Wednesday, March 22, 2017


First up for today I will be heading off to Aqua Fit.  I'm really looking forward to it too.

I need to get away from all these smelly boxes of photos!
Last night I worked on sorting through them until well after 11 pm!

I have ONE more big box to go, then I can relax for a while.

At some point I will have to go through them again and sort out photos for Brylee and Griffin, and one or two other extended family members.
But there's no rush for that to be done.

I found one photo that I want to get reprinted:

ABOVE:  It says 'Grandma 21st December 1903'.  I am not sure who's Grandma she was?  But when my Mum comes over in May I will find out.  She was either my Mum's Grandmother, or my Father's.

Family history is really interesting don't ya think?

Once the photos are done, I will be getting back to some sewing I hope.  

HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY TO OUR GRANDDAUGHTER RENA!  One more year of single digits!  Have a wonderful day.


1.41 pm:  well... I've been super busy today!  Just fluffing around the house mostly... getting washing done, tidying up rooms and so on.
Aqua was good, but a bit cold!
There is hardly any sunshine today, I even thought it was going to rain at one point... so the washing got hung in the garage.

I'm now relaxing for a while! 

Can you believe it?  I'm COLD!  Yep, sitting still for a while and ... cold!  It's WONDERFUL.  So over being unbearably hot all the time.  At least if I'm cold, I can put something ON to warm up.  Too hot... can't exactly strip off eh?

 I hope I'm not going to flip and moan about being cold now!  lol

So funny.   Somehow or other, Brylee managed to get the nick name 'Stick It' within our little immediate family.
I think it was from when she was tiny and grizzly, and we would say 'Cry, cry, cry, stick a finger in ya eye'... or something like that. 

Anyway, just now I asked Keera to find Brylee and tell her I wanted her.  (rather than me yell for her).

So Keera took off down the hallway calling out "Stick It, ... Stick It, my Grandma wants you!"

I just had to smile my head off.  Then Keera came back into the room and told me she had called her sister 'Stick It'... very proudly.  Awwwww. 

Well it's been an uneventful day ... but productive, which I love.
Time to sign off for the day... with no new baby giraffe either I might add.  *sigh*  
It's so... addictive watching her!


  1. What a great photo! I traced one side of my family back to the 17th century with Ancestry- became quite addictive!

  2. My wife is going to Aqua Fit this afternoon, and she's been watching that giraffe for weeks!
    Question: How is Di Coke in fluid form different than water in fluid form when it comes to fluid retention? Why will adding ice to already mostly water Diet Coke make any difference?

    My Aunt wrote a book about our family history, on my Moms side. It is indeed very interesting. My grandfather was born it 1895 and died in 1976.

    1. From what I understand, diet coke has more sodium in it, hence making it more inclined to make me retain fluid? If I add ice, I am effectively 'watering it down', therefore mitigating it's effects somewhat. And I'm even kinda having WATER! I agree, diet coke is made of WATER... I really don't get why everyone is anti diet coke! lol

    2. I don't like the taste of Diet Coke, just personal choice. In Australia we did have Coke that was sweetened with Nutri sweet which I preferred but that is very hard to find now.

    3. Anonymous11:03 PM

      You really don't get it? Have you read anything about it? LOL! Cranky

    4. Anonymous11:06 PM

      It gave you terrible reflux and made you put on 4KG IN FLUID and you can't understand why people are so anti? :D :D CB

  3. Wow that Grandma photo is in good nick. Isn't it funny what kids say at times... As you prob know artificial sweeteners additives trick the body and make you crave more sugar at a guess what about drink one glass early and water rest of day so you aren't drinking temptation before bed and settling down those large large glass containers with tap would look awesome in your kitchen fresh lemon limes in water voila ? Me when I'm on holiday in 3 weeks IT WILL BE VERY HARD I'm going to be around family 4 of whom HAVE DEVILISH SWEET TOOTH!

  4. Great picture. Hope you find out the history on it. Keep warm.

  5. Whereading the heck is that baby giraffe?


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