Saturday, February 16, 2008


I'm going to blog.... once in the morning.... and once at night, less pressure then, think that's a good idea?

I think I'm having the adult equivalent to a kid's TEMPER TANTRUM !

Well, if I was anyone else that's what I'd think! Things are not going my way... so pack a sad.... stoooopid me.

Today we watched all the Harley Davidson bikes come through town, on one of them was a blogger friend from Wellington, Helena, and her hubby Craig. Hope to catch up with them tomorrow for brunch.

Had lunch at Aqaba, nice but would have been nicer without Griffin... he manages to spoil most outings by being a little prick. I don't like him much some days, today being one of them.

Bought some stuff to make a picture... don't know who for or anything, just need to be doing something. It's costing a lot more than usual for the materials so might end up keeping it, we will see .....

I will probably start the painting stage on Monday, for now I have to nut out position of letters etc.

Our nasty neighbours have finally got themselves a Real Estate Agent to sell their house.... yipee now I can return the 'favour' and poach their buyers too! AND to make me madder yet, they have advertised their house as being 360 sq metres big, and we know FOR A FACT that it is only 260 sq metres!!!! Ours is 300 sq metres... and selling for less too boot! Just you watch me sort that little deception out for them! False advertising and all that! GRRRRR.

End of Day: His nibs is once again watching rugby.... and I'm in bed.... not that I wanted him to join me! I would have probably bitch slapped him if he's tried "anything" ! I am so not nice.

NSV: I think I gained this week, serve me right. nite nite.


  1. Thanks for that! I just managed to clear my google reader list ... yep absolutely clear, all blogs read, first time in months ...

    ... and then you update!!! lol

    Glad to see you back mate! And wise decision, even if you don't update everyday as long as you are updating because you want to.

    Can't wait to see what you do with that picture!

  2. Welcome back... I knew you could not stay away! Why don't you just blog once a day? Surely that would be better?

    I know what you mean about advertising the incorrect sq metres of a place. A friend has just advertised a pokey two bed flat as being only 10 sqm less than our place!! Oh well... what can you do?

  3. Glad to see you back, and just update when you feel like it. Sometimes I do it twice a day other times many times a day depends on my mood. :)

  4. Good to have you back Chris.

    It sure sounds like you need a hobby or something to keep busy. Why can't you go back to the shop maybe once a week?

  5. Hey chick... I wouldnt even bother trying to have set times to blog.. just blog when the urge arises... a bit like having sex... haha
    ;o) good too see it was just a tanty...

  6. Your neighbours selling hopefully will benefit you!

    Oh theres a party over at my blog! Everyone is invited! Bring a bottle!

  7. Welcome back Honey Bee LOL. Was good to catch up on Friday and didn't we do well shopping!!!!! LOL See you in the morning :)

  8. sooooooooo very glad to have you back, my mornings were just not the same, I was beginning to wonder how I was going to fill in my time...thank you for coming back...hope your having a good weekend I decided this weekend that I am doing nothing just coffee and r and r, so far thats all I have done! and its great :)

  9. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Great to read a post, I've missed you!

  10. Anonymous10:35 PM

    You're obsessing again.
    Take a deep breath.
    If your neighbors are able to gain a dear price for their home, it raises the value of yours.

  11. I have been quite busy lately but I am back to commenting again.

    Keep blogging chick.

    Hugs x


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