Thursday, June 25, 2015


Stew has taken the next two days off work, so he can get his car serviced before he has to start commuting to Hamilton.
Also, to do a few things around here.

First up... we are taking a load to Hamilton today, to put into storage.  We plan on going down as often as possible with all the stuff I want out of the house before we list it for sale.

So, that's quite a bit of 'stuff'!

Today I think we are taking all the sewing room shelving units, my computer desk, and various other smaller things... and a few boxes.  So far I've got about 17 boxes packed.

Bex will be home today, so she will be home for when Brylee and Griffin get  home from school, if we are not back by then.

It's getting a bit exciting, like things are happening!

We are going back to Hamilton on Saturday too, I've got 6 houses lined up to view.  

It should be a lovely day today, just Stew and I.  I'm looking forward to us having lunch somewhere nice in Hamilton and relaxing for a little while, before coming back here to the mad house.

Steve and Bex are mega busy packing and getting ready to move too... so it really is all go here.

Time to go.  Got a trailer to load!


Well... Stew and I got the trailer loaded up and left by about 10.30 this morning.  We had a smooth trip down to Hamilton, and then dropped all our stuff off at the storage place.

 ABOVE:  at the storage place, about to unload.  It was a big job, with Stew doing 80% of the work.  I can't believe how much we managed to get on that trailer and in my car!  All my sewing 'room' stuff and a bit of other stuff too.

After unloading, we went for a late lunch at The Base then came home.

On the way home I decided to take my HUGE, HUGE sewing desk to the Hospice Shop.  I shall use my smaller desk from now on.

So, we got home and loaded that into the trailer.  It took Stew, Griffin, Bex AND Me all our strength to get it out of the garage and onto the trailer, it is that heavy!

Down to the Hospice shop and just as we were about to attempt getting it off the trailer, I spied a lovely strong young bloke standing outside the car part shop next door.

So I yell out "Hey Dude, how strong are you feeling today?"

He came over immediately ... and him and Stew managed to lift it into the shop in 5 seconds flat!  Awesome.  I shook his hand, told him he was just gorgeous and off he went, on his merry way.  *smiles*

My motto is if ya don't ask, ya don't get.  Simple.

ABOVE: now the garage is a shambles, and I have no desk to work on until I nick the one out of Griffin's room.  That will be over the weekend sometime.

Thank goodness it's takeaway night tonight.  No cooking.  I'm knackered and feel like shit.  The cough hasn't been TOO bad today, though we did have to buy some Gees Linctus in Hamilton cos I didn't think to take any with me.

I'm just tired and my head still constantly aches.  

End of Day: got a lot done today...quite happy about that of course.  Tomorrow is another busy day no doubt, off to bed.
nite nite


  1. Changing times - you have such a great attitude. Good luck with your new house hunt :)

  2. doing soooo much and feeling unwell must suck. Feel better xxxx

  3. Hope you're feeling better soon, nothing worse than feeling yuk when you have so much to do xx

  4. Wow 1st load done house being decluttered and minimising in full swing, good on you HAVE A SPA maybe? Drugs or booze? Sleep.

  5. Love your work! Now take it easy tonight x

  6. How exciting! Its all happening for all of you. Hope you feel better really soon.

  7. You look very busy!

    Training is an ongoing thing at airports, a lot of it is annual.

  8. So busy and exciting! So happy to hear about your upcoming move. Share ALL the details from the houses you view this week. I love seeing what it's like living in another country. I think you need a Pool! How fun would that be? :)
    ~Nicole in CA

  9. That's some hard work there!


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