Tuesday, February 28, 2017


As I mentioned yesterday, Sue W has a young Huntaway dog named Ava.

She greets everyone by leaping up on them... she's super exuberant and friendly.  Overly so.
But in saying that, she's adorable.

I sat on a couch and she was ALL. OVER. ME!
She tried to sit in me lap, then lie on me, then she crawled up around my neck and licked me and smothered me in kisses.

She really thinks she's a little dog, and has no idea just how big she is!  I just LOVED her.  I'd take her home in a heartbeat.

But... *sigh*... two things stopping me.   Sue (dammit) and ... Tallulah

Tallulah would KILL HER.  Seriously.  So, Ava better stay where she is, *smiles*.

Sue 2 got a few photos from yesteday, I will share:

 ABOVE:  Me 'n' Ava.  She totally mussed up me hair... I'm such a mess!

 ABOVE:  Sue's.
They will have to get used to taking selfies with THREE of us now!  lol

ABOVE:  Though it is MUCH harder to fit three cuddly girls in one selfie me thinks.

 ABOVE:  I DID have tights on!  Well... cycle shorts really.  It's too bloody hot to wear longer tights right now.

ABOVE: Keera last night, such a happy wee kid.  She was having a 'break' from her glasses.
In fact, she told me to take them back to the shop, she didn't want them anymore.  *sigh*

Today?  I'm going into Hamilton again.  I would like to find a cycle helmet and that plastic mat for under my sewing chair.

And that's all for now... 


1.22 pm:  And I've been a busy girl this morning.
First up, I went and enrolled Keera at Primary school.

ABOVE: Then I went into Hamilton and found a helmet and basket for my bike.  I didn't want to be having a backpack on while riding, so the basket will be used for me drink, keys, phone and so on.

Then I got the last chair mat in the shop at Warehouse Stationary... and it was reduced by $50, so that was lucky.

After THAT, I decided to do some grocery shopping... cos we were out of quite a few essentials... like fruit and snacks for Miss Muppet.

Home now, and taking a break... watching Home and Away from yesterday.

Well clearly I've not been back all afternoon!  lol
Been busy doing bugger all really.
Quiet afternoon.  Cooked dinner, fed family, watched TV.
Winding down for the evening now.


  1. Anonymous9:33 AM

    oh you little beauty lol, dance baby dance xx x u miss 4

  2. oh that Keera is so cute! What a sweetheart.

  3. Busy girl!! I wish I could take a break from my glasses/contacts lol

  4. Oh keera your to bloody cute xx miss you all. And she looks so cute in her glasses. It's so awsome you have found some good friends near you,You look so happy. 💜💜💙💙

  5. Lovely to see both you & Keera so happy!! Love the dancing clip!!! Wishing you many more out outings with the Sue's!!! Happy Bike riding!!!!!!

  6. What a little darling. A dancer in the making? Love her skirt. Great to talk to you today Chris. You look beautiful.

  7. That little Keera is so precious. Love your new basket and you will enjoy that mat. Sue is very beautiful - and I am betting both inside and out. It is so refreshing to see you getting out having fun.

  8. Chris I have the same basket on my bike. You look and sound happier and it shows.


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