Thursday, February 28, 2008



- kids to school
- do some bloody housework
- maybe visit or be visited by Anne

... then I am going to pick up the 'new' bed..... it is so cool! I love it, can ya tell? It doesn't take much to make me happy it would appear.

And once Mike is outta his room I can set it up and waaa laaa, it will look lovely.... and I can just LEAVE IT and no bugger is going to mess it up for me!

Also today we expect to hear from the Valuer Re: our home's value. Can't wait for that either.

I tried "stretching" Griffin out to 6am before getting him up to go piddle..... damn it didn't work... he's wet for the first time in months. So I've got a full load of bedding to wash now... dammit. Oh well, live and learn. later....

Seems Anne and I are off to Foxton.... to visit Jenny... ooooo ginger crunch and nice company for morning tea! What more could a girl ask for!

I now have a HIT LIST... the house Valuer is at the Fucken TOP... he has given a lousy valuation... due to the downturn in the market.. bla bla bla! There is no way I will accept what he RECKONS our house is worth now.... I will just stay here! I am NOT MOVING .... unless I get a fair and decent price for my house! FULL STOP, END OF STORY!

Lynda.. THANKS for the "reality check" .... but no matter what you say I am still gutted by the valuation, I did not expect our valuation to go down by over 10% in just 3 months! I think I will continue to wallow in self pity ok?

End of day: mixed bag, kinda how it has been for ages now... one minute up, next minute down. I am so over it all.
NSV: I only had 2 pieces of Ginger Crunch, I could have had 5! Had a lovely omelette for dinner, very healthy if I must say. nite nite.


  1. Hey Chick,
    Sorry for not commenting lately...I've been a slack

    I know, I will get the beach pics...just for YOU!

    Yep our Michael is a changed character and there isn't any signs of him slipping back. He promises me he wont be slipping back....amazing.
    I will email you about the reasons as to why he has changed.
    He listens to me and gives me loads of cuddles, he also helps me loads. I got my baby boy back...not so much a baby now but they are always our babies eh? Even when we want them to move

    Well I am be back to commenting more hun.

    I'm off now to read your blog.

    hugs to you xx

  2. hey girl...bummer about Griffin not waking on his own to go pee... It will happen in time... Does he get upset about wetting the bed at all??? Have a top day... I am mildy hung over from the Launny Cup yesterday... but battling on.. got kids with coughs and sore throats..and so have I....
    will see how they go at school today... if not I will have to have time off with them...

  3. Have fun chickey!! Sounds like a cool day out! Ohh and love the 'do'!!!

  4. Buggary bollocks! This is the last thing you needed!

  5. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Heeey Sis, hows your day been eh. Just love your new hairdo, pretty as a picture you are. Im bored, its raining over here and feeling a bit miserable meself. Dam interviews, hate em. Bloody hard trying to get a job at my age lol. Still will keep on keeping on. LOVE YOU, chin up and will go do housework meself.

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  7. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Bummer about the valuer, stick to ur guns and get what you deserve.

    Hope you had a fun morning tea outing.

  8. Yep, stick to your guns! Don't give the house away.

  9. Don't these valuer's sure know how to ruin your day, we got ourhouse valued a while ago, not something I want to have to do again in a hurry cause they were just so rude, after all its our house, it might need things doing but they could use a bit of diplomacy from time to time!
    I have heard from friends that if you bury a statue of Joseph(think thats who it is) in the garden it is a sure way to sell a house, dont know where you get one from but three people I know have done this and it worked. I am guessing that you would get one from a religious type shop! Might help!
    Hope the ginger crunch was yummy
    Have a good rest of the week

  10. That sucks bout the valution. I know they say there has been a downturn but only very small on the overall rate of sales & overall average price. He wasn't the valuer recommended by the real estate agent was he???

  11. No Chris... you need a reality check regarding your house.

    1) you are buying and selling in the same market so if yours is worth less, then so is the house you will buy.

    2) staying there is doing no one any good - cut your losses and move!

    3) we are all affected by the downturn in the market.

    Seriously, your house is only worth what someone is prepared to pay.

    Here endeth the lecture :)

  12. I agree, the valuation shouldn't drop by 10% in three months. Even with the current downturn, it shouldn't even drop by 10% in a year.

  13. I can't say I'm surprised-the housing market is even worse in the states-and as much as we all hate to admit it-that is usually a sign for all other markets.
    It sucks-but it's just the way it is-you will have to just wait it out- it will turn around-(I know we are crossing our finger that it will)-try selling a 400acre rainforest property in this market-where are all the frickin' millionaires they keep talkin' about?!
    sorry-mini rant!
    Hold tight-it will turn around-what bounces down-will eventually bounce up again-because it's all just rubber anyway!

  14. So how was your first night in your new bed?

  15. Hey Chris, sorry if my reality check sounded a bit harsh but I follow sales and prices all the time up here and things have changed big time. I see houses sitting on the market for months when they used to be snapped up in days. There is no easy answer. Good luck and I do have my fingers crossed for a sale.

  16. Anonymous10:42 PM

    I don't blame you... I wouldn't be expecting lower for my house either but then again the houses you go to buy up there will be lower in price too... swings and roundabouts but it certainly suxs... Hun I wouldn't like to be in your shoes at the moment... big hugs for you because with all going on in your life you are still an amazing woman.

    Also don't worry about Griffin... some boys take longer... my youngest is 6 and he still wets his bed now and then because he is such a heavy sleeper (little bugger).

    Love the new hairdo too.

  17. Love the new hair! are one brave woman! :P

  18. The housing crisis is everywhere. Our home was worth half a mil two years ago, and now only between 380 and 400,000. We are in no position to sell because anything we would want to buy would most likely still be overpriced. We just have to wait it out. Our financial guy said it should take an upswing by fall..we hope he is just surfed in and LOVE YOUR BLOG! Oh yes, and libras post about the st. joseph upside down in the yard...well we did that with our first home, and the septic exploded the next day and we had to either way, it works lol!

  19. So sorry to hear you didn't get the news you wanted on the house. Please don't get too down about it. Everything will workout in time. As Lynda pointed out the home you're buying should have dropped in price too! Real estate market is tough everywhere.

    Hold strong things will workout for you!


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