Tuesday, February 05, 2008


It was nice while it lasted.... but I'm happy it's gone cos today Stew and I plan on going over to the beach for a nice long walk ... just as soon as we get the kids to school.

And I want to check out Foxton's shops... OK stop laughing Jenny T, I know that is going to take me all of 5 minutes! But I have never done it so dats what I wanna do!

After that we will no doubt have lunch in town, so all in all it will be a nice morning I'm sure.


  1. Congrats having the kids at school and a day at the beach with your sweetie!! Sounds delightful!!

  2. Hey Shall I meet you for cofffee!!!!!

  3. Excellent news about the family still being very keen about your home...
    Well done on the movie without crap...
    I loooove julia roberts and tom hanks.. better go see that one...
    Enjoy your walk alone the beach... while I work... and work... and do more work...

  4. It sounds as if you have had a lovely couple of days - especially now that the kids are back at school ;-)

    I do hope that the weather was nice enough for you and Stew to enjoy a nice long walk on the beach...

    Have a great week, Chris!

    LL x

  5. Two days off and time for just the two of you sounds like a great plan!
    WHat kind of temp was the weather? I like the beach when it's cool...I hate it when it's hot. I am however hot natured-=----I think I was born with hot flashes----SO sweating is not something that I enjoy!

  6. Yep the shops are not too bad here, just not a lot of them LOL. The cafe is good eh!!!!! Maybe we can convince the girls for a 'meet up' down there one Sat. or at "The Laughing Fox". Those slices at Mission Belle can be big!!!!! Did you share???? Just kidding LOL Glad you enjoyed your day.
    Ps. We are within walking distance/stones throw of both those cafes!!!!! :)

  7. We went down on Saturday night to the beach, it was lovely. Have a great day:-)

  8. So do we get pics of the boat?? huh?

    Some of those little offbeat cafes are the greatest!

  9. I might have said this before, but you can have some of our rain. We get rain at least 9 months out of the year.

  10. Those Zego's sure looklike alot of fun, I can just see you zipping around in one.

  11. We have had so much rain since Sunday ..is absolutely wonderful....hope your day is going great guns

  12. Anonymous5:28 PM

    hahaha hahahaa clever old Stew!! It reminds me of my cousins late wife who gave him a cheque for Christmas one year for $1000.00
    He was pretty chuffed till he realised it was out of his cheque book!!

    I'm sure you'll get him back!

  13. Anonymous6:54 PM

    I love the pic of the zego, looks like so much fun.

  14. The Zego does look fun!
    Oh i wouldnt beable to pass up carrot cake either!

  15. You must be over the moon with having the kids back in school. Two days to spend with DH, how wonderful. Keeping fingers crossed that those buyers come through for you. Liked Charles Wilson's War, did find Julia a little long in the tooth. All in all it was very interesting. Have a wonderful day!


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