Saturday, March 25, 2017


We are expecting Steve, Bex and the boys this afternoon.
It feels like ages since they were down here.

Keera is going to really enjoy having the boys to play with for sure.

Sadly, I don't have any jobs for Steve to do!
Well... not right now anyway *smiles*.

Once we have Mum's birthday party done and dusted, and our Wedding Anniversary too.. I can start saving towards my front door 'porch'... then I will have something for Steve to do!

We are going down to our local shopping centre this morning, just for a wander around.  We hardly ever go into Cambridge 'town' ... cos we prefer the mall in Hamilton.  But, it will kill some time this morning if nothing else.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Kelly, a big 35 today!  Wow, my kids are getting on in age!  And I don't even feel old yet.  lol
March sure has a lot of birthdays in this family!

OK... I'm off to get the washing done, then feed the small kid, bla bla bla.


Well it wasn't that nice in town... steady drizzle made it a bit wet.  But, we did have a good look around.  Ended up at the Warehouse, where we bought a few bits 'n' bobs... Easter eggs!
Something tells me I'll be having some this year.

APRIL the Giraffe... still hasn't had her baby... and the Live Cam of her has gone down.  I feel like my right arm has been cut off!
Just our luck she will spit that baby out now that we can't see her.  *sniff*

AND... giraffe cam is back.  It was down for over an hour... panic over.  lol  Addicted to April.

ABOVE:  This is April... expecting any time now.  The other giraffe is Oliver, the baby Daddy.

Steve and Bex are on their way... so looking forward to seeing them.  I want to discuss my front door thingee with Steve.

7.09 pm:  And it's been kinda busy here!  Lacy and her boyfriend (new guy, but knew him 10 years ago) arrived on their way to Tauranga for a few days.

ABOVE:  Keera enjoying chocolate... all the kids got chocolate then got all hyper!  Whoops.

ABOVE:  Lots of fun and games this afternoon.

Dinner tonight was Beef Spare Ribs cooked in a Spare Rib Marinade, mashed potatoes and steamed veges.  It was delicious!

I'm looking forward to Coronation Street tonight... hopefully all the little kids will be in bed asleep by then. 

Winding down.  Enjoying our visitors.


  1. Enjoy your visit 😀 I bet the boys can't wait to see you.

    1. Tell me about it there going crazy waiting for dad lol. 😂😂

  2. Great picture of April. I am watching too - but I have not seen that photo.

    1. It is on their Facebook page, posted today.

  3. No, the feed hasn't gone down, just our ability to watch it - thankfully someone put me on to this page. It's also live. Just scroll down to the giraffe

    1. Oh just saw your next comment - I haven't been able to watch the live Youtube feed since yesterday - there's a few of us affected but no idea why. I can watch it on the link above though. I was thinking you had the same problem but clearly not.

    2. I still can't watch it on YouTube on my computer, so have switched to a live feed from CBS DENVER. There are several options I reckon. I can watch it live from Animal Adventure Park on my phone though. I don't care where I watch it, as long as I can!

  4. Awwww the kids are growing cuter by the day it didn't rain at Adele but has rained in Taupo whilst away!!

  5. Your kids are all so beautiful- you have done such a wonderful job with them. Thanks for sharing the giraffe.

  6. Alright - you got me hooked too! I didn't realize April was here in the US. lol


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