Sunday, March 12, 2017


Here's some more photos from our trip to Raglan yesterday:

ABOVE:  Photos taken by Griffin P B Harvey.
Photographer extraordinaire!

ABOVE:  On the Raglan Wharf we found Tony Sly Pottery.  Normally I wouldn't bother going in, as he usually only has his signature green and gold coloured pottery.  And in fact I almost didn't go in... but did at the last second.

And how lucky I did!  He's got a new colour!
And of course I love it...

ABOVE: Stew bought me this cute shallow dish.  It's gorgeous.  I think I will be going back for more.  *smiles*

Stew is having a sleep in, so it's only me and Keera up right now.  Plans for the day are open.  We will see once Stew is up.


It has been a morning of housework here.  Griffin did the vacuming, Brylee did bathrooms and windowsills, Stew did a couple of odd jobs and I moved stuff.

All my lovely platters have been stacked in the TV unit in the family room... hard to see what I had, and even harder to get a specific one out to use.

So I took back the shelving unit in Griffin's room and put it here:

ABOVE:  I was a bit worried it would crowd the room, but nope, it fits there just fine.  And now I can see at a glance my platters, serving dishes and so on.

All the bigger bowls are still in the TV unit in the Family Room... but at least now they are not piled high and hard to get out.

ABOVE: Poor little man was hungry after having to vacum, so he had his breakfast.  Yep.  That's his breakfast!  He wasn't really scowling!  Just being silly.  How hard is it for a bloody teenager to smile???? 

6.30 pm:  and we have had a busy afternoon.  We had a mini working bee and trimmed the agapanthas out the front of our house.
That was incredibly hot and sticky work.

I didn't do too much of the 'work', the kids and Stew did most of it.  But I did do some *smiles*.

Now, the family are having steak, mashed potato and veges for dinner and I'm not.

I had a really good, filling lunch.

Then I dyed the white dress/top I bought a couple of weeks ago.  Hopefully it comes out kinda how I hope.

Now... we are expecting one of my Aunt's for a visit.  Joyce lives in Auckland, but is down this way over the weekend.  Not sure why, but I'm sure to find out.

That's me for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Great photos Griffin! Keera looks so gorgeous in her glasses. I love your tshirt! Have a wonderful day Harvey family.

  2. ROFL!!!!! at Griffin- that little "giraffe " is keeping an "eye" on him??? LOL That little "surfing Keera" is the bomb - that a lovely place to visit.How sweet she had such a talented Surfer instructor! Nice to have such a talented photographer in the family to capture "True Love". Lead by example.

  3. That giraffe is eyeing off Griffin's breakfast too!

  4. Now wait a minute! You dyed clothes and did not photograph the process? Did I stumble upon the wrong blog? What is up? I love the photos of your recent outing. You live in a beautiful country. And according to some tidbit you also have heath care for all - is that true?

    1. OMG! Of course I photographed the dye process! I just haven't had the time to upload them yet. Tomorrow soon enough for you? lol
      Yes we do have health care for all... but for doctor's visits you have to pay... hospital care is free for New Zealanders. Medications cost, but most are subsidised. People who are not 'citizens' of New Zealand, or born New Zealanders have to pay for hospital care. Not sure about Australians? I think we have an understanding with Australia that health care is free for them here, and us there, but I'm not 100% sure on that.

  5. Raglan is one of my favourite places to go. Did you go into Soul, I have two bags from there, all hand made locally!! Tony Sly is another fave, I have a few bits in the green. Did you know they have a sale table out the back of the shop with seconds, still very nice but cheaper? Oh and then there is Zinnias, another wicked shop, maybe we need to do a wee road trip to the beach one day, when I am not all broken tho!!!

  6. Keera surfing pic is the bomb. Nice pottery and a sale table that's you sorted pottery colours see you put the pink tablecloth on nice.


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