Thursday, March 16, 2017


After my interesting car park fiasco the other day... I couldn't help but take a photo of this:

ABOVE:  At the supermarket yesterday!  I was on 'his' left,  on the other side of the pedestrian crossing.  Some people have NO IDEA how to park.

ABOVE:  This is what happens when I finally lose some weight!  Rings get too loose.  It will be tape for a while now, until it gets too annoying.  Then I'll cough up and get them re-sized.  If it's not too cold I WILL go to Aqua fit today.  There are no big jobs to do around here today, so no excuses.

If you are a Pepsi reader, there's actually been a couple that I forgot to 'advertise'.  


 ABOVE:  Last night... talking to her Uncle Steve.

 ABOVE:  We may not have been there, but these guys make sure to include us in their everyday lives, which is so lovely.
Archer ate my share of the cake apparently.  Little piglet.

 ABOVE:  I've just planted the new winter plants, and some more lettuces.  Hopefully the white butterflies don't get to them.  
I might even go and get another of those 'strawberry' covers.

The rhubarb is growing like mad!
And so are the buxus plants.  I will have to trim them soon.

ABOVE:  Talking of strawberries, do you take out the plants now?  Or leave them for next year?

So, it's early afternoon and I've just had lunch.  Keera is home from Kindy too.
After Aqua I went into town looking for a shelving unit for Griffin's room.  Might have found something at Mitre 10.
We will go look later on this afternoon.

It's quiet time now.  Keera is happily drawing in her notebook and I'm watching the telly for a while.

Tonight's dinner was takeaways.  I've now got reflux... CLEARLY I can't have dinners.

Coronation Street is now on Thursday/Friday and Saturday nights!  Love it.
Poor Stew takes himself off to the lounge ... he has to watch sport!  Such a shame.

*smiles*... it's nearly bedtime for me.  I'm bloody tired.  


  1. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Up to you about the strawbs they come up even if you rip them out well that's what I have experienced anyways. George's Mum

  2. Here you leave them in the ground (perennials) not sure if it gets too hot there though.

  3. I hate shit parkers!! If I'm with anyone who parks crooked I always make them straighten up - can't help it, I just think it's really inconsiderate. Your garden is looking fantastic.

  4. I learnt from MiL to cut the leaves off the strawberry plants (just grab all leaves of a plant and snip off with secateurs or scissors) - plants will grow back very nicely. Keep the plants in the ground over winter. When you get runners, let some of them take root, cut them apart from the old plant and use them to either expand your strawberry bed or replace about a third of your existing plants. Do this every year, apparently strawberries fruit best in their second year and should be replced every 3 years. This method leaves you eventually with 1/3 young plants, 1/3 best fruiters and 1/3 mature plants.
    Can you tell we love homegrown strawberries in our family lol

  5. Belated Happy Birthday to Becks. You garden and yard look lovely.

  6. Maybe the dinner was just too fatty and that is causing the reflux?

  7. When someone parked shitty on me one day I actually parked correctly again and boxed them in they had to wait until I returned when I did I just smiled ....


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