Wednesday, March 08, 2017


Well... it's supposed to be wet for most of the day today.
And it's my Aqua Fit day.  Hmmm.  I'm not sure if I will go or not yet.
It will depend on how much it is raining I think.
Aqua is on, rain or shine though.  So, we will see.

Stew's sister is leaving for Auckland this morning, so just a quick visit from her.  It has been nice to see her though.  

She brought her dog, Max, with her.  So our girls have been confined to the other end of the house... Tallulah would EAT him.  He's not silly though, he didn't go anywhere near the gate, so she couldn't even snap at him through the gap.

 ABOVE:  Khady and Max.  He's a lovely dog.

ABOVE:  Such a cutie.

And now... I'm off to get everyone sorted and off to school/kindy.


I went to Aqua!  And ... normal numbers are between 30 - 60 people.  Today?  8
8 die hards.  It WAS cold.  But once you got moving it wasn't so bad.  I gave it 100%, determined to keep warm.  I did get cold now and then, but on a whole I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Home to a nice hot shower, first HOT shower in ages I must say.  Usually it's tepid at most.

Russell has just popped in for a hot cuppa tea, he's working on the other side of Cambridge at the moment, so nice to see him.

OMG I'm so friggin crabby right now!
I had to talk to Spark (phone company) about an account problem... then I had to get into my email account for them... only I managed to lock myself out of it didn't I?

So I couldn't get into my own email account, and have had to jump through a gazillion hoops to try and reactivate my own account.
Because we moved homes, and PHONE numbers, I couldn't get their recovery codes sent to my phone number, cos it was NO LONGER MY NUMBER!  OMG what a mess.

But ... after 3 hours, I have finally got back in... after filling in copious forms and answering a million questions.  I don't know how anyone can hack your account when it's that hard to get back in yourself!

My head is pounding and I'm fit to kill.  Poor Keera has been yelled at because she was yabbering in my face while I was trying to figure it all out!  Sorry kid.  Bad Grandma.

Stew... takeaways for you guys tonight, I'm not in the mood for cooking!

Well... the family had Pizza for dinner, and I drooled.
But didn't feel too hard done by, cos I know it would have just made me sick.

Quiet evening ahead. 


  1. Well done on you for going to aqua, it would have been easy to make an excuse but you stuck at it :-)

  2. Wow that is commitment Chris. Well done. Don't think I would've braved it.

  3. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Spark are cruddy unfortunately they a large slice of the pie! Did I publish my first comment or what? George's Mum ��

    1. Hee hee... no stopping you now!

  4. Anonymous4:44 PM

    I meant have a large slice of the pie duh ballsed it up told ya Chris!

    1. NO you did it Robyn! Well done you.

  5. I hate phone companies! I finally switched after I don't know how many years and finally got a decent one! It is smaller and does a Much better job. So, I understand how you felt like a black cloud after that experience. Great job on your aqua! You are really Doing It!! Give Keera a hug and that will make it all better.

  6. Commitment well done. I hate ringing help lines at times, you often feel worse after the call.


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