Monday, February 25, 2008


- Stew to airport
- Kids to school
- Home .... await the Valuer, due at 11am.

I had an amazing sleep last night, I simply did not wake up at all ! I must have been tired! It was WONDERFUL.

Not sure what else I will be doing today, lets wait and see!
Ha! after waiting all week for Stew to get home to help me do the glueing on me picture, he went back without helping me. So, I've done wasn't even difficult ! Derrr... so now we wait for the glue to set then I can put up a photo of it. I like it! The valuer is due soon.... I've tidied up the house.... all ship shape.

Quite a lot rides on this valuation... our asking price.... the Real Estate Agents keep saying "Drop your price" but I'm bloody sure we have it at the right price. Time will tell eh?



Now I am going to start on 4 smaller ones... not sure what words yet... but that's half the fun.
- quiet afternoon
- fed kids and got them to bed
- went grocery shopping (Steve babysat)
- watching Desperate Housewives and relaxing
***Steve and Mike are moving out on Saturday! Oh my god, it's been 29 years, 1 month and 3 weeks and I am finally getting 'rid' of the last of my 'birth' kids! ***
Now it's only about 12 years till our BONUS BABIES leave home...
End of day: I have had a neat day! Even better now I know those bloody boys are leaving.
NSV: none again, I seem to have lost the plot again. bugger. nite nite.


  1. Glad you finally got a proper night's sleep!!!

    Hope things with the valuer go well.....

  2. I LOVE me some nights like that. Lately I've been too busy coughing up a lung to sleep. ug.

    Have a good day my friend!

  3. Good luck with the house evaluation.

  4. Hope all goes well with the valuer. Pleased to hear someone is sleeping well - I'm not!

  5. Nothing like a good nights sleep... bit like mine... in bed at 9.45pm and didnt wake til my son bowled thru my roon at 6.45am.... fkkkkkkk slept thru the alarm.... oops volume was turned down... just as well one of us is an early bird!!!

  6. My fingers are crossed for you that the price is right.

  7. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Good Luck with the valuation and have a wonderful Monday. Cant wait to see the painting.

  8. Ohhh hope the valuation goes well! Fingers crossed!

  9. That is so cool. I love your pics.

    I asked some friends who deal a lot with property and cause my mum has been trying to sell her house for a while too the agents said to drop her price, their advice was don't drop it. Up it. They did that with their last property and it sold within two weeks.

    Fingers crossed you get the result you want.

  10. Hope the Valuer says the house is worth more!! Stupid Real Estate Agents..

    Loving the picture:)

  11. Love your Enjoy! Looks fab!
    Hope you have another good nights sleep!

  12. Anonymous9:31 PM

    Do me one! Have it say "Colourful" can you do it for Andrew for his birthday. Its in April on the 2nd.
    Can ya! Can ya! Can ya!

  13. WOOOHOOO! The boys are finally leaving home - and it will have to be for good this time!!!

    Might pop round again tomorrow night if you're home, probably around 7ish...

  14. Nice picture! Hope everything went well the the valuer. Good luck with getting rid of the boys. All the best.

  15. You must have stolen my sleep because I couldn't sleep last night.


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