Friday, June 26, 2015


Bex crocheted a 'cocoon' for Archer, and he's finally using it.  
He looks utterly ADORABLE in it too:

ABOVE: because he's a big baby for his age she is gunna have to add some length to it, or he won't be getting much use out of it!
Do we all agree he's just UTTERLY DELICIOUS!

Stew is home again today.  We have heaps of things on the list to do, so I will fill in the blanks later, cos I don't know right now what's at the top for today.  *smiles*


Well... we SHOULD be doing something towards de-cluttering, or fixing something, or packing something today.  But we've decided to take it easy today and do something different.

We are going shopping for our 'Auckland Painting'.

We have a little tradition.  In every place we live (since we got together almost 30 years ago), we have bought a painting of that town/city.

So, we have paintings of Whitianga, Te Awamutu, Hamilton, Palmerston North and now we need an Auckland painting. 

So we are going on the hunt for our Auckland painting today.

We are not quite sure where to start looking.  So, if anyone out there knows of places to find local scenery paintings, let me know ... ta.

Yaa!  Found the painting and on our way home. ... my feet are killing me.

Well after traipsing around downtown Auckland we came to the conclusion there are no art gallery/shops there.   So we went to Ponsonby ... same result.

Next stop, Parnell.  Had a quick lunch then found several galleries.  Yaaa.
3rd one we went into, I spied one of the only hand painted Auckland paintings, LOVED IT, BOUGHT IT.  And it wasn't even very expensive. 
It's just a little painting, 8 x 10 I think:

ABOVE:  Our Auckland painting.  I think it's totally cool.  A bit different, which is what I was looking for.

Time to put me feet up for a little while.

Feet have been up long enough.  Time to go down to the garage and try and make some sense of the mess.  While down there I shall be watching Coronation Street, so Stew gets to watch rugby in the lounge for a change.  Lucky guy.  It's not freezing in the lounge. *smiles*

End of Day:  another successful day.  Thrilled with our Auckland painting.  
nite nite


  1. Awwww I love his cocoon :D so sweet. Good luck with the painting hunting!

  2. Anonymous8:21 AM

    Try the second hand stores. Cheap and cheerful love!

  3. Penny8:58 AM

    Bottom of Queen Street? There are lots of tourist and gift shops down there. Westfield Downtown has some too. Enjoy! Penny xo

    There are some beautiful ones here!

  5. Art By The Sea in Devonport

  6. I love the idea of that snuggle sack... now I wish I'd made one for my grandsons but they are too old now!

  7. Our paintings would be boring since we've only lived in 2 cities lol The wee man looks so adorable in his cocoon!

  8. Nikau in Mairangi Bay
    I bought a beautiful sunrise over Rangitoto for my son in London. They have heaps of photos and prints. Can't remember if they have paintings tho.

  9. Aww, Archer (love that name) is too cute and getting so big!
    The cocoon is adorable too!
    Happy painting shopping.
    xo jj

  10. I just love that cocoon!

  11. Wow love the painting

  12. That is the coolest tradition ever!

  13. Archer is just gorgeous. Great tradition with the paintings-wish I had thought of that. Love the painting you got, as you say a bit different and that's what I love about it.

  14. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Archer is so cute, looks like he has red hair ? like your painting...



  15. Love that picture! and Archer looks adorable, what a great idea the cocoon is :-)

  16. Wow, my comment disappeared. I just asked if you were moving to Hamilton or Auckland? I'm a bit confused. But HOW FREAKING EXCITING anyway! :D

    1. From Auckland to Hamilton Froggy.

  17. Archer so utterly cute tick clever Bed maybe a lil side earner? Painting gorgeous tick have a busy weekend ahead think of all the exercise you are getting sorting packing etc.

  18. He sure is a beautiful baby. Glad to hear you found what your were looking for at a good price.


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