Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Well... I checked the scales this morning... with me on them and it's not looking good AT ALL.
I know I lost the plot over the last couple of weeks (stress eating again) and according to my scales I've put ON about 3 kilos.

So, I suppose I just have to pull me big girl panties up, accept it and move on.

So, I'm off to Weight Watchers this morning to face their scales too.
I will come home and transfer dozens of bloody marbles over to the full jar and cry.

Then move on.

I need to STOP letting outside shit upset my motivation.  I know that once I'm on track again I will feel FANTASTIC.  So... I will do it.

After I get home and get over myself, I think I shall be doing some sewing, as after today I won't get a chance to do any for a few days AS.... Miss Muppet is coming to stay for 4 days.
Yaaa... it's been ages since we saw her.

Lacy is bringing her, so she will get to meet Archer too.  Won't that be nice.
When she met Dante she cried.  *smiles* I wonder if that will happen again?

Right, off to get dressed, then face the music...


I just shaved EVERYTHING... that should have taken a kilo off!  lol

And the verdict is in.  UP UP UP 3.3 KILOS.
Fuck.  And now we move on.

Funnily enough, today's meeting was about how to overcome hurdles just like mine, emotional eating and how to overcome them. 

I've decided to go back to basics, planning and tracking, weighing and making better choices, portion control and NOT letting outside influences derail me.

Accept that some things I cannot change, but I can change what goes into my mouth, and WHY.

It's a constant battle, and one I really, really want to win.

There is a lady at the meeting (similar age to me) who always looks gorgeous, I love her dress style and she is my inspiration.  I am going to steal her clothes!  lol
I told her so too.  She had on an amazing coat over her dress today... so snazzy.

I want to be snazzy.  REALLY snazzy.  I love clothes. Nice clothes.  

And on that note, I'm gunna bugger off and do a list of jobs I've written down, then plan my next weeks worth of lunches... cos LUNCHES are my downfall.

Happy to say I have got all my little jobs done, all the things you kinda put off cos they are only 'little' jobs.

Then I had a pointed lunch, didn't go over my allocated amount.

And then I went and did a little sewing.  I got a pattern off the 'net of a 10 inch block, using Paper Piecing...

ABOVE: There is the inner part done... I've still got to do the outer border bits, but I have to try and buy more of that pale blue fabric tomorrow.  If I can't get it, I'll have to change fabrics for the border.  Cute boat though!

Time to stop now and sort out dinner for the family.

End of Day: After a shitty start, it turned into a good day.  I got heaps of things done, felt better today than I have in a couple of weeks.  Having that bad backache, coupled with ongoing stresses in the background, it really sucked.  Onward to a better tomorrow.  
nite nite


  1. Good luck with your weigh in losing weight the hardest thing to do gaining it is so easy speaking from my weekend about 6 weeks ag where I managed to gain 5 kgs and so far have only lost 2 kgs of it

  2. .... be brave! Accepting the new weight and moving on is the best solution. Keep up the good work! xxx

  3. Also a in winter a person also tends to eat more. I eat when I'm bored, but under stress I stop eating. Good luck for the next weigh in.

  4. New day = new start. Planning lunches will help you heaps I am sure. Can't wait to see pics of Miss Muppet, she must have grown so much.

  5. Tomorrow is a new day and you can do this. Hope the meeting today helped. Cute boat block.

  6. Love the block. I can see the design as a quilt. Helen in France.

  7. Your determination always astounds me faced with all that you do family, kids, babies, Stews work and even your living arrangement one day at a time one day at a time. I really like the lil block.

  8. Everyday is a new day, all you can do is try to keep positive and take care of yourself. Remember you are worth it. Belated Happy Birthday to your son.

  9. I feel ya! Hard to concentrate on eating well when you are crying because life sucks (that's me not you lol)


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