.

NEWS FLASH:  I've not had ANY DIET COKE at all today... and so far... no headache!!!

I've drunk Trim milk and some Diet Sprite.  I'm shocked the headache hasn't kicked in yet.

AND I cooked my 'main meal' at lunchtime, and could not eat even half of it?  WTF is going on?

Maybe the milk killed my appetite?

8.05 pm:  And it's been a quiet afternoon/evening.  Stew's sister Khady arrived and is staying the night, she's on her way up to Auckland.  She lives in Wanganui.
I'm sure we will spend a good deal of time yakking.

And that's all I have for the day.


  1. I did not know that about a dog's ear hair. My Vet has never suggested it...just keep the ears clean! Hope you had a good bike ride. I am rolling on the floor trying to imagine myself on a bike! I should just try it! Hope all is well. Did you get my message about f/b? I don't know if we have actually become friends, but I would love to. My profile pic is of my dog, Tootsie! Next time I am on I will send you a request. Hope your day has been fun.

    1. I don't 'do' Facebook much anymore, but if you do send me a friend request, send it to 'Crabby Tart'.

  2. good on you for making such positive changes and getting you health under control. It's very hard to do and baby steps is key ie: a bike ride here and less diet Coke there. I limit myself to one can (re cycled) of Coke Zero a day. It's my treat and I look forward to it. Also, funny enough, I have taken up biking as well. Guy just loves to go and if Tom is busy I will join him on a long ride. He's kind to his old mum and only goes slowly LOL xxxx

  3. Very impressed with your renewed WW efforts and going to see the Dr to get the reflux under control. Since I turned 40 I have got reflux from two things I really liked - honey and Diet Coke. :(
    I have had to accept (2 years after I realised) that I just can't have honey anymore. If it's in a recipe like cake it doesn't bother me but in it's raw form, on toast or anything - instant reflux.
    I have been chipping away at my DC addiction too. I realised it was ANY diet drink that made me feel terrible, so cut all the others first and am now concentrating on DC. I have given it up before but always gone back to it. Now I know if I want the changes I am making to be permanent I have to let it go and it is a bit scary!

    You're a smart woman, do some research into DC and you might find the answer to why you (like me) have struggled for so long with your weight. I know the stuff I read made a huge difference to me.

    I started buying cans, not bottles and have chipped it down to one can a day now. I will buy mini cans next (don't know if you have them in NZ?). Then I will start to crowd it out of my diet by drinking other stuff. At the moment I am water, soda water with some lemon etc and not much else.

    I also made a list of things that made me feel like crap when I ate them and put it on the fridge. Stuff that I knew gave me reflux, stuff that bloated me up like a freaking balloon. It was hard to say goodbye to it but I did.

  4. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Hi I love coke zero and drink quite a lot...I have bought the lightly sparkling spring water from coles in the small bottles, which I am replacing some of the diet coke ...I don't think changing to diet lemonade will make any difference...it it the highly carbonated drinks that cause the reflux..I get heartburn sometimes from the diet coke..

    I don't like tea or coffee or milk so for me it is just water and coke zero and now the lightly sparkling spring water. I drink a lot of water..boring..lol

    Good going with your weight watchers and bike ride ! you seem to have a lot of energy !



  5. I only have one can of diet coke a day, now any more than that makes me feel ick.

    Well done on your stickers - you could make a sticker chart, one for every 500grams lost and another for every bike ride :-)

  6. As some others have commented, carbonated beverages are not good for those of us with reflux. My doctor will not give me any more of the medication for reflux because it can cause very serious health issues later in life if taken for an extended time (more than a year), such as liver failure and osteoporosis. Therefore, I had to lose the 20 lbs. I was overweight and eliminate the foods most responsible for reflux - caffeine, carbonated beverages, citrus fruits, tomatoes, sugary food, and chocolate. I've had to raise the head of my bed 8 inches higher than the foot so that food doesn't back up while I sleep. My doctor requires that I have a yearly endoscopy to check for any damage to my esophagus and to rule out cancer. After a period of adjustment, I've managed to control my reflux without medication by adhering to diet restrictions.

  7. What is Trim milk? Is it the same as Skim milk 0% fat milk?

  8. O Chris, I am SOOOOOO Very Proud of you for all of your hard effort!!!!!!! Bravo, Bravo! I cannot believe you have gone that long and not drank any Coke! That it really amazing. Then you rode your bike again! Perseverance is a wonderful thing . I have been using some liquid Stevia Flavored drops in my water as they come in some neat flavors . I also use maple syrup as my sweetner in some of my drinks and in my homemade ice cream and NOBODY could tell the difference. I like homemade lemonade and I am always experimenting with my tea- I like adding some frozen concentrate to it . My favorite was peach and they quit making it! Grrrrr! Isn't that the way it always is??????????? But really I am jumping for joy with all you have accomplished so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One step at a time. They say it takes 21 days to change an old habit or start a new healthy habit. Sending you lots of love!

  9. Anonymous5:56 PM


    Reflux medication should be taken as directed by a Dr and people can stay on it for the rest of their lives, they have now shown that there is no correlation between reflux medication and osteoporosis etc. But you can get cancer from having constant relfux and as one in three people have a hiatus hernia, which means acid can get up from the stomach even if you don't have symptoms and cause damage. So taking reflux medication is a very smart thing to do.


  10. Well done you on your loss and your 3 stickers! Any loss is a good loss. Been thinking, if you give up Diet coke you will have to change your number plate and blog name, bahahahaha!! Trim Milk Rocks?? Keep up your good work and enjoy those bike rides, I went and purchased a helmet, you have me inspired!!!

  11. Congrats on three stickers! Your slippers look quite warm and cozy too. I'd wear a pair like that around the house.
    How many Diet Cokse do you normally drink every day? I used to drink a lot of Coke, but have slacked off over the years. Now I drink coffee!
    My bike seat is nice, and I'm glad you like yours too!
    Why pluck dog ear hair?!!?? I sometimes have to clean my dogs ears, I have special liquid that I pour in, plug it with a wad of paper towels and rub, then take it off and she shakes her head and sprays waxy fluid all over (outside) then I dry them with more paper towels and she loves it.
    Have a great day!

  12. Wow go you biking Diet Coke refraining it's all small steps towards big change good girl. Well done on 3 stickers.


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