Saturday, March 01, 2008


- pick up Stew first thing-done
- Pack the boys up and get them outta me house- done
- big tidy up upstairs then leave it!- done
- Celebrate with a drink or two... or three.. or four!- gunna do!

I suppose I will worry about me 'Baby' for a while, but at least this way he will get used to living away from home BEFORE we leave here. And he's going to be with his brother so all should be good.

No girly morning tea today either... I will be too busy 'supervising' the big move....

OOO LOOK AT THAT.... Harry II getting a workout! Wooo Hooo.

Seems like only the other day we were bringing all Steve's stuff back home! Derrr....

1 PM.... and it is done!!! Everything that belongs to Steve and Mike has gone to their new home... the house is all mine again... *BIG SIGH*...

This is now my tidy SPARE DOUBLE BEDROOM... for now anyway. I must remember that we ARE moving at some stage...

End of Day: a rather GOOD day today! Am a bit worried about Mike, hope he's ok and finds food in his new house!

NSV: havn't felt hungry today... too busy me thinks. nite nite.


  1. A big day for you for sure!!! You will deserve those drinks at the end of the day!!! Enjoy the peace and quiet after the boys have gone. Just think of the savings on the food bill & all the washing you wont have to do...LOL

  2. How very exciting for you!! Boys finally moving out hey?? The house will seem empty with just you and the two littlies... whoops I'm not making this sound very good am i??

    Hope it all goes to plan and enjoy the drinkies tonight with ya man!!!

  3. What a day!!!! I don't pick my hubby up till lunch.

    Now is he gonna stay out this time!!!!lol

    Have a great weekend Chris:)

  4. Anonymous12:42 PM

    I hope your morning is going well and that the boys move isnt too stressful.

  5. ENJOY those drinks my friend. YOU deserve em. xo.

  6. Of course you will worry about your baby, it's only natural being a LOVING mother that you clearly are.

    When we are mammies we just can't help worrying about our babies.

    Enjoy the space, tidyness, and peace and quiet with the boys moved out. Just think, you can have ME time or maybe a bit of ME time now.

    Hugs x

  7. Yay!!! And the spare room looks great!

  8. You're confusing me with the kids moving in and out. OK, so they are now out again until the next time they move back in. got it.


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