Monday, June 22, 2015


Well... as you can imagine I've got a million things to do on my lists.

Today I am going down to Bunnings and Mitre 10 to suss out a gate to replace my awesome wrought iron one.

I'm NOT leaving that gate here.  It's special and it's coming with us, even if it becomes a garden ornament!

I will do that, then come home and get the house as tidy as possible, as we have Real Estate Agents coming around after dinner tonight to give us an appraisal.  We only plan on getting two agencies in, so after this lot we will decide who to go with.

This means I won't be going to Patchwork Class tonight.  In fact, I'm done with classes for now.  I will suss out a new one in Hamilton once we get there.  I will just do some sewing here at home when I get the chance.  In between painting kitchen cupboards, walls and so on.

I think Bex has another house viewing today (to rent).  They have been to a few now, but there is no guarantee they will get one yet.  Patience .... it will happen.

I've got a big job at lunch time too... stuff a turkey and get the bugger in the oven!  He's left over from Christmas and I don't want to leave him in the freezer any longer.  So, turkey for dinner! With roast veges.  Something tells me it will be a lovely dinner!  I wonder if this family can polish off an entire turkey in one go?  *smiles*


Didn't take long to get to the 'cough, cough, vomit' stage!  Dammit.  Going to the Dr tomorrow.

I decided to put my computer desk in the garage, ready to go into storage.  So I slid it down the stairs and then..... stuck.  It won't fit through the bloody door!
So, after a LOT of VERY BAD WORDS Bex helps me and we get it out the front door (just fit) and then into the garage via the garage door.  Which meant moving the treadmill first, and a few other things.  

But, it's done now and that's about all I intend moving today!  I think I've run out of bad words.

DOGSTARS:  "Non chalant"?  Not really.  But then, this will be my 38th move since leaving home as an 18 year old, so it's not something I'm new at!

Yes, there will be moments that will be very stressful and tiring, but it's also exciting.  Finding a new home is such FUN!  I have a rather long list of 'wants', and in Hamilton I should be able to fulfill most of them as house prices are lower there.

As for lovely walks, there is the Waikato River, which has some lovely walking paths along it.  I am sure I will find some nice places to walk.  *smiles*

I am told there is a lovely lady doing Patchwork Classes there too... my Monday night tutor is getting her name for me.

Also, we have quite a few friends in Hamilton from when we used to live there, so it won't be so lonely for either of us.

Back to today: The turkey is stuffed and in the oven, all I have to do is veges later on today.
I've done the washing, it's  a nice day so it has a chance of drying.
The lounge is looking gorgeous with two lounge chairs at the end where the computer desk was.

It's such a gorgeous room!

The turkey smells amazing, and Bex has had a taste and says it's lovely.
The house is all spic and span, ready for the real estate agents visit tonight.
It's all good here.

Well that appraisal went well!  Stew and I now have to talk and decide which Real Estate Agent to go with.  
And list our house just as soon as we can.  Fingers crossed that isn't too long from now.

End of Day:  a nice day, and I'm happy to say I'm feeling so much better compared to the last few days, even though I do have a cough still.  It's not too bad, and maybe it won't hang around for long.  
nite nite


  1. Would it be possible for Bex and Steve to rent or buy the house you are in now?

  2. No, in order to buy a new home in Hamilton we must sell our existing home. Steve and Bex cannot afford to buy it.

  3. Was in contact with my friend, their place is sold. She would be happy to recommend agents for house hunting if you are interested:)

  4. I can not believe you are so non-chalant about moving. That seems like such a monumental task. Will Stew's job be secure there? It seems like they are doing tons of restructuring. I guess, you haven't been in that house too terribly long.... But I LOVE your house! So much change ahead for all of you! Will you still be able to go for beautiful walks from your front door? Do you like Hamilton? In some ways I would dread moving. But in other ways I am envious of those who do it. It seems fun and adventurous and a good way to clean house! Only moving what is absolutely worth moving (like your gate).... Good luck to everyone. Steve and Bex finding their own place, Griffin and Brylee going to new schools, Stew and a new job. And you "Diet Coke" finding new fabric shops and setting up a new sewing studio! Have fun! I am looking forward to all of your house hunting posts and what not!

  5. Wow what a busy few days I do hope the appraisal goes well and the added bonus of the outdoor covered dining room would be a bonus eh....

  6. LOVE the house hunting. Its the best part being able to choose aye. Didnt realise you were painting inside tho. How come youre doing that, really needs doing I gather?. Anyways, its all on aye. Sooooo exciting, so exciting. Wish I could move siiiiiigh. Sending pics of my backyard so you will know why Sis. You get what you pay for aye. NOT HAPPY here I can tell ya. Oh well, keep on keeping on, had me laugh visualising you getting the computer desk stuck, thought I was a twit eh PMSL

  7. It sounds like it will be a good an and exciting move. I am looking forward to following it. I have been in the same house for twenty years and would literally be terrified to move now. I envy you for your ability to up and relocate and not be pinned down. You go girl!

  8. Hope the house sell quickly and you can be on your way. Take care a feel better soon


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