Monday, February 04, 2008


What more can I say? I'm a happy mummy!

And to make the day even better, Stew is home for the next 2 days "on holiday"... so we can spend the day together, just the two of us!

Didn't hear from the Real Estate Agent last night, so we presume nothing is happening on the sale front.... BUGGER, DAMN AND BLAST. We will continue to wait for that elusive buyer...

Stew and I took the kids to school, both cried when we left them! Goodness only knows how they will cope when we have to put them in a totally new school!
After that we went for a walk... not too far or fast... I'm so out of shape and Stew has a dicky knee ....

A bit later on we are going to the MOVIES.... there will be NO POPCORN, ICECREAM OR LOLLILES..... I am so fired up and determined to maintain the losses. I can't wait till weigh in next Saturday! I am sure I will lose another kilo! Well, I can hope anyway.

Stew and I went to the movies and saw "Charlie Wilson's War"...

Staring my most Favourite Male Actor, Tom Hanks. We really enjoyed it, a different sort of movie from the 'shoot em up's and comedy's' we usually see. WE both liked it... it was thought provoking and in all a very good movie. Julia Roberts was kinda UNATTRACTIVE in this movie! Awful hair do's and clothes... and a serious role for her, no huge laughs and gorgeous smile. But still good!

After the movies we did the grocery shopping and got home just in time for Stew to pick up the kids from school. Phew, a busy afternoon, I'm now cleaning out the bloody fridge in the kitchen. OH WHAT FUN.
Real Estate update: our agent rang, those Wellington 'buyers' are still very VERY keen on buying the house, and we MIGHT be hearing from them within the next week or two, they just have to 'sort out a few things' first. FINGERS ARE STILL CROSSED THEN.
Is anyone wondering if I had any of these at the movies?
I didn't! And I feel so good! TOTALLY ON TRACK and so happy ...
End of Day, it's been a neat day, finished off by a lovely sauna.
NSV: Feeling more and more confident that I CAN stay on track again! And it's raining for the first time in weeks! nite nite.


  1. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Hmm, no news might be good news in that all the buyers are planning to come on Monday!

    Glad you're getting some time together. I sometimes think I've forgotten what mine looks like!

  2. I still have til Next thursday for school to go back.... Mine are in care anyway...but It will be soooooo much easier when they are at school... no where near the runnning around trying to get them to the other side of town... etc etc..
    Be good and enjoy your time with stew!!!

  3. Quality time with Stew without the kids!! Have a great couple of days :) Sorry didn't get into town Sat. Am still feeling not that crash hot!!!!!

  4. Wooohooo! The kids are back at school and you've got Stew all to yourself for two whole days! I'm sure you don't need me to tell you to make the most of it/him while you can *grin*

  5. Lucky you - my kids dont go back till Thursday and boy am I losing the plot with them today......

  6. Just dropping by to say hello... I am sitting here watching the Superbowl... don't worry... I don't expect you to know about it... hehehe... have fun with a quiet house... hehe

  7. Well done on your loss :)....hope you and Stew have a fantastic two days together ...

  8. Well done staying on track over the last few days. You are SO going to see a loss this week - lucky thing!

  9. How nice to have a day at the movies with your DH. Well done for resisting the goodies.

    Crossing everything for a sale XX

  10. Hi Chris

    In regard to your Agent, if the Wellington potentials don't pan out (but I hope they do) could you 'take on another agent' to have a bit of competition? Not sure if you have signed exclusively with you current agent... but if not the incentive may be there for a bit more action on your current agents behalf? I'm sure they would hate to lose out on the sale to another agent....

    Just a thought....



  11. Lovely to hear you so happy!!

  12. Oh sounds like a great day! kids at school, a great movie and maybe some buyers?? Fingers crossed!!!

  13. Anonymous2:06 AM

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Well done on going to the movies and staying away from the candy bar.

  14. ohh i hear ya on the kidlets back ay school, i dont have long to wait now *phew* well done on not snacking out at the movies sweets, i is very proud of ya *mwah*


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