Thursday, June 18, 2015





... Well done to all who guessed correctly!

Yep, not only did Stew get a new job, he gets a new location too.

Not new to us though.  We have lived there before.  So, we know the place.  

It's somewhere I never really wanted to live in again... but needs must.  A job somewhere is better than no job.  Agreed?

Yep.  Thought you would.

So.  Where are we going?


ABOVE: not too far away from where we are right now... so not too big a move.  It looks like we will have to move a lot of our stuff ourselves, so are already looking for storage options down there, to store a lot of our stuff until we buy down there.

Stew starts in July, so he will be commuting until we can sell up here.  That can't happen until Steve and Bex move out of here though.  So not too sure how long it will take for them to find a flat/unit/house of their own.  

Hoping it doesn't take too long... but the housing situation in Auckland is abysmal, so it might take a while.

I'm sure it will all sort itself out though.  It has to.

The next few weeks will be spent DE-CLUTTERING and taking stuff down to storage in Hamilton.  It will keep me VERY BUSY as you can imagine.
I'm even going to pack up 90% of my sewing room, and only keep out the one project I've got on the go right now, the sampler quilt. (Ha!, that's if I get time to do any more sewing till we move).

I am going out today with Bex, to the mall.  She has a few things to do and I want to source packaging material.  Wrap. Boxes. Bla bla bla.

OMG The lists I've got on the go is insane.

Best thing?  I'm too busy to eat rubbish, and I'm getting heaps more exercise!

I got some lovely photos last night of the bubs:

 ABOVE: Stew with the boys... and Coco.  She sneaked up, even when told not to.  She's a bit naughty like that.

ABOVE: He's a good sized baby now, easily as big as Steve was at the same age.  Bex is doing an amazing job feeding him.  Actually, she could feed 3 babies easily!  *smiles*

Right, better go.  Got so much to do!


Dropped first load off at the Hospice Shop, it was lovely to catch up with the ladies there.
Bought heaps of cardboard boxes and packaging tape, posted a parcel to the USA, got me latest blood test done (ikkkk) and am finally home again.

We have an estate agent coming around next Wednesday night to appraise our home before we put it on the market, bearing in mind that won't happen till S & B move out.

I will now have lunch, then start packing stuff into boxes.  
OH and Kelly is due here soon, she's taking Brylee to the 5SOS concert tonight.  
I'm never going to hear the end of 5SOS! (Five Seconds of Summer, boy band... kill me now).

So, lack of sleep and exhaustion caught up with me... and I fell asleep on my lounge chair!  lol
NOW I will get my A into G and start packing up my sewing room!

Kelly and Rena arrived too... and I went to sleep!  Whoops.

KNACKERED!  I worked for a solid 3 hours packing up my sewing room.  I forget how many boxes it took but it's done.  Expect for a small amount I am keeping out to work on in my spare time.

It's time to relax and just look at lists, real estate in Hamilton and so on.

End of Day:  a very busy day I must say.  Which I like.  Sadly I've got a cold and sore throat, so really feeling blah.
Hopefully I feel a bit better tomorrow, as there is heaps to do!
nite nite


  1. yay! I needed an excuse to get to Hamilton once and a while now my sister has moved! Congrats to you guys.

  2. Congrats to you and the family. What a busy and exciting time ahead!! Will the kids change schools too or commute? Where does this put you in distance to the big kids, closer or further away? Sorry I'm an Aussie and don't know a lot about NZ.

    1. In the same city as Kelly, Russell and Amanda. Steve and Bex will move there in a year or so too. The kids will stay at their present school until we move.

  3. Congratulations to Stew on his job. It wasn't hard to guess a move was the big secret. You are right a move is better than no job. At least in Hamilton you will be closer to the grandkids and Tauranga. Hope it all works out sooner rather than later and Hamilton is too far!

  4. Hamilton is perfect !! That's awesome.

  5. Lots of upheaval for everyone! Exciting. Congratulations to Stew.

  6. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Congratulations to Stew on his new job. You sure have a lot of work ahead of you to do. Marianne in Orlando, FL

  7. Anonymous9:50 AM


  8. Hamilton is not too bad..that's sort of my old stomping grounds. I grew up in Matamata. We would go to Hamilton for shopping, movies and stuff. Lake Karapiro for water skiing, etc ... And over the Kaimais to Mt Manganui for surfing. my misspent youth I was a surfer ...not a surfer chick, but a surfer :-) Congratulations on the job and the move...

  9. Hamilton is not far and I actually quite like it there (Cambridge is actually my favourite place).
    Siobhan is going to 5SOS tonight too :-)

  10. Anonymous2:18 PM

    I wondered if that would be the news! So glad Stew has a job even if you're not too keen on the move. good luck with selling & buying!!!!

  11. WHOA Hamilton aye. Lucky you lol. Another chapter in your life Sis. So happy for you and now you get to exercise packing, piece a cake. lol. Wow I had no idea that you would have to move tho. Good luck and keep on packing. fun fun fun looking for a new house. Love it HUGS and look after yourself.

  12. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Hamilton is getting better and better! I only have commented a few times before but I am a long time Hamilton resident and it's definitely improved over the past few years :) hopefully you can get a gorgeous house for your money too! Surrey

    1. Well I hope you come and say 'Hi' when I finally get there!

  13. Anonymous5:31 PM

    How exciting for you ! I hope the move isn't too stressful...we moved after 23 years and it was sooo hard we had so much was a good clean out !! Archer is beautiful !


  14. I was not expecting that! I thought it had to do with stews job or Steve and bed moving. Bit not you moving. You just did the dining room and Gate and design wall. It will be fun. Hope you share your house hunting stories on your blog. How far is it from where you are now.?

    1. Only an hour and a quarted down the road. But it's much, much colder in Hamilton, so you better brace yourself for me bitching about it!.... and the heat in summer!

  15. All the best fior the shift x

  16. Yow good luck I'm sure you will make an awesome new home for you all 😊

  17. Congrats on Stews new job and I hope the move goes well. We moved from Scotland to England last summer then England to Scotland in December and then from Glasgow to Dumbarton 3 weeks ago. It certainly forced me to declutter a lot which wasn't fun at the time but I love now because we have so much space :D

  18. How exciting for you all!.... Ummmm What about Brylee's Boyfriend??

    1. Dunno... one thing's for sure, he ain't coming with us!

  19. Happy for you Chris but sad because you have only just got your vergola and blinds done and found a couple of nice quilting groups to get involved with

  20. Wow that's so awesome well done to you guys getting closer to TAUPO lol gosh decluttering that's a mission ahead for sure...

  21. REST REST REST!!!!!!! I know you have a heap to do but if you don't rest you will get sicker and not be able to do anything.

  22. Wow, good luck with getting everything sorted out for the big move. Congratulations.

  23. Moving!! Wow!! Is that where all your friends live or is that farther away? Good luck with all the packing!

  24. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Hi its me Andrew brokers boyfriend is she moving too, cause I hope not I really love her.

  25. Well done to Stew on the new job.....hope you are prepared for cold foggy winters...wonderful you have family there.....good luck with the decluttering, is a huge job, we did it earlier this year!! Feels good when it is all done!! Hopefully you will sell no problems...I hear houses sell well in Auckland.

  26. Ok... catching up on life and read this. OMG!!! That is great news... Great place Hamilton. Maybe not what you wanted but some great people live here too :-)


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