Thursday, June 11, 2015


Keera is coming today!
I can't wait.  We haven't seen her in quite a while, so it shall be just lovely to have her here again.
Dante is looking forward to playing with his little cousin too.  I wonder if he will share his trains?  lol

I'm not sure exactly what time to expect them... but I will pop out first thing this morning to try and find that blue fabric I want.

I wish I could remember where I bought it from!  I have got so much fabric from so many different shops, I could never remember where.
So, I shall try Spotlight first.  Failing that... I shall try The Ribbon Rose and Papakura's Fabricland.  If none of them have it I shall just have to use something else, close in colour.

I've almost made up my mind to now do a king size quilt (for us) in blues and greens, using heaps of different blocks, a sampler quilt in other words. *smiles*

The multi-coloured blocks I've just made might just go in a 'to do later' box, in other word, they will become a UFO.  As I don't have many UFO's right now, I ain't gunna feel guilty about it either.

I'd rather be sewing something that excites me.

Right I'm outta here, got stuff to get done before Lacy and Keera turn up.


Well...  I have been to 4 different places this morning trying to track down those fabrics I want.  NO LUCK.  So I ended up getting a few fabric in the colour range I wanted:

 ABOVE:  Some from Spotlight and some from Fabricland in Papakura.
On my travels I had to pass two Op shops, both in Onehunga.  
I kinda had to pop in didn't I?

 ABOVE:  I got this gorgeous plate from the Hospice Shop in Onehunga for $3.  SCORE ... and I love it.

ABOVE:  And this cute little melamine tray for Keera, from the Salvation Army Op Shop in Onehunga.  I'm sure she will love it.  So pretty, and only $1.

I'm now going to go downstairs and sort out what fabrics I'm going to use in my new quilt... then have lunch and await the arrival of the girls.  I expect them late afternoon.

ABOVE: so, I now have a 'working box' for my next quilt.  I didn't realise I had quite so many fabrics in the right shades.  The fabric on the left is the 'base' I'm working from.  It shall be in every block.  
And I'm thinking of using black for the sashings!  Maybe even some black in the blocks too... cos it makes it POP.

Off to have me lunch now.

Well sadly vehicle problems have prevented Lacy and Keera coming over today.  Hopefully they might get here tomorrow.  If not, it will just have to happen another weekend.

End of Day:  well it hasn't turned out quite as expected today, but maybe tomorrow our little Keera will get here?
Time will tell.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous11:39 AM

    and a month until. .....
    Xo L & K

  2. I hope you have a great visit!

  3. ohh I love your little op shop finds..Keera will love her little tray.

  4. That's fuss pointing about Jeera. Hope she comes tomorrow

    1. Just as well I actually do understand what you MEANT to type Chick! lol

  5. Bummer about Lacy & Keera. Hope it happens soon.

  6. Gosh what a stash of fabric!!!! What a bummer about vehicle, hopefully Keera and Lacy make it tomorrow.....

  7. Anonymous12:13 AM

    I was looking forward to seeing photos of Keera, I bet she has grown. Waves to Lacy, hi Lacy!

    Love the fish plate. Can't wait to see the quilt.

  8. Hope the car troubles get fixed and you can have your visit.


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