Friday, June 19, 2015


First up for today is go to Patchwork Class out at Ardmore.  I've got a huge pile of magazines to give away, plus some fabric.  And one of the ladies has bought my old light box, so I'm taking that out to drop off too.

I won't be staying though.  I've got stuff I want to be getting on with.

POTS:  The row of pots along our fence line are getting moved to around the back of the house.  It will make the lawn area look bigger.  I love them where they are, but now that we are selling up, I have to think of presentation.
So, when I get home from Patchwork Class I will move all the pots.  

Then I will do some tidying up and wait for the first Real Estate Agent to arrive.  She's due at 1.30 this afternoon.

I'm just getting an appraisal right now.  As I said before, we can't list the house just yet.

ABOVE: all packed up.  Typical seeing as I'd just got it exactly how I wanted it!   But... that's how it goes, and I shall have heaps of fun setting up a new sewing room... that's hopefully not in the garage of our new home.

Time to start me day... still feeling utterly crappy too.  Will just have to plough on.  Nothing will get done otherwise.


OH Dear!  So sorry Andrew, but yes, Brylee is moving too.  You can still see her on the weekends mate, we shall be coming up often ONCE WE MOVE.  We haven't moved yet!
It could take a while too, so stop stressing.

So, I've said my Goodbyes to the Patchwork ladies, though I could always pop out on a Friday if I've got nothing to do at a later stage.

Now it's time to tidy up the house as much as I can before the Real Estate agent arrives.

Worst thing... I'm feeling DREADFUL.  Got a dry cough that hurts my chest every time I cough, and a head that feels like it's full of cotton wool.  Worst time to get sick.  

Yeah, I'm not moving the pots myself... I really don't think I'm up to it.  The kids can do it when they get home from school.   I can't overdo it.

Well I've just had a very good meeting with an Estate Agent.  Very happy with her, and the sale price expectation.  Hamilton is looking VERY GOOD now. *smiles*  

WHY oh WHY when I have so much to, do I feel so ill???  So crabby.  Head is pounding, chest is sore... PLEASE PLEASE don't be the start of a 6 month bout of coughing again!

I've made the family get their own dinners tonight.  There's plenty of left over beef stew in the fridge.  The kids are getting scrambled eggs and bacon.  So neat that they can cook for themselves now.

Looking forward to a fairly quiet Friday night. Coronation Street is on... Yaaaa.
I might just have a tipple or two... see if that helps with the cold.  Ya never know.

End of Day:  glad to be heading to bed.  It's another busy day tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. So happy for you guys and be careful moving the pots that you don't hurt your back. It will be so nice to set up your new home and have you're own comfy warm bedroom back. Its been along time coming :)

  2. Take it slow and get some help. It would not be good to wear yourself out in the beginning of all you have to get done.

  3. I reckon you got sick because your immune systems was running low re: all the worry and stress of late. good idea not to overdo it xxxxx

  4. Andrew12:15 PM

    Hey its Andrew again but can you please tell brylee that i really do love her but i cant do long distance with her

    P.S im so sorry brylee

  5. Wait - so Brylee's boyfriend has just effectively dumped her - via your blog comments!?!?!?!

    1. Ahhh looks like it!

    2. Anonymous3:23 PM

      Bit mean, I agree. But on the other hand - did Andrew find out his girlfriend was moving on her mother's blog? Did no-one tell him before the internet found out?

    3. Anonymous3:53 PM

      Sounds like Brylee is better off without him...what teen age kids reads a grown woman's blog anyway lol.

    4. The boyfriend found out personally from Brylee before it was on the blog.

  6. Hope you feel better soon. And I feel really bad for Brylee with the above comment.....

  7. Could have been anyone writing that comment from B's boyfriend. Concerning that they know about your blog though, she could end up bullied over it.
    Pity you can't keep your place in Auckland as an investment and rent it out...would be good income one day!

  8. Haha... gotta love selling in Auckland and buying in Hamilton - I'm excited to see what you will be able to buy!!

  9. You really need to get out of that garage for your health's sake! When we moved back to our earthquake damaged house while our new one was being built ( the insurance company fixed it so we could at least live in part of it) I got influenza A ,we had heaters 24/7 and that didn't help at all. Please look after yourself x

    1. As soon as we move I will no longer be in a garage Chick. This is the LAST WINTER I hope to ever spend sleeping in a garage. EVER. But remember, it was our choice so our grandsons would not be in the garage at the end of the day.

  10. You're a one in million mum and grandma!

  11. Such exciting times ahead for everyone, stressful yes, but exciting. In the current market here's hoping the sale won't take long hope your feeling better soon.

  12. Good luck hope your house sells quickly. Hope you feel better soon.

  13. I hope you aren't sick for too long :(


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