Wednesday, February 06, 2008


How mean, the kids are at school for just two days then get a day off! Grrrrrrr, no peace today then!

Well actually I take that back, I'm not going to be around for a while today as I am going to the hospital with my friend Chris D to visit her husband.... the poor bugger is having a very rough time right now, and I felt the need to support her today. And of course, see him and try and pep up his spirits... I'll probably call him a 'lazy old bugger who just wanted to perv at the nurses"....that should make him laugh!

OK, maybe not.... but he won't appreciate me going in there all maudlin eh? How the hell do you visit someone who is terminally ill and not make them feel worse? I'm worried I will say the 'wrong' thing, put me foot in me mouth, whatever. Maybe I'll just be 'me' and prattle on as per usual! Fuck I don't know. It's so different when it's someone you know.

Anyway, that's the only plan I have for today so far.....oh except for STAYING ON TRACK! And I'm feeling really confident that I can.

The visit with Chris and Dave went well! I don't think I put me foot in it... LUCKILY! I did ask him about the nurses... and he informed me that they were all FAT and not nice to perv at! Shame! LOL.

Chris and I went on to have a lovely brunch together and a good chat.... just what she needed I reckon. I feel guilty about leaving when she is going to need her friends the most (if we EVER get to Auckland!)... but I hope she knows I am always going to be there for her... even if it's only over the phone.

We went to town this afternoon and I had a mini splurge on pamper products! Some moisturiser, hair products, a file thingee for me feet, foot creme..... and a new hair colour kit.

Lunchtime.... Griffin saw this bugger on the floor:

It's now under a bowl on the dining room table, right behind my back as I sit here... it is CREEPING ME OUT.... but I can't bring myself to kill it.... or put it out in the garden either! I hate spiders and this bugger is BIG... and I have no idea what sort of spider he is.... he ain't a white tail.... *shivers*

End of Day: the spider still lives, might get Stew to despose of it... it just freaks me out.

NSV: Had a fantastic day, no slip ups ... no dramas, no stresses. nite nite.


  1. I dunno, kids today seem to get some much more *holiday time* than I EVER remember getting when I was at school :-( Blimmey, now I sound REALLY old, haha.

    On a serious note, I am sorry to hear about your friend's terminally ill husband. I can imagine how hard this visit is going to be, though I expect he will more than appreciate your company.

    Have a good week, Chris!

    LL x

  2. Yep....Just be yourself. That's what they appreciate the most. I speak from experience here unfortunately and I remember Chris D saying the same when we were at lunch last time I was in. So "go forth" and be "you" and make his day :) Hugs to Chris D too from Jo & me :)

  3. Typical, kids go back then are off school on a school holiday again, sounds just like the TV, a programme starts and then 5 or a maximum of 10 minutes later....ADVERTS....GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!

    Hugs x

  4. bummer about the public holiday... that happens here too..
    My kids go back to school next Thursday ...wooohoooooo that should ease up on me a bit..
    I am sorry to hear of your friend inn Hospital. I am no good in that situation AT ALL... I dont handle illness at all...
    I am a sook...
    Try and have a good day...

  5. Hey Chris, just remember what Chris D said about he appreciates being treating the same as usual, and not like a sick person. So if you want to rark him up about perving at nurses (and if that is something you would normally say if he wasn't terminally ill) then I can't see why you couldn't say it. I'm sure he would appreciate you just being you. Good luck though, I really feel for Chris D, and you're a good friend for supporting her as much as you can.

  6. Please tell Chris I'm thinking of her.

    I was going to say just be yourself and then see that is what Jenny put - great minds think alike!

  7. You can do it Chris!!!!!!! STAY ON TRACK! I am right behind you! :) Have a lovely day! HUGS Amanda xox

  8. Yeah- how ridiculous to have a holiday already!
    I feel for you on visiting the terminally ill friend-it is tough figuring out what to say.
    Knowing you (well-as well as you can know someone through blogging-LOL!) you will just make him smile!

  9. That's a tricky one. From what I've seen with the terminally ill (on ambo) most of them want life as 'normal as possible' so just do that, talk like you normally do. Don't act in any certain way. Play it by air and see how you go. I'm sure the very fact you are going to see him will be enough without any special words needed.

  10. I'm certainly not an expert in these situations, but the few I've been in, I've talked normally, as I would but I did throw in a couple of questions to show I am interested. They just weren't laden with pity. e.g. "So what's next in your treatment?"

    If I can stay on track today - you can!

  11. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Just be yourself with him and dont monitor what you are about to say for fear of saying the wrong thing. He will figure out what you are doing pretty quickly if you did this. Most people in that situation just appreciate people treating them like normal, it makes them forget whats happening to them for a short period of time. You will make him smile and laugh im sure.

  12. ewww! What a spider!! I always get made fun of for taking spiders outside instead of squishing them, but I think that one would give me second thoughts. *shudder*

  13. KILL IT >>> KILL IT >> KILL IT!!!
    A good spider is a DEAD one!! lol
    Believe me .... I live in a shed!! lol

  14. Anonymous7:58 PM

    that spider is fucking revolting, get rid of it!

  15. Yeah, I agree with Mellisa! I like to spray them with a VERY thick layer of Mortein. Ugh. Foul.

    It could be a huntsman? We get them occasionally here. They are big suckers allright. One thought: if you keep it under the bowl it will eventually die. I know! I've done it!

  16. Eeek thats a big one!!!
    Glad you were able to support your friend. :)

  17. wow that is a big spider!
    I am so scared of them I could not even put a bowl over one! if it was me I would get my dad to kill it and I would not go into the room until it was dead!

  18. I think I have goosebumps just LOOKING at that spidey photo!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

    Way to be a good pal to your friend, I'm sure she appreciates having you to lean on during this difficult time.

  19. The same thing happens here in Canada. The kids start school on a Thursday, then the Monday is a holiday. Why bother, just start after the holiday. They have at lease 1 PE day every month. Times have certianly changed. We never got that many holidays when I was in school.

    Geez that must have been a tough visit. You're a good ((friend)). People tend to disappear when times get bad.

    Brave for having a good day. Take care.

  20. Sorry to hear about your friends husband - I think the best thing you can do in that situation is just be yourself.

    How dare they tease you with 2 days of peace and then have a public holiday? But I guess this was a good option compared to the alternative of not sending the kids back to school until Thursday ... lol

    Hope you got rid of the spider!

  21. Don't panic... that is NOT a White Tailed Spider... but holy moley he is one big hairy thing... slid some paper under the bowl, flip it over and take it far, far away...
    Take care


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