Monday, June 08, 2015


I've pretty much made up my mind to make tonight my last attendance at the Ribbon Rose patchwork night class.
I really dislike going out (on my own) at night, night driving gives me the willies.
Also, my reason for going to class is to be around other like minded ladies, and in this class there's usually only 2-3 other ladies there.
So... instead of dragging me sewing machine and all the bits 'n' bobs I need to take with me, out to class TWICE a WEEK, I will only be doing it once again.

It's a good decision, one I've been thinking about all week.

The only other thing on today's agenda is to print out the appropriate paperwork so Steve and Bex can register Archer's birth.  It has to be done soon or they will get in strife.
The Department of Internal Affairs  has ALREADY sent them a letter reminding them of their obligations.  
I thought you had two months to register a baby here in New Zealand, and Archer isn't 5 weeks old till Tuesday.  Oh well... it will get done in time I'm sure.

So... I shall bugger off and do some housework, get my sewing bag ready for tonight, bla bla bla.


Well... I've done all the housework I wanna do for now.  It's a lovely  fine day, but still cold.  I've just had my lunch and am now warming up with a blankie while watching some midday tv.
What a life eh?

What are you up to?

ABOVE:  Is it just me, or does anyone else also think my rolled up batting looks like I've got a body hanging from the ceiling?

On that note, I'm almost outta here, heading off to class...

Well... class was more interesting tonight, our tutor taught us how to do Paper Piecing/Foundation Piecing, and I found it really interesting.  Enough so that I'm going to stay with the class till the end of the term.  It's only 2-3 more evenings I think.  Then I'll just go to my Friday morning class.

I shall show you the pathetic amount of sewing I got done tonight,  tomorrow.
I need something to put on for tomorrow!

End of Day:  a lovely day, not too cold so I didn't get too crabby.  *smiles*
nite nite


  1. I totally agree with you regarding driving at night! I hate it and avoid it at all costs... unless with Stu.

  2. Sitting beside pool in city in zcbodia after leaving the orphanage. I am exhausted after two weeks 40plys heat with no air con or running water. Fly home tomorrow

    1. You are an angel to those children Michelle.

    2. That was a lovely thing to say Chris.

  3. We had a public holiday in australia today which has been nice. In Aus the quicker you register the baby the faster the government payments come through so it is done at the hospital very quickly. Glad you made a decision :)

  4. Definitely a body for sure!!!! Has been a cold bitter day bit of sun out not much though.

  5. I am ok driving at night if I know exactly where I am going but hate going to new places. I have gotten used to it having to schlep Samyson to rehearsals & home again.

  6. My first thought was, "That looks like a body hanging from the ceiling".
    I stand by your decision to discontinue your patchwork class. You probaby know more than the instructor anyway!

  7. Before even starting to read your blog today, saw the pic and also thought it was some kind of body habging there.


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