Monday, June 01, 2015


I finally found a space for a design wall in my sewing 'room'!
It's only taken 6 years!

ABOVE:  See?  We have a sheet of ply left over from the fencing, so I shall get Stew to bring it in and I will cover it so it will sit there on the back wall of the garage as my 'design wall'.
What's there right now is just temporary.

Once Stew and I move out of the garage, I can spread out some more and use the entire back wall, not just the middle part like now.   I'm excited about that prospect.

I mentioned yesterday that my blog is 'censored'.
Well it is.

I have tried not to mention family issues much... or post photos without permission, because I have worn the backlash once too often.

It's one thing to have someone say they don't want me to post a photo, quite another to have three separate people tell me that ON THE SAME DAY!  And they were all family.

So, I am getting the message loud and clear.  Stop blogging about us/me/family.  COOL.  I will.

BUT... I will blog about MY LIFE.  MY issues.  My interests.  

From now on ... if it AFFECTS ME, I am going to blog about it.  I will not be told to shut up/don't talk about this, bla bla bla.  

Too many 'people' talk about me behind my back, tell bullshit stories to make themselves look good, and tell downright LIES, or worse, BELIEVE DOWNRIGHT LIES ABOUT ME.  No more pussy footing about this.

I won't EVER mention names, but if you piss me off, hurt me, lie about me, stab me in the back, I'm gunna SHARE how I feel.


VENT OVER, and now I feel better.


Brylee is going out with her boyfriend's family today, so I dragged myself out of bed early to make sure she got up.  Usually she sleeps till between 10-11 am on the weekends!

Lucky I was up cos JJ (Joshua) rang and asked to come around.  Griffin is still asleep I tell him... and he's like, "Oh, but can I still come around?".  So I told him to come around after 10 am.  He sounded so sad he had to wait.

Like this is fun house central?  NOT.  But he does seem to love being here.
That's nice.

Yesterday, at the photo shoot, Dante refused to 'pose' with Archer.  Which is rather typical of him.
Today, I went to take some snaps of Archer in a basket, and what did Dante do?


ABOVE:  he did everything the photographer asked him to do yesterday.  Little shit!

ABOVE:  A freakin' cute one of just Archer... before Dante go in on the act and photo bombed his brother.
Notice the little ginger tinge?  *smiles*

Stew, Griffin, Joshua and I went to St Lukes, for lunch and to look for a smaller, lighter roasting dish (with lid) for me.  I'm finding the big cast iron roasting dish just too heavy to use.

Well, I found the PERFECT one in Farmers, and decided to get two.  One for the meat and one for roasting veges in.  

Before buying them, we checked out Living & Giving too, but they had nothing to match.

We had lunch (KFC) then went back to Farmers to buy the two dishes.  They were $199 EACH, but I hadn't noticed the sign that said "HALF PRICE"!!!

OMG I got them both for the price of one.  I'm so happy, what a bargain!

ABOVE: My new roasting dishes.  The lid and base can also be used on top of the stove too, for making gravy, grilling meat/fish etc.... so multi-useful.
BOOM!  So happy.  Now I just have to find SOMEWHERE to store them when not in use.  

End of Day:  my chicken casserole in the new roasting dishes came out prefect.  I'll show you a photo of them tomorrow.
Time for bed, it's early for me (11.15 pm), but I'm trying to get to bed a bit earlier cos I stay up far too late, too often.
nite nite


  1. That's how it should be,this is your blog,not anyone elses. If someone has a problem with it,too bad!

  2. Oh dear....its your blog you write wat you want when you want.

  3. I agree with Kelly. If people don't like it then they don't have to read your bloody blog. Love keeping up with your family!!!

    1. Thanks lucy. I hate how mum cant type her thoughts. Or even express how she is feeling without someone having a big bloody cry over it.....wtite wat you want mum....

    2. Well said Kelly. Its really nice your sticking up and standing by your mum. You go girl. Love Aunty

  4. As you have told me many times Chris, these blogs are our safe places to come and vent, rant, yell, sing, show pictures, share our day by day heartaches, excitements, excursions, shopping trips, the boring stuff, the mundane stuff, the exciting stuff, everything that makes us us, it's important and it's ours to share with our friends, with no judgement, no backlash, no ridicule, just acceptance, compassion, acceptance, love, understanding and most of all, unconditional friendship....

    Well, that's my definition of why I used to blog (and will again soon) and I know it's why most of us do still blog...

    Our blog, our lives, take it, accept it or hit the X and move along...

    Anne :)

  5. You go girl, its your blog isn't it ?

  6. ohh Archer is just gorgeous! I can't wait for pix of his first smile... can't be too far away? xxxx

  7. I love your blog and keep it going. Some people should really get a life. You are popular and they hate it.

  8. I have the same roasting pans!!! Love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hear wholeheartedly agree that being sad if family members behaved then they wouldn't get a mention.Easy there's always the x at top of page or the back arrow. Archer is growing fast, I looked at those pans I liked them too. Might get a friend to go halfies so we get one each...

  10. I agree, is your blog, write what you feel like writing...great to get that design wall happening...roasting dishes look wonderful! How typical of kids that the posing happens on the wrong day!!!

  11. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Your life Chris and your blog. I think little Archer may end up with reddish hair - love red hair! And I used to say that before we got a red haired grandson!

  12. Oh dear, it is hard when someone is being precious, worse still, inconsistently so.

    We tend to be the hang out house, the kids friends seem to like hanging here, especially Samysons. It is not exactly fun Central either, there are rules and I expect them to tidy up after themselves & keep the noise down when others are trying to sleep. I do like how they feel comfortable enough to make themselves a cup of tea or chat while in their pj's after staying the night.

  13. Chris,just had to add I really love your blog,you work so hard for your family it's great to read so thank you

  14. One of my sister in laws is getting all weird about pictures being posted too. I just don't get it? Who cares if people see pictures of your kids? Not like we are going to say anything bad about them. We are just loving them so much we want to share them :)

    Little Archer is just adorable! Is he going to be called Archie for short?

  15. have you tried the 3 week diet AMAZING!!!

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  17. Keep blogging. Lovely grandkids. Take care.

  18. Dante is still a baby! Ok, a little bigger baby, but still. PS Love your design wall.


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