Saturday, June 13, 2015


Today is all about knickers.
We are going out to buy our wee granddaughter some gorgeous, girly knickers.

Then she can really feel all grown up and ready for potty training.
She will be 3 years old next month!!!

How the hell did three years go so fast?  

I have no doubt we will also check out the toy shop for her Birthday present too.
Knowing us, we shall no doubt have lunch out too.  Sylvia Park is my bet.  I shall be having a 'carbless' kebab.  Can't wait.

Once we get home I'm going to sit down and write a list of things to do around here... there's a few things I have been putting off.  I want to get them all done before summer.
Painting the rest of the kitchen cupboards is top of the list.

I'm feeling full of energy ... I'm sure it's down to being 'of track' again.  I feel GREAT... just so motivated to get 'there' again.

Whoops!  Forgot ONWARD!

Never mind.

Shopping done.   Got Miss Muppet knickers, and... cos it stands to reason, if she piddles her knickers, her pants will get wet too.  So I got her some pants too:

ABOVE: so... 10 pair of knickers, 5 pants/tights, 1 cute kitten skivvy, 1 cute dog sweatshirt and a jacket to match 2 of the tights. Not bad, and it didn't even take long to choose.  Keera is not fussy... *smiles*

After shopping we fed our faces and came home.  Both littlies are now asleep and I'm about to do 'stuff' around the house.  

Well, got a bit of stuff done, mostly washing  and more washing today.  Shame half of it is outside in the rain!
Oh well... it will eventually get dry I'm sure.

Usual sort of Saturday night.  TV and blobbing out.

Spending a good deal of time on the computer since yesterday.  But ain't gunna say why... *smiles*  It's a secret... for now.

End of Day: a nice day ... always lovely getting time with the family.
nite nite


  1. You can do this! I'm trying to get back on track too. :)

  2. Good shopping love the little tops

  3. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Geoff says were are our undies lol, you got Keera some lol......ops found my knickers in geoff's bed :p

  4. I too am determined to get on track weight wise, I want to lose 50 lbs,I just need some willpower.
    Love Keeras clothes,she will look precious in them!

  5. Such cute clothes. I am sure she is going to love them.

  6. enjoy your time with miss K. Lots of pretty things to buy for little girls.... so very cute. x

  7. Love the clothes, looking forward to pics of Keera in them.


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