Thursday, March 23, 2017


I started sorting out Griffin's wardrobe last night... but soon gave up.  It's a job for today.

Anyway... I did haul out one bag that I could see had some interesting stuff in it...

and low and behold:

 ABOVE: Three sets of Christmas lights that I had clear forgotten I had, AND they all worked!  And a pretty little runner, and toys.

ABOVE:  I took the toys out of the bag, and Tallulah slowly 'chose' a few for herself and took them away.  SO CUTE!  She loves, loves, loves toys.  

ABOVE:  Keera was quite keen on the Buzzy Bee... but got carried away and started running with it, and it was swinging around likely to smash something, so I had to take it off her.  It really is for toddlers to pull along, not super energetic 4 year olds!

But she was really cute too.

Yesterday, in the comments section I replied to a comment about drinking Diet Coke.  There were a few replies to my reply... this addresses that:

 ".... I really don't get it. lol"... THAT WAS TONGUE IN CHEEK PEOPLE... I was friggin JOKING!   I am not a fool.  My reflux was caused by several factors:  My eating too many carbs/sweet food, my portion sizes AND probably diet coke too.  Not JUST diet coke.  I am working on all probable causes of the reflux.  And I have cut back on the diet coke by over half... so am not going to feel guilty about that.  

I have not had reflux in about a week, so clearly I'm doing something right. 

I am still going to do my best to cut my diet coke consumption down to as little as possible, without getting dehydrated. And now,  I will leave that subject there.

I have no firm plans for the day,apart from tidying Griffin's wardrobe.  It will be interesting to see what else I find!


1.00 pm :  It's been a quiet morning here.  I've mucked around in the house, doing odd jobs and generally being busy.
Just picked up Miss Muppet from Kindy and she's having her lunch right now.

At 2 pm I have an appointment at the kindy to discuss 'getting her ready' for school.
Like... can't imagine what we have to discuss?
Been there, done that like.... 8 times already.
But, I shall humor the teacher, who insisted it was necessary.  *sigh*

Once we are home again, I shall be tackling that wardrobe.  

I'm sitting in the family room, and I can hear this quiet little cry coming from the lounge.  Keera.
So I call out, come here.
She slowly comes into the room, and I ask her what's the matter?
She replies "I can't get my fort made."
So I tell her to wipe her face, cos there is SNOT hanging off her chin... then I go and help her.

ABOVE:  She usually uses cuddle rugs ... but it just wasn't working for her today.  So I got her a single sheet and showed her how to tuck it into the couch cushions... now she's a very happy girl again.
She's a funny wee thing... she just loves making forts for herself and her toys.

She just came into the family room and said "Thank you for helping me make my fort Grandma".  Awwwww.  She melts me sometimes.

So today has been a bit weird.  I was cold for a while, then hot as hell all evening.  Coronation Street is on shortly, so I shall wind up today's post here. Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous9:05 AM

    In my defence! I DID "LOL" and :D :D at the end of my comments - but I honestly didn't think you were joking. I was gobsmacked that you had had such success in giving it up and losing a lot of the reflux etc and couldn't see the link! Sorry I didn't see your tongue in cheek! Don't be too hard on me with your cranky red font...I have left you heaps of supporting comments lately! Cranks

    1. I'm not cross at you! And the red font? Just a colour, nothing to do with crankiness.

  2. Wonder what else you may find in the wardrobe!! Aww Keera is so cute.

  3. Awwww keera your a bit cute sweety. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. Keera is such a wee darling. She is so good at amusing herself.

  5. Now you know you have too much stuff when you don't miss a bag of two lol... But you have condensed and moved so much prior a few things were bound to be way laid. Keera is a great fort maker and grandma to the ready .

  6. I still love making Forts... shame my kids are too old for that sort of thing.... Bring on grandkiddies!!!

  7. Oh gosh, Keera is such a cutie making those forts. I just love it. What a sweetheart she is.

    I had a Pepsi Max addiction, but as soon as I got pregnant I couldn't stand the stuff. Unfortunately now I have taken up DC... swapping out one addiction for another ha ha! Oh well, we can't be perfect. :)

  8. Good luck tackling your the Diet Coke problem. Looks like Keera is having loads of fun.

  9. I remember making big huts over the round clothes line and using blankets for walls. We used to camp out there all day. Oh to be so innocent again. Keera is so cute.

  10. You're a good grandma Chris.


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