Tuesday, February 19, 2008


It will be all day!

Come on, some days the mind is just a blank.... I don't have any plans except for painting.... getting the kids to and from school, and maybe, just maybe I will do some SERIOUS exercise too. I'm not promising cos I'm a lazy tart at the moment!

I might even go into town.... depends on how hot it is... might walk! It's a good walk, about 8 kms there and back... and my butt sure needs me to do some walking! We will see....

Right now... I better get going, the kids are still asleep which is unusual for Griffin, he's usually up and watching some cartoon on TV by now! Who HATES Spongebob??? I swear that programme drives me batty! I do not need to know Spongebob Squarepants lives in a Pineapple under the sea, I DO NOT. And I hate that I find myself singing that during the day, shit that's annoying! ha ha ha.

COME ON! I just KNEW ya all wanted to see a picture of SPONGEBOB!!!

- My girlfriend Janet popped it for a morning natter

- I walked to town

- I got books from library, walked around for 2 hours and then... caught a bus home! Mandy, I got 3 crime novels! Whodunnits.. yipee.

- Did some more painting

- picked up kids....

End of Day: another better day! Tired though, walking to town, standing on me feet lots painting.... doing housework... hopefully I will sleep well tonight!

NSV: errrrrr none I'm afraid, just ate lots of shit and wasn't even hungry... just on my own and nothing better to do! Watch paint dry ?...I don't think so! nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:56 AM

    I know what you mean... don't understand the pineapple under the tree... HATE THE SONG drives me insane.

    Ohhhh painting... wanna see pictures when finished. Isn't it lovely to be creative... that is why I enjoy my digital scrapbooking so much.

    Love CM

  2. I have actually grown to like SpongeBob (not by choice) - though Patrick annoys me!
    Hope you had that long walk into town - OOhhhhh for nice hot weather - everywhere was covered in frost here this morning and pretty much all day! XCathy

  3. Hiya Chuck

    HeeHee...singing Spongebob all day....been there done that!

    I'm not sure when baby is due, about 4-5 months I think.....ummm I am gonna have to check with them about that one.

    Hugs x

  4. Yes I hate SB too, well I hate ALL kids shows, I have to put up with them allll day!!!

    Don't go too serious on the exercise, that makes me hate it more!!

  5. Spongebob is banned in this house.

  6. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Hope you have fun painting today. Quick get the radio on so you can sing a different song.

  7. lol@ Sponge Bob poor SB lolol.....glad your back blogging ..sounds like you have had a nice day catching up with a friend and walking into town ....:)

  8. Never heard the song - not sure if I want to!!

  9. I know what you mean by Spongebob. My son loves it and I'm sick of it. But whatcha gonna do??
    Yeah, think your backyard looks nicer the way you redid it. Hope you get some interest in the house soon. It looks nice. Wish I had the sun and warmth now. The winter makes me feel down. Hope you are feeling better.

  10. Anonymous8:38 PM

    So what books did ya get?

  11. Cant say i have ever watched Spongebob!

  12. "Who dun its" my favourite :) Have you read any by Martina Cole. I love her books.
    Great to see you back into painting. Have a great day tomorrow :)

  13. who gives a shit what you ate doll ... you exercised like ... (can't think of anything appropriate to describe) ... you exercised!!! end of story!!

  14. I know lots of people like Squidward. They're more funny on TV.

  15. I hate SpongeBob... but, even worse, I get this song stuck in my head for a show called "WonderPets".
    UGh. I find myself singing it all day long....

  16. Glad to see you've reconsidered dropping the blog. Just love the backyard looks so nice. My kids although quite grown up have watched that stupid Spongebob. Guess annoying has attraction. Can't wait to see your paintings. Hope you are doing well, have a great day.


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