Tuesday, June 09, 2015


Well... I've decided to be lazy and get the dogs grooomed at Takanini Animates today.  I have been doing their grooming myself for about a year now, and while I can do it, it takes me hours to do each dog.

So, I'm taking a break this time and paying to have them done.  I won't be doing that every time of course, but once in a while I will.  That way they get their nails clipped too, which is something I can't do myself.

Tallulah goes at 8 am and Coco at 2 pm.
So I'll be back and forth dropping off and picking up all day!

Never mind, it's worth it.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my first born son. Russ, I hope you have an awesome day. 

Last night I learnt how to do Paper Piecing/Foundation Piecing, it's quite a technique to learn, but means you can get fairly complicated patterns stitched, and PERFECT POINTS.

In the 2 hours I was at class I got this much done:

ABOVE:  that is two little sections joined together.  I've still got to make two more to have a complete block.  I was super SLOW last night... obviously!

 ABOVE: this technique involves using Freezer Paper, and pressing and stitching on the paper.  I thought it was fairly complicated, but thoroughly enjoyed giving it a go.
Hopefully in between ferrying dogs to and from the groomers today I will get those other two sections made, then I can show a finished block by the end of the day.

So that's my day pretty much mapped out.


So, Tallulah is at the groomers, and it's bloody freezing outside!  It's a while since I was outdoors before 9 am I can tell you.  Brrrr.

Thinking of Kelly and family today as they send their beloved dog Bruzar off to sleep forever.  His health has been very bad for a while now and it was time to end his misery.  I hope you get some comfort from knowing you are doing what is best for him.

Shame we can't do that for our human family members when they are enduring unimaginable pain and suffering and have to linger until 'nature' takes is bloody course. (just MY opinion of course, you are entitled to yours too)

Well that didn't take too long this morning:

ABOVE:  Finished it.  Not 100% happy with it, the two halves joined about 1/8th of an inch 'off' and I might unpick it to get it better.

But, I get how to do paper piecing now and it's not that bad.  I have another block pattern the tutor gave us and shall do that one next.

ABOVE: Tallulah after her first 'professional' groom.  I must say she looks awesome, way better than I could ever do.  
Coco is now getting her groom done, and I shall pick her up later on this afternoon.

I forgot to ask how Tallulah behaved when I picked her up, so asked when I went back for Coco.  Apparantly Tallulah was perfectly well behaved and didn't misbehave at all.

BUT COCO?  OMG, the groomer said she was an utter BITCH!  She SCREAMED non-stop while being bathed and dried, and it drove them demented.  Seems she can be super shrill when she wants to be!  I've never heard her scream before.  I wonder why she did that?  
She's never done it before.

*sigh*   hopefully next time she doesn't do that.

ABOVE:  at least she looks beautiful!

Time to get dinner on.  Roast Pork with veges.

End of Day:  dinner turned out lovely, roasted in one of me new roasting dishes.
A quiet evening... I'd planned on doing some more sewing, but I chickened out, it's too cold in the garage.
nite nite


  1. Lovely blog. I am enjoying it. Thank you.

  2. I agree with you totally, Chris. I wish we could treat our humans as humanely as we treat our animals.

  3. I agree about humans being treated as well as animals... you simply don't let an animal suffer but we are expected to suffer to the bitter end. I do hope things change in this country.

  4. My sympathies to Kelly and Rena, I know how incredibly hard that is to do.

  5. I'm really sorry your family is suffering. Only today one of my friends posted pics of the twins her daughter-in-law lost. Just makes me want to cry tha there is so much grief out there sometimes.

  6. Awwww the dogs look beautiful yay, do you use arnica drops before or rescue remedy? I love the new block pattern...

  7. Silly Cocoa lol. Dogs are so funny! They look great though :)


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