Saturday, June 20, 2015


Yep... still feel like shit.
I'm going to a chemist to get drugs to alleviate the symptoms.  Panadol just ain't working at all.

I will do that on our way to Hamilton.

Yep, we are going down to the 'Tron' ... I've got 4 houses lined up to view.
I know it's kinda far too early to be looking, but I can't help myself!

Better to know what's out there, than just look at photos on the net and wonder.

If we get time we will also sort out a storage unit so we can start taking stuff down as well.
The sooner we start, the less there will be to do once we sell.  And I need to get this house de-cluttered asap really. 

Bex and Steve have another viewing of a house today, and a few more lined up as well.  So fingers crossed they get something soon.

I will take photos of the houses we view today and show ya later.

Catch you when we get home late this afternoon.

well we now have a storage unit in Hamilton... all ready to start filling next weekend. 

We have visited some good friends who are going to have Stew on the odd Thursday night, so he can go to the club with his old mates again. 

Stew is gunna LOVE living back in his 'home town'. And I'm sure I will eventually too.

It's now lunchtime at Chartwell Square then off to view 4 homes. Quite exciting. 

The houses we saw today and a brief run down on our thoughts on them:

ABOVE:  A home with 4 bedrooms and an internal atrium.  It had a lovely kitchen, but that's about all I found nice about it.  It was totally standard, boring, and the atrium was just like an internal garden with lots of wasted hallway space to get around it.

 ABOVE:  Griffin loved this one.  It had two complete kitchens!  One behind the other, like a huge skullery with oven, sink etc.  I liked it too... but wasn't too sure about the neighbourhood.  It had lots of bare land around it and who knows what could get built on it?  We won't take that chance.

ABOVE:  This one looks AMAZING on the net, and I was excited to see it.  Big disappointment when we went inside.  While it had 5 amazing bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, walk in wardrobes in most bedrooms, it's living rooms and kitchen were far too small.  So disappointed.  

ABOVE: I was even more excited to see this one!
But when we got there, we had to wait for the agent, which gave us time to take in the neighbours.
Two doors down was a house that had SIX cars on the front lawn, and several young men milling around... and they stood and stared at us and we really didn't feel comfortable at all.
So, before we even got inside the house, we had decided it wasn't for us.
Your neighbours can make a world of difference to how you enjoy your home and neighbourhood... so while the house was AMAZING in every way... we won't be buying it.
I am so sad, cos I really loved that house.  It would have been perfect for us.

The agent tried to pretend she had no idea about all the cars/blokes two doors down too, which made us cross.  

It was a good day though, and getting a storage unit was great, and we got it for a good price too.

On our way home we stopped at the top of the Bombay hills and had dinner... I couldn't eat even half of mine, so Stew had a REALLY big dinner.  *smiles*

Time to relax now and enjoy Coronation Street!  I'm feeling marginally better than I was this morning, thank goodness.  Maybe this cold will bugger off fast and I can get on with my lists!

End of Day:  well it's been a busy, eventful day.  Got to cross 4 potential homes off the list, and next weekend we might just do it all again.
nite nite


  1. Hope you're feeling better soon Chris, maybe take a little time out for you too especially now as it seems soon you'll be completely flat out and if you don't get on top of your health now, you'll really regret it further down track...

    Look forward to seeing the photos, and will catch up soon too if you're up for it :)

  2. Dammit woman, REST!!!!!! You will get better faster and be able to get into the decluttering and packing.

  3. I hope you're feeling better soon .... and that you had a nice day in Hamilton :)

  4. How exciting... and hard work.. house hunting does your head in!!! Oh and yes... I have finally happy now ya Tart!!

    1. Anonymous1:38 AM

      Nannette are you blogging again? ����

  5. ohhh I love house hunting…its fun, but so hard work too

  6. We used to live in Rototuna for a while, and I believe they are now starting a high school in that area but not sure if that isn't too late for your kids. There were a lot of nice house in the address though small sections. Some of my friends still life there, and I think one has their house on the market? 4br, central kitchen, separate lounge, double garage etc. Not sure what you're looking for?

  7. Hope you feel better soon! House hunting can be so stressful, hopefully you find the right place quickly!

  8. You KNOW it's bad if they pretend not to see something. I wonder if it isn't one of those halfway houses. They like to "integrate" them into the community. In other words, make everyone's property values go to pot.

    Don't forget to google where all the sex offenders live before buying! I am assuming you can do that there.

  9. PHEW, what a day aye and you wander why your feeling worse sister dear. Geez take it easy girl. Welp, first house looked rather posh from the outside, didn't like that pillar looking thingy tho, 2nd one looked rather plainish to me, 3rd, fuck the pool, takes to much looking after so I'd ditch that bare land around or not, 4th house, well is it a house. Looks I don't know but um, nah. So theres my input for what its worth. Storage unit is a fantastic idea. Keep on keeping on.


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