Wednesday, March 15, 2017


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST DAUGHTER-IN-LAW EVER (of course, she's our only daughter-in-law right now!)... we hope you have an awesome day BEX.

I'm off to Aqua Fit again this morning.
The mornings are getting much cooler, so I hope the pool isn't too cold.
And I wonder how many people will be there today?
Last week there was only 8 of us.

After Aqua, I will come home, shower and get on with some housework.  Or sewing.
I've not been feeling the urge to sew these past couple of weeks.  I think that's because I really don't like using the little sewing machine.
It's like a toy!

I popped into Sewing Machine World yesterday to ask how much longer my machine would be, but the shop owner had no idea. 
I miss McDreamy.  *sniff*

ABOVE:  The neighbour's chickens were out again last night.  First time I've seen them out in over a month!  But... clearly he got home from work and let them out, cos it was the same time as 'per usual'.

At least they didn't come into our yard this time... but they did make our dogs bark like crazy.  Which isn't fair, cos they were wearing their bark collars.

Well, pretty boring post today!  Hopefully something more interesting pops up during the day!


ABOVE: My look for the day?  Nah!  Just peeled onions for dinner.  Now have a crock pot on with pea/bacon and onion soup.  And the goggles?  Well that's so I don't cry peeling and chopping up the onions... OF COURSE!

And NOW,  I better go do my hair!  What a fright I look.  lol

Since doing me hair, I've made beds, tidied up the house, done two loads of washing and hung them out, pulled all the old tomato plants out of the garden, weeded my strawberry/herb garden and generally gotten all hot and sweaty!

All THAT after not going to Aqua!  I simply wasn't feeling in the mood to get all wet and cold!  So,  I'm hot and sweaty instead!  Derrr.

After I pick Keera up from Kindy, we are going into Hamilton to pick up my blue sapphire ring.  I got it re-sized so it would fit on a bigger finger.  All my other rings are starting to swing around me fingers... but I won't get them made smaller YET.

3.50 pm:  And we are back from Hamilton.  I picked up Lacy and we 3 went to lunch.  That was nice for Keera and Lacy, they got to spend some time together.

ABOVE:  Like Griffin, hard to get a decent photo of that tart sometimes!  

After lunch we bought some new vege plants (Whoops!,  they are still in the car), then some fresh bread for dinner.  Then I took Lacy home and headed home myself.

I picked up Brylee and Griffin from school... I was 'on the road' anyway, so decided to pick them up and save them a hot, sweaty walk home.  I had an ulterior motive...

Griffin in now turning over the vege patch, ready for planting the new seedlings.  Brylee is going to put the weeds and remaining agapantha trimmings in the garden bag,  and that's the afternoon sorted.

I like days when I do dinner in the crock pot!  No rush at the end of the day to cook dinner.

Well dinner was lovely.  I had some and now (10 pm)... I have reflux.  Fuck it.
I shouldn't have pushed it.
Drinking milk now... hoping it settles down soon so I can go to bed at some point tonight.


  1. ❤❤❤🍰🍰🍰 thank you the best parents in law ever

  2. If your neighbours continue to let their chickens out and they keep coming to your place catch them with a trail of food like bread and......I don't know, call the council, pet control because your neighbours aren't being very neighbourly are they? Mine are free range in their own garden not the entire neighbourhood.

  3. Happy Birthday Bex! I hope that you have an awesome day ☺

  4. Happy Birthday to Bex.I remember when she was the "girlfriend" - now transformed into wife, daughter, mother. My how time flies. When I chop onions I light a candle where I am working. lol We don't like those tears, do we. LOL I had a sewing machine company keep my serger one time for 3 months and boy did people start giving me "Advice"! on how long was too long. I never did take my machine back to them either.

  5. Happy Birthday Bex. My mother in law said I was he best daughter in law too, until one day I told her that I was the only DIL she was ever going to have. She stopped after that, my hubby is the only son and had 6 sisters at the time.

  6. How are you going with the diet coke? Do you think it's made a difference to how you feel?
    CAn't believe the bitch in the car park...what is wrong with some people?
    You know having one big meal a day isn't bad for you. The advice to eat so many times a day is starting to really be challenged by people like Michael Mosley and Jason Fung. This is an interesting read too.

    And this is a great watch! Love Jason Fung!

  8. Happy Birthday to Bex. Love the look with the goggles-does it work?

    1. Hell YES it works! Why else would ya go around looking like THAT?

    2. Haha have to agree! However must try it-with no one around!!

    3. I've answered my front door wearing the googles AND still holding the knife! Poor Morman nearly jumped with fright! I laughed hysterically!

  9. Firstly yes, Jason Fung - amazing if you want to get rid of diabetes. He really is on to it and worth the watch.

    Onions? I've said it before and will say it again. I keep mine in the crisper part of my fridge and never, ever, ever have trouble cutting them because when the are slightly chilled, they lose the ability to make you cry.

    1. I have kept onions in the fridge and still cry my eyes out. And I'm sure I've read somewhere that it's not good to keep ya onions in the fridge. I keep mine in the pantry. Each to their own.

  10. Happy Birthday Bex 🎁🎈

  11. Me too I'm a googles girl sometimes other times I can cut 10-20kgs no problemo (sausage sizzle fundraisers) hmmm I spoke too soon about the chickens


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