Monday, June 29, 2015


For the first time in over 2 and a half years, it's a Monday, and I'm going to be in my house... ON MY OWN!

Once Stew and the kids leave for work/school... it's just ME.  

I don't know if I shall be lonely... or relieved.  Something tells me I'm going to be too busy to be lonely.  *smiles*

I might take a quick trip over to Steve and Bex's at some point today though.  They left a few things that I can drop off to them.
And I will get to see Dante and Archer... I'm already missing them.

I was happy as last night, I got to arrange my family room the way I wanted it again.  

ABOVE:  look at that!  Spic and span.   And yes, that's the rug from hell... it won't get as much traffic there, so hopefully won't let rip with too much fluff.  Plus, it's gorgeous there... makes the room look lovely.

And that's important when you are trying to sell your house.
ABOVE:  Poor Bex, standing in about the only part of their house that wasn't entirely covered in boxes, furniture and what nots!   I wonder how much they got done last night?

Right, time to get moving... I've got heaps to do.


Well... so far so good.  I've got a load in me car for the Hospice Shop, and I've got the bedroom and en suite sorted out...

 ABOVE:  I love how our bedroom looks now!

ABOVE:  The curtains on these windows were very mouldy, so I whipped out quickly yesterday afternoon and bought this set... for half price from Spotlight!  I saved $170.00 !!!

And how gorgeous do they look?  And they match the curtains above the bed.  I couldn't get a set to fit above the bed so had to stay with what was there.  They are ok though, not mouldy at all.

I've still got to get Stew's drawers up from the garage, but I'm leaving that job till Stew gets home, he can do it for me.

I shall be heading out soon to drop off stuff at Hospice, then visit Bex and the boys.

Stuff dropped off at Hospice - tick.
Supermarket run - tick.
Visit Bex and Boys - tick.

It was lovely to see the boys and Bex... Dante was showing off like he hadn't seen me in a week!  Cute kid.  It was good to have a quick break with them and a bite to eat.

Found our small tv amongst their stuff... so brought that home.  I shall use it in the garage when I'm sewing...  IF I ever find time to do any sewing!

My arms hurt.  And me back/legs/knees... you name it, it hurts.  I think I've spent about 2 hours 'relaxing' today, the rest of the time I've been busy tidying, cleaning, de-cluttering etc.
And I will do it all again tomorrow.

End of Day: time to actually RELAX and do very little.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Oh, we love having an empty nest! When the kids come back for visits often, we love it but always glad when they go home! LOL Living room looks nice!

  2. SO excited for you! And for Steve and Bex! :)

  3. Wow how exciting :)

  4. Oh your bedroom looks lovely oh poor Bex what a mission! School holidays soon though kids might help out ohhhh Babysitting duties!!! Lol

  5. Your blue bedspread is gorgeous!


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