Wednesday, June 24, 2015


First thing this morning I'm off to Weight Watchers.  Not expecting a big loss today, but a small one will do thanks!

I shall not be staying for the meeting, there's too much to be getting on with at home after all.

Around midday I'm taking Bex and the boys into the city, dropping Bex off at the Letting Agency to sign up for their house and pay the deposit.  I shall stay in my car with Dante and Archer.  That way Bex doesn't have to battle inner city traffic, babies, car parks etc.

After that we will come home and carry on with our day.

For me that means finally getting the bloody grout on the kitchen tiles.


AND.... so happy to report I lost .600 grams this week.  That's a good solid loss, what I would like most weeks thanks. *smiles*

Had an interesting trip to WW's.
MY CAR decided to go to Animates in Takanini!  I arrived and stopped the car, was about to get out and realised where I was ... WTHell?  Like my car has a mind of it's own I'm sure.

At least it took me home afterwards. 

I'm now off to try and make some sense out of the cupboard under the stairs.  Grouting will happen after I get back from taking Bex into the city.

Well the under stair cupboard didn't take long!  All that's in there now is stuff I need to keep, photos and so on.
Time to get the family ready to head into the city.

So lucky, we had a dream trip into the city, I dropped Bex off and rounded back and found a carpark right outside the building she was in.  Sat there with the boys for half an hour, fed Dante his lunch and Archer stayed asleep.

Once the paperwork was done we headed back to Manukau, where I dropped a load off at the Hospice shop, Bex bought some boxes and then home again.

This afternoon Bex is going to start packing up stuff in their room.
I might have a nap, cos I'm still not sleeping that well, and the cough/cold remains a bit shitty.

ABOVE: Kelly had day surgery this morning to remove a Ganglion Cyst from her wrist (example above).  Thanks Amanda C for letting me know all went well.  Kels, get better soon.

End of Day:  well another day down, more done... more to do.
Lots more to do.
Relaxing now till bedtime.  Cos  tomorrow... is another busy day.
nite nite


  1. Woohoo, congrads to my Nephew and Niece on getting a home aye, Great stuff, things are moving fast it seems Sis. Welp, another day so off you go and I gotta clean Milohs bloody feet. Siiiiiggggh.

  2. Well done on the weight loss.... happy for you

  3. 600g, good work :-)

  4. Great on the loss! So happy for Steve and Bex and their little family. How exciting for them to have their own home.

  5. Congrats on the weight loss. Have been in Wellington for the last week and I get back to read things are moving fast and all falling into place. Hope your cough goes soon. Congrats to Steve and Bex on their place, Hope their move goes well.

  6. Ooh Kelly, I have a ganglion cyst on inside my left wrist, too scared to have it removed, I also have tiny ones on side of my two fingers, be interesting to talk to you and find out more bout the gulp operation...

    1. Anonymous7:09 PM

      Hi this is Kelly.......

      it wasn't that bad Anne... they put me under a general, so was asleep the whole time.... but most people go for a local so you are still awake... the worst bit was not being able to move my arm for a few hours after it...

    2. Thanks for answering Kelly, did they say if there were any chances of it growing back and do you have any anywhere else? I'm just scared that if I have it removed by surgery I could trigger outbreaks of my lymphoedema, apparently there's very real risks of that, so I think since my cyst isn't painful, just annoying where it's situated, I might hold off.

      Was yours painful?

      Sorry for all the questions :)

  7. Good on Steve and Bed that was fast finding a place!! Boy your days are going to fly by for sure remember to rest and eat often...

  8. I had the cyst on my left wrist due to a sprained wrist. I had it removed more than 2 decades ago and despite the doctor saying it might grow back, it never did. I do have a little dimple where the scar is. Mine was day surgery and I was fully awake. The doctor was very good and steady and I recovered within a week regaining full use of my hand. Hope Kelly recovers well. Take care the first few days.

  9. Bex and Steve are going to love having their own place, congrats!


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