Friday, June 05, 2015


Sadly, Queen's Birthday weekend was the last long weekend for us ... time to knuckle down to a long and wet winter I suppose.

Next long weekend won't be until Labour Day, which is not till mid October.

I'm undecided on if I'm going to patchwork class today.  If it's wet and miserable I think I'll stay home.
Time will tell on that one... as it's not time to even think about going yet.

I do have a block cut out ready to sew, so if I stay home I shall just do it here.

As I don't have much to yabber on about today.... I shall just have to plaster the blog with baby photos I took last night!

 ABOVE:  Steve being a dick... and Dante trying to ignore him.  

ABOVE: Cuddles with Granddad.

Right, I'm off to see what the day looks like.


Well... I didn't go to patchwork.  The day looked like it was going to be lovely, but it didn't last long.  It's freezing and wet again.
Just in, a new photo of Chico, a puppy from our first litter, she will be 4 in August!

ABOVE: isn't she beautiful!  

ABOVE:  Chico as a puppy, she is still gorgeous.

I can't wait until Tallulah has puppies! 

OMGosh, I've got PORK BELLY in the oven.  You should smell my house.  Mmmmm.

Having a quiet day, totally blissed out doing NOTHING.  *smiles*

Well dinner was awesome, and as it's Friday night, I'm watching Coronation Street.  In the background is my youngest grandson screaming his lungs out!  How typical of a baby to time it perfectly to drown out me tv programme.  Poor bubba is getting really wound up.  I'm sure he will sleep well later after his screaming bout.

End of Day:  another lovely day.  Looking forward to a nice weekend.
nite nite


  1. Always love the photos.

  2. Awwwwwww cute cute cute Steve and Grandad too......

  3. ohhh I see Bex's features around Archer's eyes!

  4. Anonymous11:25 AM


    Cute pics, Archer looks a lot like Dante...


  5. Babies & puppies - bless :-)

  6. i STARTED FOLLOWING YOUR BLOG WHEN COCO was pregnant with her first litter/ My mother in law was reading it and knew I liked dogs, so she got me started. I have followed ever since!

  7. OMG! Just thought I should let you know.... When I tried to publish my comment a minute ago..... In order to prove I am not a robot - it made me choose pictures of sushi out of a bunch of photos! Usually, it's just typing in the secret word or code. This was totally different. Other pictures were of fried eggs and what not. So, now you have to know the difference between fried eggs and sushi in order to post a comment!

    1. TOTALLY ignore the I am not a robot thing! I skip it and just hit 'Publish' and it works.

    2. Anonymous11:58 PM

      I tried that today but didn't work. anyway ill try. Ive read yr. blog but not relayed until now. i love yr animal pix (i own the best poodle in the land)! However yr Archer is as perfect looking as Princess Charlotte. They cld b a future couple! Bex looks amazing too as a second time Mum. Keep all yr photos coming. =-O

  8. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Ok... if you are trying to leave a comment without being signed into Google you do get the stupid I'm not a robot thing... What a pain in the butt! Chris H

  9. christine5:13 PM

    I am testing ignoring the robot!

  10. christine5:14 PM

    Didn't work - this time I had to identify pizza, and none of it looked like pizza!

  11. Photos are adorable Chris

  12. Even though I check in with your blog almost everyday I've never left a comment so here's me, leaving a comment at last :) the boys are total cuties!

  13. Those babies are adorable. Keep warm, have a great weekend.