Tuesday, June 02, 2015


I was chuffed last night when my dinner came out PERFECT.  Not only was I trying a new recipe, but I was cooking it in the new Roasting Dishes, so there was a double chance of stuffing it up!


 ABOVE:  they came out so good!  And cooked to perfection, and really tasty too.  We have enough left over for lunch today, which is excellent.

Remember me washing the pure wool floor rug in the bath, in VERY HOT water?  I wanted to try and stop it dropping fluff...

ABOVE: IT. DIDN'T. BLOODY. WORK.  I give up.  We have had that freakin rug for over 8 years, and it's STILL fluffing up.  It is going in the blasted loft and STAYING THERE FOREVER.  Damn thing.

Now I will have to look for another rug to put in it's place.  Oh NO!  I have to go shopping!  *sigh*

hee hee.

Housework this morning.  Then lunch.  Then we are going to the movies.  We shall be picking up Andrew, Brylee's boyfriend, so he can tag along too.
We are going to see San Andreas in 3D. 
That will kill half the afternoon.

We have left over mince stew in the fridge, so we shall be having mince pie, mashed spuds and veges for dinner. 

So the day is sorted.  


If you leave comments on my blog just to promote your own, or a particular diet, I will remove them... OK?

We are getting ready to head out to the movies soon.  I am looking forward to an ice cream at least.  Maybe a frozen coke too.  And popcorn?  Nah, that shit gets stuck in ya teeth and it's freakin' annoying as. lol

LORI: you are a pain in the butt!  I am sure your blog is working just fine... it's the twits who leave comments who are not fine.  Oh shit, that would be ME then!
I hope you can actually GET ON your own blog now!

Chicken Bake:

Pre-heat oven to around 200 degrees Celsius.

-Pre-cook 4 cups of pasta in boiling water.
-Once cooked, add 1 and a half tins of canned Thick Chicken Soup, I used Continental.
-Pre-cook some bacon and onion (quantity to your taste), add to pasta and soup mix.
-Pour half the pasta/soup/bacon and onion mix into roasting dish.
-Place 6 raw chicken thighs on top of pasta, sprinkle some really tasty grated cheese on top (you don't need much), then add the rest of the pasta mix.
- Add water to the other half of the chicken soup in the can until you have half/half water and soup.  Pour over the dish.
- Cover with lid or tin foil.
- Bake for 1.5 hours.

This is a totally made up by me recipe... but it worked!  How hard can it be anyway?  Simple ingredients, known to work together.  BOOM.

The movie was LOUD, and predictable.  Entertaining if you like disaster/totally unreal movies.  The main characters defy death over and over again and come out with almost no damage at all!
A fine way to entertain the kids on a boring winter's day.   My ears are still ringing.

Well the rest of the day has been quiet.  I made a lovely mince pie for dinner, Stew did the potato to go with it and Bex did the dishes.  Awesome shared jobs.

End of Day:  a  nice day, I'm looking forward to our next movie outing.  Stew and I shall be going to see 'SPY' soon.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Even though I don't comment too often I read your blog every single day, Chris. I love the photos and by the way that chicken dish looks DELICIOUS. Have a great day. Wish we had your cool weather here in Orlando, Florida. It is 92 degrees and rainy with terrible thunderstorms. Marianne

  2. Can we please have the chicken dish recipe. it looks delicious!!! :-)

  3. Ohhh those dishes looked scrummy as good Job, yes that movie is loud and death defying acts yes beyond belief.

  4. That chicken dish sounds & looks yummy.

  5. Your pasta and chicken dish looks divine! Thanks for sharing the recipe :)

  6. Looks good! I want to see SPY too.

  7. We don't actually live very far from the San Andreas fault line. Not sure I want to see the movie lol.

    If you are just going to store the rug forever might as well drop it off at the Hospice shop, less crap to store!

  8. That chicken sounds wonderful!!! I think the rug needs to go to the op shop on your next expedition!! Swap it for something you like and that doesn't annoy you! I thought it was just me that found movies very loud...my ears ring after the movies too.

  9. That pasta dish looks really yummy! I've never done the "tinned soup as part of a dish thing" but I think I'll have to give it a whirl after seeing yours!



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