Monday, June 15, 2015


Right... today I have photos from yesterday... so here goes:



 Of the 259 photos I took, most of them were 'out takes'!  *smiles*

"They" do say kids and animals are the hardest things to photograph.  They ain't wrong.

My plans for today are to look after Keera, do some housework... and wait and see if I can tell you THE NEWS.

Dumm dee doo...


Mid morning.  It's cold.  Keera's mattress was sopping wet this morning... clearly we are letting her drink too much juice.  So, I put the mattress in front of the fire to dry.

Coco is sitting on the couch looking gorgeous, so I grab my camera to take a photo of her... next thing I know the kids do this:

 ABOVE: Posing for Grandma!  So bloody cute. 

They are starting to fight over things.  And Grandma!  He says "My Grandma" and she says it right back, then they keep on going... MY GRANDMA, NO... MY GRANDMA... *sigh*

Then they decided to fight over Coco too:

ABOVE: Coco wasn't impressed with being a tug-of-war, dog in the middle!  I made Keera let go of her for the photo.

Bex is off to look at a house at lunchtime, taking Archer with her.  I've got the two horrors.  I shall feed them and chuck them into bed.  

And relax.  *smiles*   It's a piece of piss looking after two littlies really.  I've looked after way more than that in my day.

Well the house Bex looked at was an utter dive, so the hunt continues.

Still can't share the NEWS... *sigh*  Waiting... waiting...

You know how it feels.... you are waiting all day for something to happen... and it doesn't?  And ya know that it most likely will happen TOMORROW NOW... but it still leaves ya feeling let down.  Yeah. That feeling.  Cross.  Frustrated.
Grrrrrr.   And I so wanted to spill today too.

I forgot to mention, I'm off to Patchwork class tonight... in fact.  Right now.  Catch ya later.

Class was nice. I finished that little boat block and cut out another one.  

Home now and time to relax for a while before bed.

Very sorry I couldn't share the NEWS today, I really didn't mean to tease... I just have to wait until it's 'right' to share.  Today didn't pan out... maybe tomorrow it will.

End of Day:  an anxious day really, one I'd rather not repeat tomorrow thanks!
Fingers crossed things happen tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. I'm guessing the news is that Stew gets a job elsewhere and you are moving!!

  2. I hope the news is good news on the job front

  3. Love the photos, even the outtakes.

    Looking forward to you putting us out of our misery with the news - hopefully it is that Stew gets promoted into the job he should have got the last time they restructured!!!

    1. Ohh... now that would be good news Tracy, I didn't think of that!!

  4. Anonymous10:38 AM

    oh Keera Mummy will be there in 24 hours, I miss you, I can't wait to see you and even miss your grumpy grizzly times Xx

  5. Beautiful pictures! Keera is getting so big :)
    ~Nicole in CA

  6. adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Such cute kiddos! Enjoy your time!

  8. Anonymous5:45 PM


    Great pics ! wondering what your news is now



  9. Anonymous6:26 PM

    I have had to do a sneaky logon from work and the suspense is killing me. I bet you are moving back to where your friends are and selling up...... come on...tell me.....Bec

    1. Anonymous9:08 PM

      We wish! Anne - Palmy

    2. Sorry Anne, it's not back to Palmy.

  10. aaaaarrrgh. That is all.

  11. Anonymous9:08 PM

    Those kids are so very cute!

  12. Love the photos of the kids and dogs...even the out takes are pretty darn cute :-)

  13. Great pictures of the kids!


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