Sunday, June 21, 2015


Well today's list of things to do is a mile long.
So long in fact that I know we won't even get half of it done.

But that's ok, cos we have plenty of time I'm sure.

It's not like we can list the house for sale yet anyway, but we can do  heaps to get it ready for sale.

We have to do a grocery shop first and foremost.

Then when we get home I'm going to get Stew and the kids to bring EVERYTHING down from  the attic so we can sort it all out, chuck out what we haven't used for the last almost 7 years we  have been here, make a pile for the Hospice shop, and box up what we want to actually keep.

That should take most of the day!

I have virtually NO IDEA what is up there, apart from two rugs... the rug from hell and the gorgeous rug from the lounge that will end up in our bedroom once Steve and Bex have left.

I shall have to send Stew out for more boxes too... I've used almost 20 already!  Can't believe how many I had to use for my sewing room paraphernalia.  *sigh*

I am also going to get the kids to de-clutter their rooms, anything they simply don't need on a day to day basis is going in a box.

I shall have this place ship shape in no time I'm sure.

Right, that's me for now.... I hope you are all having a lovely weekend?  Anyone else de-cluttering, house hunting, or just frantically busy like me?  What ya doing?  


OFF. TO. BUY. GEES. LINCTUS.  Cos the coughing is getting really BAD.  And then the groceries.

Well, we got the grocery shopping done, came home and put it all away.  Then I crashed and had a nap for a couple of hours.

After that I did what the Real Estate Agent suggested and turned our big linen cupboard back into a 'Study Nook'.  It has all the wiring there and was advertised as a Study Nook when we bought the place.  

ABOVE:  done.  Most of the linen has gone into the 2nd hallway cupboard, or in a box to go into storage.  Slowly making a dent in the de-clutter.

But the biggest, most awful spaces are still to be done.  Under the house storeroom and the attic.  They might have to wait until next sunday now as Stew is mowing the lawn while it's not raining.

End of Day: trying to put off going to bed. You always feel 10 times worse when you go to bed, and the coughing steps up.  So, I don't wanna go to bed. *sigh*
But I will eventually I suppose, though it might be on the couch so I don't keep Stew awake.
nite nite


  1. Try this 2 tbs cider Apple vinegar 2 tbs honey and 1 tbs lemon juice mixed with hot water to dissolve and fill a cup. It's helped a fee people down here. Good luck.

  2. so how come you can't look a houses yet? Because Bex and Steve are still with you? They couldn't come along for the first bit until they can move out? It is exciting looking isn't it. Wish I had gotten the chance to do it.

    1. Steve's job is here in Auckland, so they will not be moving to Hamilton with us. Yes it is exciting looking for a new home! I am going to make sure I get most of my 'wants' ticked off this time too.

  3. Wow you know if you guys had garage sales or on fine weekends a yard sale MAKE SOME cash chuck a sign out on THAT busy rd and sell spare stuff. Ya never know happy looking...….

  4. Sorry to hear you're still not feeling the best. Maybe sleeping in the garage in the winter isn't helping your cought etc .... is there anyway you can reconfigure things in the house so you can sleep in the warmth and dryness of the house until you move?


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