Friday, February 29, 2008


Things like this on my wall unit in the hallway! I mean REALLY! The things I have to put up with, I know it's only the wrapper... guess what? The contents are under his bed.... eeeewwwwww. Friggin boys.... actually... friggin girls too! I've had both eh?

Karen sent this to me last night:

I "motivated" Mike to sort out all his clothes last night by throwing them all down the stairs into a huge heap at the bottom... he had to sort it then. I'd only been asking him to do it for weeks afterall.


Kids to school, take clothes to op shop, usual sort of stuff really. Stew is due home on saturday morning and it will be all go to move these boys out...

LYNDA: you did not offend me mate! Funnily enough what you said about Agents inflating ones price to get the listing is EXACTLY what Stew said to me last night!

I got a lovely surprise this morning! When I went to bed last night I forgot to get milk out of the freezer, so when I got up this morning I was so surprised to see one of the boys had done it for me... I'm picking it was Steve... ain't that lovely? Does not take much to make my day.

Onward... got to go visit a girlfriend who's birthday is today, she's turning 11.... lol. (really 44, but she's a leap year baby).

I've been quiet eh? I'm still here, still grumpy, still a bit down... looking forward to Stew coming home tomorrow... not much else!

End of day: a nothing much day...

NSV: eeeeemmmmmm.... none? didn't binge and emotionally eat, so that's something I suppose. nite nite.


  1. I didn't mean to offend yesterday, it just needed to be said. Unfortunately your real estate agents probably inflated the price at the beginning too to get the sale off you. It happens all the time apparently. You can be sure that the market up here has become harder to sell too so that will be all good for you.

  2. Chris try and stay optimistic about your house selling. Your house is not going to suit everyone as the average mum, dad and couple of kids will not need a house as big as yours. But there will be families out there needing SPACE so your house is in a niche market.
    I became quite discouraged when Warren & I were trying to sell last year. The real estate people talked a lot of doom and gloom as not everyone wanted a lifestyle block that they actually needed staff for. So one day I decided to phone a couple of R/E companies.
    I acted as if I were a buyer wanting a lifestyle block (hopefully with income) in our general area. All three of them said "you won't get a property like that for under a million, and they raved about how they were as rare as hens teeth. So I knew our property should not sell for less then a mil, but the agents would look us straight in the eye and tell us we would get a lot of interest and a quick sale if we listed under a mil. (but we all know that you can negotiate down, but you can never negotiage up so we stuck to our guns and got very close to our asking price).
    I agree with Lynda that you will be buying and selling in the same market, and should be able to get something nice in Auckland for 10% less then six months ago, but I wouldn't be dropping the price by a full 10%. Maybe drop a little and be prepared to negotiate a little too.
    How about trying to sell privately, then you could afford to drop a bigger chuck as you wouldn't have agents fee's. I sold my parents home and had it sold within a month. I'm sure I secured a sale because I was able to list the price very attractively due to not having to pay agents commission.

  3. Chris I'm not sure if I've already said this, but you look fantastic with that new hair do, so glad you put it as your profile... gorgeous :)

  4. I LOVE the teenager poster...HAHAHA

    Hugs x

  5. Ewwwwwww to your grotty boys leaving those things laying about... How hard is it to dispose of them... bloody grots...
    Yeah you can say at least they are being responsible... but ffs..
    Good luck for getting them out Saturday... I think you are going to need it!!!

  6. Hi Chris, I have a valuation and my house is on the market 11,ooo under it. My house is worth it because i have had 2 offers on the dot, unfortunately that have both collapsed. Now I am under pressure to sell cos I am paying the mortgage on my own ( he doesnt have to contribute as I am paying interest only) I sympathise entirely, its a shit market at the moment and from the sounds of it going to get worse, I hear what Lynda says and mean, but when you love your home and know its worth every penny, then its very hard to give it away!!!

    Sorry I am doom and gloom, wish I had answers too, Im going to look for a St Joseph, bury him, and pray that the dog dont dig him up.



  7. Anonymous12:01 PM

    I love the teenage poster :-)

    I suggest having a stiff drink 2moro morning before the big move out happens. I fear for you and what you will find in strange places of their rooms, especially if thats whats on the unit in the hallway. Good luck

  8. Haha! The condom wrapper! My mom would have FREAKED out if she found that in her home! She knew what was going on, but would have flipped if she found evidence. Tee hee hee!

  9. Ooh - just saw the hair photo - LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!

  10. First of all - I LOVE YOUR NEW HAIR COLOUR - very noice!! I'm going to print out that teenager poster for my daughter aka "The Antichrist"

    As for the the franger - ewwww!!

  11. RE-Comment
    Hi Chris,
    I did post pics of the girls but it was some time ago and they were with the old camera so a bit blurry. I will get some new ones.
    Oh! I also posted some of Eby when she was first born, again a couple of years pics to come, when Michael next brings the girls here, hopefully on Sunday (Mothers day)


  12. Condom wrappers AND contents? Not cool!... Oh well, at least they are having safe sex.

    Re: the house. We had the same problem 18months ago trying to sell our place in Sydney. But it didn't sell... after 12 weeks... so we decided to get tenants in an rent it out.

    Is that a possibility for you? Renting out your place and renting in Auckland or using the rent to pay off am Auckland property?

  13. Found a few surprises too. BOYS! The parallel universe continues. My how times have changed. Our mothers would have freaked right out. We just pick up and keep moving right along. Here's to them moving out!

    Hope you have some fun plans for the weekend. Take care.

  14. Anonymous12:52 PM

    At least you found the wrapper of the condom...AND NOT THE ULTRASOUND PICTURE OF YOUR GRANDCHILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

    I'm still laughing...

    Love cranky xxx


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