Saturday, June 27, 2015


Counting our lucky stars today.
If we hadn't taken our trailer load to Hamilton the other day, we would be doing it today.  And it's a wet day.  
So relieved we did it already.

We are going to Hamilton today, but only to look at houses.

I have 6 lined up for today, starting at 11 am, and the last one at 5 pm.

Here's a few of them:

ABOVE:  We are very lucky.  There is a good choice of homes for sale in our price range.  Unlike when we bought in Auckland!
In the suburb we wanted to be in, there were only 2-3 in our price range, and that was 7 years ago.  It hasn't changed either.

There's very little on the Auckland market that's affordable, and in our suburb.  So, fingers crossed that means our home will be snapped up quick.

So, if I can, I'll do little updates during the day, letting you know how it's going.  Until then, time to get ready to leave.

While we are gone, Steve and Bex will be picking up the keys to their house, and starting the move out of our home!  One more night until we shall be back in our bedroom!


So annoyed right now. Got a phone call from the agent who we had an appointment with at 11... to cancel due to time conflicts. And we were already here and about to go meet him!  Stew yelled at him on the phone, he was that incensed. So we are killing time now till our next appointment at 12.  

So the first house in the above line up will be seen at a later date now.

It's cold.... so I bought something warm. Killing time again till next appointment. 

What a long day!  The soles of my feet are sore from all the walking around.

But, it was a good day.  We saw 6 houses after all that.  Of them, 3 were definite possibilities, the 2nd two above and this one:

ABOVE:  I really loved this one. Stew preferred the 3rd one in the first line up.  It had a pool, but two of the bedrooms were very small, and it just didn't float my boat as much as the one above.

Time will tell, there's actually HEAPS more to view yet!
We won't be going down next weekend, as we will be frantically getting this house ready to list on the market.

Lots of cleaning, de-cluttering, water blasting and so on.

It's nice to be home, feet up, fire on, TV on, ready to watch Coronation Street.  *smiles*

Steve and Bex haven't been tardy today either.
Bex spring cleaned the en suite and packed heaps... and Steve did the grouting in the kitchen for me!  I hadn't gotten around to it... I was kinda still putting it off... I hate grouting!  So it was freakin' awesome to come home and find it done for me.

THANK YOU SO MUCH Steve, and Bex for doing all that cleaning.  *kisses*

End of day: an awesome day.  Off to bed early. tired!  Sleeping in tomorrow. ... don't expect a new post till late-ish morning.
Nite nite. 


  1. Surely the agent could have arranged for another agent to show you the house, what a nuisance. I hope the rest of the day goes well.

  2. From the picture I don't like the first one - looks like it's from a sci-fi movie of the future.

  3. I would hesitate to deal with that agent again!

  4. I LOVE the first house and hope you get a chance to see it. Did you at least get to see the outside? Did you like any houses today? This is so exciting!

  5. I would be pissed off with the agent too, not like it's a 5 minute drive for you

  6. Very unprofessional of the agent to treat you guys that way - especially when didn't exactly live around the corner from it - but actually had a decent distance to travel. Fingers crossed that you saw some other reasonable possibilities today.

  7. Pools are good in theory but are expensive & time consuming.

  8. Nice houses gawd I would have bee livid! Too. Gosh its all go you guys will I'm sure find the house very quiet......

  9. How nice of Steve to do that for you! How exciting to find a new house and to see which one you pick :)

  10. Steve and Bex rock! I'm going to miss your blog posts that include them. Maybe Bex will start blogging?!?!? :)
    ~Nicole in CA

  11. Nice houses...rather like that last one too. Looks very welcoming...


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