Tuesday, June 16, 2015


First up for the day, I'm expecting Lacy today.  Hopefully nothing goes wrong AGAIN, and she does arrive to pick up Keera.

It's been lovely to have Keera of course, but I've got  STUFF to do!  Heaps of stuff.

Stew told me last night that I can divulge HALF the news.

So here it is.

His company restructured AGAIN.  I'm sure I told you?  Anyway, we didn't know if he would get a new job within the company.  Now we know he will.
So.  We are hugely relieved, as you can imagine.

But there is MORE.  Only I can't say what YET.
Maybe/hopefully later on today?  I hope so.

So, there ya go.  Quite good news.  And I'm sure some of you have already guessed WHAT the rest of the news is?  Well... dumm dee dooo....  *smiles*

Right, I'm going to go sort out the kids and Keera, get all her stuff gathered up ready to go home later on today.

LOL... after all the photos yesterday, I don't even have ONE for today yet!


Lacy is on her way, in boyfriend's vehicle.  It broke down in Ngatea.  They replace the fuel pump at the garage and off she went again.  And broke down again.  Had to be towed back to Ngatea... jump start the battery, bleed the fuel line? ... and off she goes again.
Wonder if she will ever get here?

2nd part of NEWS still can't be divulged... grrrrr.  I hate waiting with a passion.

The kids are starting to get on each other's nerves.  Quite a bit of squabbling.  It's been long enough, time for some separation.  Lunch then bed.  Bliss.

I've got my little crystal tree in the window of the lounge, and have been trying to take a photo to show just how GORGEOUS it looks in the sun... but it's not coming out.
This is the best I could get:

ABOVE:  It really is stunning in the sunlight, such a shame I can't get a decent photo.  One day I really am going to Photography classes, to learn how to take more complex photos.

Well Lacy finally arrived... had lunch, packed up her child and stuff and left again.  They are now safely home in Tauranga.

I've had a very lazy afternoon, just doing nothing really.  Looking at stuff on the computer, listening to music and contemplating doing some more de-cluttering later on.  My garage/bedroom/sewing room/gym room is a bloody tip.

Dumping ground for everything right now.  That is going to change soon.

Goddamit... still can't say anything else.  Useless gits who ... well... piss around.
It will happen... and then I will tell you.  But for now... I'm still gagged.

End of Day:  it's been a long, slow day.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow.  Weigh in day.
I know I've lost this week, cos I've been GOOD.
nite nite


  1. He's going to be a head honcho??? He will also get a big boost in salary?

  2. Or...you are being transferred ...either somewhere else in NZ or to Aussie ....or a combination of my first two and moving. OK...you can stop laughing now...lol

  3. GLAD TO HEAR THAT it is good news on the job front, i am happy for you both

  4. Still think it is a promotion (to the job he SHOULD have got last time) :-)

  5. congrats on Stew's job... I think.

    I wonder if you got up under the tree and took a sparkly close-up it would turn out well.

  6. Anonymous6:13 PM

    So a fuel filter blocked up as my partner runs it a bit different to regular diesels, so that blocked up I drove it to a garage and explained to the twit there what was wrong, and to add to that as the ute doesn't have a working ulternator atm so the battery needed to be fully charged over night as we did with the first trip.
    so he turnes the ute off, puts on a new filter and then pretty much says there u on go, I did not realize he did not bleed the fuel line first as I had to pee.
    so off I go slightly surprised it started lol but within seconds splutter splutter I pull over and she dies....so get towed back as it did jump start but coz of air in fuel line and so on it kept dieing so I got towed and then pretty much fixed the problem myself....
    end of story got to mums, saved my daughter from impending doom lol :p and stole heaps of food and left lol
    Thank you Mum and rest of Harvey house hold for having our Muppet.
    from Me and Geoff x

  7. Can't wait to hear the news. I am sure it is going to be great. Love the crystal tree so pretty when the sun hits it and it falls on teh walls.

  8. Anonymous8:07 PM

    I'm pretty sure I've guessed correctly but we are all HANGING OUT to hear the news!!!


  9. Yeah, pretty sure I've guessed to but bugger... I hope you can spill the beans tomorrow!

  10. The only thing I can guess is pay raise.
    I bet the crystal tree makes rainbows all over in the sun. Indoor rainbows are hard to capture with a camera, they turn out white for me. Outdoor rainbows come out better with a camera. Don't know why.

  11. That tree is pretty. Catching those sparkles is not an easy thing to do. Not sure what camera you have. Is it a DSLR or a point and shoot? You could try putting the tree on a dark reflective surface with a dark background ...thought that will mainly give you a sparkly reflection. If you are able to manually change the aperture settings..set it to f22 ...but don't set it right in front of the window...but more so that you have diffuse light. Notice in that first photo how you have a point of light on one of the crystals on the right side. That's a starburst effect and basically what you are aiming for. You can also try setting the tree in a area that has light but where the background etc is not *busy* ..put your camera on a tripod and them move some type of light source around the tree till you get the best sparkle effect. Another thought is shooting in fireworks mode if you have that option. From memory, the sparkle effect also has something to do with the movement of our heads, eyes, etc. ... So shooting a video may actually catch the sparkle effect better...


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