Sunday, February 10, 2008


I am DONE with busting a gut to present the house 'perfectly'...

- I will clean
- dust and polish
- vacum and tidy up

- I will not: bake bloody bread
- scream and shout at everyone
- get stressed out and shitty

When the 'right' people walk through that door it won't matter if there is a speck of dust on my table, or if the bedspread is not perfect... they will see past all that shit and just love THE HOUSE.

So, I'm trying to take a 'chill pill' today....

I was so very happy about my weigh in yesterday that I am not going to ruin my weekend by going nuts today. Like I said yesterday, what will be - will be.

Stew goes back to Auckland tomorrow.... no more long vistas for him down here.... just weekends from now on. It's been great having him home, but he has to get back to work!
So.... we get everything tidy... I wash the floors at 12 which gives them an hour to dry before the Open Home... and bugger me if the Agent turns up at 12.15 !!! Seems they changed our Open Home time without telling us! What fuckwits! So, people come to look at the house and all the floors are freaking WET... how piss poor is that! I am NOT HAPPY... and the worst thing... we are tied into a contract with this Agency till mid April, fuck it. If I had my way we would be cancelling it and going to someone else! But we signed their bloody contract eh?
End of Day: I held it together, did not lose the plot at all! Yipee.
NSV: Ummmmm... had fish and chips for dinner! BAD BAD. nite nite.


  1. exactly. Good plan, girl. It's not easy, though. Especially those of us with obsessive compulsive tendancies. Like moi.
    Enjoy your day!!

  2. ohhh I yell too when I am stressed and trying to get everything "just so" for visitors... But then again..I am a bitch.... haha

  3. Well done with the weight loss Chris! that graph is looking fantastic. Good attitude re the house sale too - there is only so much bread you can bake.

  4. I tto am getting ready for another open home, but I have screamed ranted and raved abd shed a few tears, I am so over this, I hate and imagine how you feel...



  5. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Hope you have a lovely day with Stew. My fingers are still crossed that the house sells soon.

  6. That sucks...but haven't they breached the contract themselves by not fullfilling their obligation to inform you of the open home times?
    Just a thought.

  7. Hi Chris,
    Great Blog! Cute kids! Nice House! What else....oh yeah, Awesome Loss!!!
    Hope you have better luck soon with the house, sux about the agent. Have u got a spare mop? Maybe you can use it dry to dry the floor in an emergency.
    Enjoy the rest of your day!

  8. Sounds like a great plan, why keep stressing yourself when it is out of your hands, people are really coming to see the house itself and they won't judge if the dust is on the skirting boards?!!

    Chill pill is a good idea:)

  9. I think you are doing the right thing by not stressing so much. If I was to like a house I would see through the normal 'living' look of the house. As long as it wasn't filthy, I couldn't care less what the house looked like. I would be on the market to buy a home, not a display house.

    Can't believe the agent came rude!! Ah, well we are talking about real estate agents, what was I thinking lol... They run by their own rules.

    Hope something comes up very very soon and that someone falls madly in love with your home and you can all follow Stew.

  10. Tell the agent they are breaking the contract by not communicating with you re changes in open home times!! Worth a go - may also make her get her act together.

    Hey - proud of you - what a great loss!!!

  11. Glad your chill pill worked!! :)

  12. Great loss yesterday girl! That's awesome - proud of you!


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