Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Yesterday...The Real Estate BOSS Tim blew me away by suggesting I become an Estate Agent! Why? Cos he reckons I have just the right attitude to do well... I'm a no bullshit, say it like it is type of person!

Well, he's right there!

He even expressed regret that I was leaving cos he would have loved to take me on! Talk about a boost to my ego.

I was flattered... and maybe once we are settled in Auckland I will investigate the possibilities... Ya never know!

But for now.... it's another day... kids have to be gotten off to school... housework needs doing.... all the usual crapola, and I feel like a train wreck! Got very little sleep last night, not sure why.

I went to town to pick up my charm bracelet, which used to only have 1 charm on...

a special aquamarine stone from a ring I used to own... anyways I get in there and she says "the jeweller has put on the new charms (2) and strongly recommends you get the link from the original charm soldered as well". (an added $45) ... WHAT THE FUCK? I see RED because the bloody thing HAD been soldered on, and when I put that bloody bracelet in there it was solid as a rock! The sales lady believed me fortunately... cos she's getting it fixed for free....... the link had been deliberately cut! Not the jewllery shop's doing luckily. So, I leave there almost in tears cos I'm so upset that some dick messed with my bracelet just to get a miserable extra $45 !
I walked directly to the dress shop and bought me the TWIN of yesterday's dress, in black and white.... I FEEL BETTER NOW.

Need to go do a bit of housework now....

Still struggling with the diet .... had too much lunch & afternoon tea... but am going to try and have a good dinner, bought some smoked fish... yum!

I had smoked Hoki for dinner, it was far too greasy and I did not like it... and now I keep burping bloody fish... .IKKKKKK.

End of Day, a mixed bag as per usual. Don't see anything of our son Steve and his fiance anymore now they are both working... I miss them! I don't miss the mess they made here though! Mike is getting good at being HELPFUL now Stew is away too. Maybe he's finally growing up?

NSV: I did good today, but I don't recommend Smoked Hoki! nite nite.


  1. good morning, I just caught up on your last couple of posts and have to say the dress and shrug look fantastic, (really suit you) and I cracked up laughing about what Brylee said about the 'new daddy'
    what a laugh.

    I used those vaccum bag thingee's when I had to get a whole ton of blankets down to Dunedin and found they were fantastic. They really did condense down to a much smaller package. I then shoved each one in a large cleansak and taped it up as I had to put them on a plane with me on one of my more memorable trips around the country.

  2. charm looks great.

    Yes you would make a good real estate agent...your pushy enough! :D

  3. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Love the new dress. Hope the jewellry store gets the bracelet fixed properly for u.

  4. Glad you sorted out the real estate ... Becoming an agent is something you should look into!!
    Love that blue outfit ... You look really pretty!! (No shit!!)

    As for Brylee's comment .... Could you imagine having two of them to look after!!?? You wouldn't walk 3 days out of 7!! lol

  5. LOL out of the mouths of babes again..... Wow you look pretty damn good in the dress and shrug....am so happy for you that you are losing on the scales.....wont be long and you will be back to your lowest :)

  6. Hi - how are you - loved that movie clip you sent - just crackedup laughing. Like the dresses - especially the blue one - looks great on you. Use the vacuum bags in my suitcase when on long trips - good when you have to take summer and winter clothes.
    Take it easy Z xx

  7. And doesnt shopping always make us feel better hee hee really like those dresses. Have a good rest of day..I am still in recovery mode, could have fallen asleep at work today I was so tired, must be old age :)

  8. awww. That's an awesome ego boost. If I flatter your amazing house work and painting skills, will you re-consider coming over to re-do the basement of the house we're hopefully bidding on? =D hehe

    I look forward to a review on the vaccuum bags. I always wondered if they were any good --and if stuff really "came back to life" after having all the air sucked out of them.

  9. Sounds like an interesting job -- especially when you get to collect on the commission for selling a house

  10. How lovely to be flattered like that! Great ego boost!

  11. Well I agree with the BOSS man on the real estate thing, I reckon you would tell it like it is:)

    Is that alittle pair of thongs on the braclet?? too cute!! Gotta watch Jewelers, their a sly bunch, love to make money from nothing!

  12. Sales would definitely be your thing Chris... something to look into...

  13. The dresses are really cute. Look nice on you... especially the blue, with your outrageous eyes!

    I am not sure what hoki even is, but it sounds pretty awful (I tend to not like smoked things anyway). I take fish oil capsules and I buy the more expensive, enteric coated ones because the bottle promises "no fish burps." Ew.

    I'd considered real estate, but as our housing market is in the toilet, now is not the time to do that. Good luck, if you venture into it. :)

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  15. cute cute dress...

    and I love charm bracelets...
    but I do think jewelers are a rip off....

    a real estate agent! I could see that... I would trust you totally!!


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