Thursday, February 07, 2008


I want to share a special moment with you:

A while ago Griffin came up to me and said...

G : Mum, I came out of your tummy eh?

Me : No mate, you came out of Lacy's tummy, and Lacy came out of my tummy cos I am her Mum. Remember, I am your Grandma AND your Mummy.

G : So, if I came out of Lacy's tummy... and she was in your tummy... well I must have been in your tummy too when I was in Lacy's tummy!!!

Now, how bloody clever is that logic? And from a 5 year old too. I was kinda gobsmacked and didn't have an answer for that one!

The things kids say eh? Anyways.... onwards with this day... the kids are back at school, Stew is working here in Palmy for the next two days then he's back to Auckland.

The DIET is going great, I am totally confident of a good-ish loss come saturday..... bring it on! I am amazed at how well I feel after cutting out all bread/pasta/starchy vegetables/ rice/sweets and cakes!!! I was expecting to feel sluggish and lacking energy, but it's just the opposite. I am missing the bread and potoatoes though.... but will reintroduce a tiny amount in a few weeks, once I feel confident that I will not SLIP UP again.

SPIDER UPDATE: he got introduced to flyspray, then he went on a one way trip down the gurgler.... ikkk.

I have been to town... bought a dress ... maybe to wear to Lee Anne's wedding? Not sure yet. It's kinda TIGHT across the chest and torso.... so will fit perfect in a few weeks hopefully! And YES, I know it's BLACK, but you have to wear what you are comfortable in eh?

It has these really funky beads around the neck and bottom flounce.... I'm loving it.

I also spent an hour with Chris D at the hospital Cafe, just yakking... was nice.

I am feeling hungry today....VERY HUNGRY...But I am trying hard to resist the urge to go nuts. JUST.

End of Day: it's been a mixed bag... neat morning/midday, felt grumpy and hungry in the afternoon... and so-so this evening.

NSV: I did not fall off the wagon when I was feeling grumpy... but it WAS HARD. nite nite.


  1. Hi Chris, glad you're doing so well on your diet - I should try cutting down the carbs too as I seem to feel tired a lot - ah well - either that or I need to go to bed earlier!
    Griffin sounds a sweet little thing XCathy

  2. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Awwwh Chris that is so sweet! I would have been balling my eyes out if I were you. Griffin is one clever kid!

    Good job on feeling better being on the right track. Thank god the spider is gone... that is creepy! so big!!! I don't miss seeing spiders like that... or cockroaches... have never seen one yet in Holland :) Have a lovely day! HUGS Amanda xox

  3. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Logic indeed! I'd have been gobsmacked too.

    Don't know if I could tackle a diet like that, the killer would be bread and potatoes, but that's the Irish gene I suspect.

  4. Hey, well done you for getting well and truly back on track. I am sure that you will see a great loss when you next step on the scale. Fingers crossed!

    Have a great week, Chris and keep up the good work...

    LL x

  5. haha. At least you gave your spider a peaceful death. The last time I trapped a spider I just let it die under the bowl. I felt really bad for it, but it freaked me out just a little too much.

    awww. That is a wonderful story. Kids are great when it comes to making unqualified logical statements. It truely would be amazing to see everything through the eyes of a child again.

  6. It takes a while to get used to not eating bread and pastry etc... but you can do it... I still eat rice and potatoes and always have...
    I have to re assess what I am eating at the moment.. I am thinking maybe some gluten is sneaking in to make me feel so miserable and wanting to eat all the time... grrrrr

  7. What a darling wee bright spark.

    I have had carbs over the weekend for the first time in over a month and I think that may have something to do with how shithouse I feel!!

  8. I left you a comment - not sure where it went to?

    Just want to say - well done on being so focussed - you can do it!!!

  9. ugh, i had THE hardest time giving up my carbs when i was on atkins a few years ago - i missed cereal & milk the most... i am such a carb girl - bread, pizza, crackers, tortillas, bagels... you name it, i'll eat it... good for you though, for sticking to it - the results will pay-off by leaps and bounds... :o)

  10. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Aww how cute is Griffin, what a very clever thing to say.

    I love the new dress, black is my colour of choice, i think it always looks so classy and smart. We need pics of you in it and looking wonderful in a few weeks time.

  11. what a clever little man you have there!! Too cute!

  12. Your grandson is smart and funny. I always get a kick from the things my kids say.

  13. Griffin is wise beyond his years!!
    Glad you are feeling confident about the diet! Lovely dress.

  14. That is the cutest things - I love the way kids nut things out in their cute litte minds...

    Sexy dress x

  15. Your kids/grand-kids are a lot smarter than you. Before you know it, they will be talking you into all kinds of things.

  16. Good for you sticking to your guns, like you had a tough day. Good for you, stay strong.

    Gotta love kids, so innocent. He sounds adorable.

    To say I'm anxious would be an understatement. Certainly is easier for us to pop around here and there. Hopefully someday I'll find the courage to get myself over to your part of the world.

    Hope Fridays a bit easier for you. Take care, fingers still crossed.

  17. Kids logic is amazingly quite simple. They don't factor in the b/s that adults do.

    And I think the dress is gorgeous and exactly something I would wear.


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