Friday, February 15, 2008


I have been doing my daily blog, just not publishing it.... well I'm going to now.... cos I miss the feedback! I miss all your bloody comments.... it's SOMETIMES the only contact I get with other people some days and without it I'm feeling worse! So here I am ....BACK AGAIN... DAMMIT.

It's 5 am and I'm wide awake! Got up at 4 to take Griffin to the loo and ... can't get back to sleep.

- kids to school
- pick up Stew's prescription from Dr.
- Lunch with JennyT
- Pick up kids
- Haircut at 4pm
- Pick up Stew from Airport at 6pm

I'm also going to buy some paint and canvas's... and do some painting. I wanted to a while ago but Stew said "NO, wait till we get to Auckland before you start that again".... well I'm sick of doing nothing creative! So I'm getting some stuff and will set it up in the garage....

I cleared out the garage last night, put the 'extra' furniture down in the garden shed, put the trailer back on the front lawn, too bad if it's an eyesore to 'potential buyers'... I need the space.

I spent a lot of time yesterday trying not to cry.... I visited Izzy at Anne's farm... that was hard. But lovely too, she is so happy out there. It just makes me so grumpy when Stew rings and tells me all about his busy days.... I do nothing! I'm bored and lonely most of the time...

I go to town just to be around people... and to have the odd conversation with an adult, hell it doesn't even matter that it's just a shop assistant! Anyone will do! How sad it that? That's how I'm feeling right now, bored and isolated, sad.

Today has the potential to be a bit better. I hope so anyway.

End of Day, did most of what I wanted... did not get the paint etc yet. Picked up Stew... oh yeah! Instead of sitting in the lounge on me own... I'm in my bedroom....cos he's in the lounge watching fuckin rugby on his own... stuffed if I'm watching fuckin rugby. He might as well have stayed in Auckland! Can you tell I'm still grumpy?

NSV: NONE. nite nite.


  1. My days are like yours too, boring and lonely, I have no friends here at all, but I have blogging!! And I get to chat with people through comments, now that is sad!!

    Can't wait to see your artwork:)

    Glad you didn't go for long..

  2. Welcome back grumpy!! :)
    Missed you!!

  3. I wish everybody would just go ahead and measure everything in feet and inches... I'm trying to figure out how big your houses are from your posts.

    Here, we measure homes by how much square footage is INSIDE the house. (I don't suppose you measure outsides, but thought I'd mention how we do stuff just in case.) My house is a three bedroom and about 2200 square feet.

    Do you have a lot of people going through foreclosure where you live... or a housing crisis thing? I can't tell from the little bit of news I get from that part of the world.

    PS I've been *briefly* in Wellington airport and it's the cleanest and nicest I've ever seen in the whole world. Fiji was the worst. I'd rather poop in the woods with a bramble leaf for wipin' than go back to Fiji airport.


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