Sunday, June 28, 2015


Today Steve and Bex move out!

This will be their first 'home' together, and the first time Dante and Archer will be living with JUST their Mum and Dad.

We won't know ourselves here... but then again... we will be too busy to miss them I think.

We will be moving too before we know it ... and then life will be rather different for us all.

Hopefully Dante settles into his new home well and doesn't miss his extended family too much.  *sniff*

I know we will miss him dreadfully, and Archer of course.

Steve and Stew are about to head out and pick up a big truck, then go to Steve and Bex's storage unit and get all their stuff and take it to their house.
After that it will be back here to get everything of their's out of my house too.

I expect that will take most of the day.  AFTER that, they will  move Stew and I back into our bedroom!   OMG I am quite excited about that prospect.  

Funny thing is, we will probably only be back in our bedroom a matter of weeks before we move again.  WELL... I hope it's only a few weeks.

All depends on how long it takes to sell this house eh?

Right, I better go and do something... like pack a box or 10.


Well as you can imagine, it's a mad house here today.
Steve and Bex are on their 2nd run with the big truck, then they have to take the truck back.
Then we will do car/van runs with all the left over stuff, mostly smaller stuff.

I've managed to get Griffin's room almost 100% sorted and spic and span.
By the end of the day I should have our bedroom and the spare bedroom done as well.

That means all the vacuming, skirting boards, windows, wardrobes etc cleaned.

I've got  a list a mile long... and am really trying not to look at it too often, it's so daunting.

But at least I can plug away at it during the week.

OMG ... everyone is absolutely KNACKERED.
Steve and Bex have an enornous job sorting out their house... it looks like a bomb struck, there's virtually NO ROOM to move for boxes and furniture.

Bex is going to be a busy girl over the next couple of weeks making it all fit in their little 2 bedroom house.  But, they don't have to hurry at it.

Someone asked where Steve and Bex are living? Mt Wellington/Sylvia Park.  I won't be showing a photo of their home as I'm sure they don't want to advertise where exactly they live.  
Tonight... Stew and I are sleeping in our bedroom!  And I've done our wardrobe, Griffin's wardrobe and the spare bedroom wardrobe.  So many jobs getting done... so many to go!

End of Day:  a massive day.  Can't believe how much stuff the kids had to move!
nite nite


  1. Wow so much happening! Good luck Steve & Bex!!

  2. Anonymous10:45 AM


    I think you will all miss each other and I hope Dante settles quickly he is used to an extended family.

    All the best with the moving !

    Cheers Peta

  3. I hope there will be photos of their new home! I'm very happy for them and it's lovely that they have had such a great start living with you guys. Where is there new place?

  4. It will be a bit strange for everyone with Steve and Bex in their new home. I am enjoying you search for a new home, I love looking at house plans !

  5. Wow, once things started happening they happened really fast. Lots of adjustments for everyone. I hope you find a home you love really quickly and that your current home sells quickly too.

  6. Great news for you all but if course you will miss the littlies. But that is that is meant to be. Good luck with the moves today

  7. You will miss them...but you will have your house back...and your bedroom!!! Just remember....'only if legs or arms are missing!!' :-)

  8. How exciting! evrything is happening so fast!

  9. That's nice an handy to everything.. where Steve and Bex are living. I hope they can get it all sorted soon. Thanks for that :)

  10. Wow busy busy bees what a mission but cleaning clearing decluttering all cathartic im sure it will be hard on everyone too a few bedtime tears for most prob tiredness, be a strange time ahead exciting too.

  11. Enjoy your new place Steve & Bex, I am sure you will settle in quickly. Chris & Strw enjoy your room back :-)

  12. How exciting for all of you!!!

  13. I'm sure you and Stew will sleep very well back in the comfort of your own room tonight - especially after the busy day you've had. I hope Steve and Bex enjoy their new home too.


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