Sunday, May 31, 2015


I don't know why, but lately we have been inundated with sparrows!  

ABOVE:  that is just a few of the dozens on our lawn yesterday!   I don't know what they are feeding on either, it's not grass seed season is it?  Maybe bugs?  Who knows, but it is nice to see so many sparrows.

BROKEN PROMISES:  The last time I asked the guys to move the big double fridge/freezer down to the garage, I promised them it would be the last time I got them to move it.

ABOVE: this was the guys lugging it back UP the stairs and putting it in the dining room.
I did have the grace to apologise and assure them I was not making any more promises!  *smiles*

I'm like that ya see.

Today... Steve, Bex and their boys are off for a photo sitting they won in a competition months ago.
And Stew, the kids and I might go out and about to a mall or something... we can't stay home all weekend!

So... until later...


Another quiet day in blogland I see.  
I have been told a few readers are having real trouble leaving a comment, so I'll try to not take it personally when I get none ... *smiles*

Though I do think my blog is probably slowly going to wind down eventually.
I just don't have that much to blabber on about any more.
And being 'censored' by others kinda puts the crapper on blogging for me now.

But anyway... today we went to Sylvia Park looking for a smaller, lighter weight roasting dish for me.  The big cast iron one is becoming just too heavy for me to use with confidence.

We went to several shops in the mall, then Briscoes in Manukau and couldn't find anything.

So tomorrow we are going to St Lukes to look in Farmers and Living and Giving.

I did get a couple more bunches of artificial 'flowers' at Sylvia Park:

ABOVE:  I shall add them to an arrangement I've already got here.  Dante thought the blue ones were grapes and tried to pull one off and eat it.  Luckily I caught him in time, I'm sure it wouldn't have tasted nice at all.

Before we went out I was in the process of moving the sewing area around a bit, to make better use of my big craft table.  I shall go back to that now.

DONE.  It didn't take that much time to get it all sorted down there again.  And being so cold down there, I didn't want to linger too long.  I didn't have my slippers on, so now my feet are freezing.  Time to wrap up in me electric throw and get warm in front of the telly for the evening.

End of Day:  a nice day, got a few things done around the house, and hopefully the kids get a good photo from the sitting. They will get to view them next weekend.
nite nite


  1. Love your blog Chris, I find what you write interesting (all the time)

  2. blogger keeps eating my comments! But don't leave blog life!!

  3. Besides, how controversial can baby and puppy posts be? OH and one post about farts at the hospital gift shop. *sheesh*

  4. We have had loads sparrows down our way too, funny I love the fern fronds I have done sweet fanny Annie today...

  5. Looks like a sparrow party going on at your place. I can see why the guys aren't that keen on moving that freezer - it looks heavy!! I hope the photo session went well today for Steve, Bex, Dante and Archer.

    1. It is very heavy, poor buggers.

  6. I love how you are always moving stuff around. My house is so small everything is pretty much stuck the only way it will fit. Once I get a smaller couch I can move things around again though.


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