Sunday, June 07, 2015


I know yesterday wasn't riveting by any means, but I had a really lovely day.
So, today is just going to be 'normal' I reckon.

At some point we have to do the grocery shopping... but this time we are expecting a much, much smaller 'haul'.

Last time our total was OVER $900!
Then we got home and realised we had bought a whole shit load of stuff we already had.  Derrrr.

So, I'm checking the cupboards, fridges and freezers this time BEFORE we go, and only getting what we need! 

As mentioned yesterday, I'm hoping Steve can fix our bar stools today too.  They only need shortening, so not a big job really?

Right, that's  about all for now... catch ya later.


Now that I have a design wall, and with my blocks up on it... I can see how they will look.
And I'm not that thrilled with them.  I had planned on turning them into a king size quilt for my bed, now it's gunna be a single I think.
I suppose it will depend on what colour sashing/borders I use, as to it's end look.

But for now, a couple of those blocks are coming out of the equation... cos they suck.

Everyone has been slow getting moving today.  We stayed in bed till 9.30.   I've just seen Steve emerge from the bedroom (10.15 am), and Brylee is still in bed.
Griffin and JJ are downstairs on the XBox.

Grocery shopping soon.  Ikkk.

GROCERY SHOPPING DONE... and $300 less than last time, which is a huge relief.
It is obvious MEAT is the biggest expense in this house!  We only had to top up the freezer with 4 days worth of meat instead of the usual 10-12. Sheesh, makes me want to have a couple of beef and sheep in the back yard.

Maybe one day we will own a small block and can grow our own meat.  And chickens/eggs.  That would be so cool.
Dreams eh?

"Never Stop Dreaming" 

Well... a fairly quiet afternoon/evening here.
Dante was delightful today, such a darling wee boy, so articulate and clever.  Takes after his Daddy with his vocabulary and whit.

End of Day: poor Stew, went to bed grumbling about it being work again tomorrow, with a full week ahead of him.  I've just got ... housework, screaming baby, toddler and small dogs under me feet all day.  Though, thankfully, the baby and toddler are not my 'job' to look after. 
Time for bed.
nite nite


  1. Wholy shit, $900. Who ya feeding, the neighbours to. Bllody hell thats a lot. Checking cupboards a good idea eh deerrrr. Mum bought 9 pkts of those single noodle type meals, wantem, I'm soooo over them. Was over them long before she got em. Couldnt say anything tho. Wander if customs would stop em. You cld mix the lot together and make half a meal for you lot PMSL

    1. Well you can just leave them in the cupboard until such time you feel like them again. Customs would let them through I'm sure! Griffin loves them for afternoon tea, after he gets home from school.

  2. I just did the grocery shopping the lazy way - Countdown Online. Love it!! I always spend much less doing my shopping that way - less likely to impulse buy, or put treats in, and if you can find a discount code online for delivery (which isn't hard), it's a very good, cheap service :)

    1. I have never even tried online grocery shopping. How do you choose your meat if you can't personally see it? Or fruit/veges? Plus, Countdown groceries are always more expensive than Pak N Save. Maybe the saving would be in time and petrol?

    2. I choose the meats I want - it gives you the ability to say how much you want - e.g. 1.2kg or 0.5kg etc - and you can make comments on each item - so as an example, I often say I want medium size lean pieces. For fruit and vegetables I usually write notes like "firm tomatoes please" or "slightly green bananas please" etc. Our local supermarket is Pak'n Save but I find Countdown online works out cheaper (and is so much more relaxing), because I don't impulse buy the same and I choose specials etc (which there are heaps online). You can even specify time slots for when to deliver - including Saturdays and Sundays. It can generate a list of your favourite items too to make making the list much quicker (and it remembers your comments from the past). I totally love it!

  3. There is only 2 of us and meat is our biggest expense too.
    I enjoy going to the farmers market and getting our fresh produce for the week, don't think I could do it online.

  4. Do you only buy meat that is on special? I only do that. If it's chicken then I only buy chicken. Next week if it's mince that's what I buy. You have a large freezer so could do this. Last week Mad Butcher had premium mince for only $8.99 a kilo... score!! Same applies to most things I buy. I go to a fruit and veg shop too as they often are much cheaper than the supermarket. I shop little and often as opposed to a large shop every fortnight. It certainly makes carrying in the shopping easier!!

    I know you are shopping for many more than me but I'm sure you could find a cheaper option.

  5. I always buy the meat on special. Usually when it is reduced to clear. Like Lynda, we stock up on what is on special. We are pretty fussy about our meat so don't buy crappy stuff just because it is on special. Fruit & veg come from the Asian supermarkets for some & whatever is on special & Nosh & Farro, they actually have pretty good specials. I also cut the portion sizes of meat (slowly so no one really noticed). Thai beef salad makes meat go a long way & when I make lasagne or spag big I grate in carrot, zucchini, even potato or kumera to the meat sauce, adds flavour and bulk but about 1/2 the usual meat.

  6. My friends all do grocery shopping online cheaper easier and delivered!! Score lazy slow days are good days too. Is Stew due anymore lieu days? Maybe a weekend away again.... Soon.

  7. I would take a screaming baby over a silent teenager!

  8. I hardly ever buy red meat anymore because it's so damn expensive!


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