Monday, March 27, 2017


Well... I'm at a loss at what to post about today!

The only thing on my agenda is to get the kids to school/kindy, come home and do the housework!

Oh and ring the Sewing Machine Shop and find out, where the hell is my sewing machine?
It's now been away getting serviced for over 3 weeks!  I want my bloody machine back!

I keep thinking that they have lost it, or broken it... cos it should have been back over a week ago.
I'm worried.

Here's a cute little collage from yesterday:

ABOVE:  These were taken in the morning, when he was feeling bright and happy.  Later on in the day he was over tired and grumpy.
He is picking up words like a parrot now... he repeats or tries to say virtually everything he hears.  So cute.  One of his favourite words right now is 'Naughty'... and he uses it heaps!  

He really is rather adorable.  And of course Keera and Dante are too! 

So... let's get moving, get the day started and see what eventuates...


Well... I thought Archer was sickening for something yesterday, he had a temperature and today?  Spots on his hands, feet and in his mouth.  So he's no doubt got the Hand Foot and Mouth virus. Bex is taking him to the Doctor today to get him checked, but he should be just fine.

Just talked to the owner of the sewing machine shop.. he's in Auckland.  So is my machine.  SOMEWHERE.  He's going to try and track it down and find out why it's not been returned yet.  OMG  I am getting so cross with them.
They have had my machine for 5 weeks tomorrow!!!
I told him if it's not been serviced YET, I don't want it done, just get it back to me NOW.  LIKE NOW NOW NOW.  He got the message.

Now I have to wait to hear back from him.  Waiting... waiting...

Sooooo.. an hour later, and my machine has been 'found', and it will be back in Hamilton TOMORROW.  I am beyond annoyed that I had to get all cross and angry with them before they would get off their arses and get my machine back to me!  I will NOT be taking my machine back there for a service again, that's for sure!

Well the past few hours have been spent vacuming, washing floors and cleaning the fronts of all the kitchen cupboards, and keeping an eye on the giraffe!

Just now we had a massive downpour, one minue the sun was shining, then it went pitch black and it pissed down!  Thankfully it stopped after a little while cos it's almost time to pick up the kids.

I've got Weight Watchers tonight, followed by Patchwork Group night meeting. But I don't think I want to go to the night meeting  today... I've got a damn sore back.

9.50 pm :  And I gained .400 grams this week... I expected it too.  But, not a huge gain, so relieved about that.
I did go to the patchwork meeting, but wish I'd stayed home. It was stifling in the house we were meeting at, and I spent the ENTIRE time fanning myself with a plastic page from my folder!  

So relieved to get home and sit in front of the fan.
Winding down now... and off to bed in another couple of hours.


  1. Chris you have the cutest grandchildren ever! All of them adorable. I showed the one of Archer above to my married daughter and told her it was high time to gift me with a Grandbaby! ;)
    ~Nicole in CA

    1. *smiles*... good luck with that wish!

  2. 5 weeks is insane!!! I hope Archer is feeling bettter soon

  3. 5 weeks is bullshit! I would be pissed too Chris!
    Archer is such a handsome boy, and so much like Bex :) Bex and Steve, your boys are spunks!
    Sharnee, Melbourne Australia.

    1. Thanks, they get their looks from there mother but their charm and charisma from me haha

    2. NO... Dante gets his looks from YOU Steve. AS for charm and charisma... *snort*... yeah right.

    3. OH and SPELLING of 'there' is wrong .. .. I had to do it.. you are always pulling me up for incorrect spelling! 'THEIR' mother... na na nah nah.

  4. I don't blame you one little bit for being miffed at the sewing machine people- that is no way to run a business. I went through that once and everybody told me the very same thing and I never did take my machine back to them again.

  5. Archer is so cute. I bet that machine better be fixed and running sweet gawd I'd be asking for a discount we have had rain rain rain and more rain.

  6. oh man my 2 youngest had hand foot and mouth, not fun!


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