Thursday, June 04, 2015


Today the kids go back to school after a 6 day break, and Stew goes back to work.
So, it's back to normal for me.

I've got to do some washing... I'm almost out of clothes, and I really can't wander around the house in me pyjamas all day... but then again... WHY NOT?

It could be a first?  Nah, I'm sure I've stayed in me jamies all day once or twice in the past.  Who hasn't?

But... I will get moving.
I am planning on doing some sewing today too... it would be great to get another block or two done.  I had wanted to make these blocks into a King Size quilt, but have changed my mind.
It's going to be a quilt for the queen size bed in our spare bedroom... it should be done by the time we actually have a spare bedroom again.

Stew and I looked at a new bed for Brylee while we were in Hamilton.  We are thinking of getting her a King Single, that has a trundle bed underneath that comes up and pops up to full height.  They are pretty handy.

ABOVE:  crap photo off the 'net, but that's the bed we plan on getting for Brylee's room.

Right, I shall go and make a start on me day.


I am in a very quiet house, it feels like old times when I was all alone all day!
Bex and the boys have gone to a meeting for the morning, and I am finally down in the garage doing some sewing.  I'm not planning on doing too much as it's quite cold down there!


Right, back to me sewing...

ABOVE: I got this block finally finished today, and cut out the next one.
Then it got too cold in the garage, so I came upstairs and had lunch, then watched a few taped programmes on the TV.

Dinner tonight is supposed to be Takeaways, but I'm doing something 'easy' instead.
Stew, the kids and I have had takeaways for lunch for several days in a row now, and I simply want to get back on track with my diet!

I've been stress eating again.
Stew's company did ANOTHER restructure, and things have been up in the air AGAIN.
Stew was always fairly certain he would retain a job, but I hate the whole situation and get so stressed out over it all.

Fingers crossed things settle down soon and we can relax.

End of Day:  a semi-nice day.  I missed having Stew around after he was home for 6 days in a row.
Oh well... the weekend is just around the corner!
nite nite


  1. LOVE the bed. That will last her a good part of her young adult life, too. What a gift! :)

  2. I am buying a trundle bed to go in our soon to be built loft conversion. They are indeed very versatile. The one we have chosen zips together so the mattresses stay in place when being used as a double.

  3. Ohhh nice bed good idea for a teenager, and friends of mine have one very versatile... I was in PJs most of today!! Felt a bit crook so after driving lesson had 3 hr sleep! Lol

  4. Interesting bed. Hope you are not too lonely home alone.

  5. I used to feel that way and tried hard to keep in touch with people. Then I got to thinking that if they really cared about me they would attempt to contact ME. I've let quite a few friends go because it was starting to feel like I had to do all the work.


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