Friday, March 10, 2017


It's another girly day out!

I'm meeting the Sue's at the Hamilton Gardens for lunch today, and then we might go for a walk around the gardens too.

ABOVE:  The Gardens Cafe has the most lovely food.. I'm already drooling just thinking about it!  What to have?  Something yummy that's for sure... as it will be my only meal for the day.

I had a little bit of dinner last night, and paid for it by getting reflux.  Grrrrr.  The doctor did say it would take a few days for the added medication to kick in... so I just have to wait.

I had a glass of Diet Coke last night, first DC in three days!  I wonder if that gave me the reflux too?  I need to keep a diary so I can work out what makes the reflux happen.

Oh and thank you Lynda, I will be getting some Vitamin B12 supplement today.

Right ... I'm off to get the kids to school and kindy, then come home and put me face on! I'm going out after all.  


I just tried a cup of tea:



4.30 pm:  And I've finally got time to update on my day.

First up.. I'm lucky the girls turned up!  They thought we had agreed to meet at the Hamilton LAKE, whereas I thought it was the Gardens!  Luckily Sue # 2 read my blog this morning and realised I was going to the Gardens, so they met me there.

LUNCH was delicious!  I had a beef salad... it was to die for.  The Sue's also had lovely lunches.
After our lunch, we went for a leisurely stroll through the gardens.

I took a gazillion photos... so here goes:

ABOVE:  The 'theme' gardens are amazing!  So pretty.  And interesting.  It was just lovely walking around them with the Sue's.  They are just so funny.

ABOVE:  A low wall, that Sue W thought would be interesting to sit on... no idea why!  Dirty, dirty girl!  lol

I've taken heaps more photos, but will hold off sharing them until tomorrow.  There's too many!

Keera came out of Kindy in a foul mood.  So when she started getting wound up and screaming... I sent her to bed.  Clearly she was overtired and needed time out.  It's now very quiet!

Friday night.  Silly bugger dinner.  Not even sure what it will be yet!

NOTE TO SELF:  Don't eat grapes!  Kindy were giving away fresh grapes that were growing on the property... and I ate some.  NOW?  OMG reflux!  Dammit.

And it's now evening, I'm watching the telly in the family room, and Stew's watching rugby in the lounge.  All is good.


  1. Vitamin B pills can taste yuk and make your pee yellow... I use Clinicians Vitamin B12 oral drops. Cost about $25 but last for ages and ages. Just one or two drops under your tongue. You use a little more to start and then just twice a week. You get this from a chemist :)

  2. Hope you had a wonderful time with your friend. Hope you got some pictures of the garden?

  3. ek im with you.... Tea is soooooooooooooooooooo yuck!

  4. Tea to me is Diet Coke to you haha

  5. I love your response to tea! However, I was able to enjoy raspberry iced tea. In a pitcher make 4 bags of black tea and four bags of raspberry tea. And about 1/3 cup sugar. Steep the tea bags in about 4 cups of hot water for a few minutes, stir sugar into the hot stuff to help it dissolve, and dilute it all with four more cups of water. For that matter you can make the whole batch raspberry or whatever flavor you like and skip the black tea altogether. I am going to try that right now! No baby giraffe yet!

  6. I love that you are having such fun times with the

  7. Beautiful s Chris. What a lovely place.

  8. Wow lovely garden pics loved the sculptures. I must say I drink 2 litres cold water ice cold everyday have filters at work. Had a sparkling duet glass full the other night YUCK YUCK funny


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