Monday, February 18, 2008



- Drive Stew to the airport.... I WILL miss the bugger!

- Kids to school

- Muck around with paint effects, first must buy some paint !

- Lunch with our Real Estate Agent, she's doing some 'Damage Control' me thinks! Nice.

- Pick up kids from school

- Smile a few times more than yesterday!

I'm feeling much better, don't know why... maybe I just needed to reach an awful low to start climbing back up from the depths? Dunno, don't care.... am trying really hard to be more positive.

My weight suffered last week, so back onto it today.... marshmallows for dinner WILL NOT happen again!

Stew's flight to Auckland was cancelled, a problem with the plane... so he had to sit around in the airport for 3 hours then take a diverted flight to Napier to connect with a flight to Auckland in the afternoon... he was the ONLY passenger on the plane to Napier!!! Talk about an expensive little venture for Air New Zealand, taking one passenger to Napier!

Lunch with The Estate Agent went OK, she recommended I take down the wooden panelling on the deck, she thought it looked "TACKY" ok, whatever.... down it came. Far out Stew did not mean for it to come down, it took me about 2 hours to chisel around the nails so I could pull them out, they were bloody long F*#kers !


.....Izzy's kennel etc was already gone .... it does look nicer I must admit.

What else? Not much, been good on the food front today.... got the monthly (joy), kids are good.... that's about it!

I just sent this photo off to the Real Estate Agents too, they did not have a really nice one of our backyard and side of the house.... this is a really nice one I reckon.

End of Day: It's been rather nice! Janene and Jorja came for a visit after dinner which was really nice too. Now I'm like a pig in shit... painting! God I love painting! I need to do more!

NSV: Kinda stayed on track, but you know what? I am over stressing about my weight, it's making me miserable so I'm just going with the flow for now. nite nite.


  1. Hey Babe!
    Glad your feeling a bit better,hopefully this week will improve ah?

    Schools going ok-ish, just alot of presure coz of NCEA- but thats life.

    Fingers crossed the house sells soon! Oh, and I LOVE your two new dresses!

  2. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Sounds like a good idea new week new idea!! have a fantastic monday!!

  3. Hmmm Marshmallows for dinner... well I guess I have had worse... good to hear you are going to try smiling a wee bit more today...

  4. Aw, Chris, you and your family are gorgeous! You have such nice pics, too. Be easier on yourself, ok? Don't eat marshmallows without some hot cocoa... it just isn't natural!

    It sounds like you have a HUGE house to sell. Hope it goes soon. Bet the weather is beautiful there. We are under about five inches of snow and they've closed the airport!

  5. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Hi Chris,

    I am pleased to see that you have decided to continue with blogging :-) Trust me, I think you would regret it in the end. I KNOW that I certainly regret deleting my blog and almost 2 years of history in the process :-(

    It's great to hear you sounding so positive and upbeat!

    I hope that the week ahead will be a good one for you :-)

    Take care...

    Lins x

  6. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Awesome to catch up with you yesterday too! Never seem to have enough time eh? Hang in there honeybun, be positive and positive things will happen back :) *smooch*

  7. Great to have you back where you belong. If it's any consolation I would be experiencing the same moods as you if I was dealing with your situation. Another chapter is about to begin and you're stuck in the last one playing groundhog day over and over again. I'm impatient as hell and bloody frustrated.

    Now go and enjoy yourself this week and quit the marshmallows. I'll be seeing you before you know it.

  8. Yep- ups and downs-all part of the whole being a woman thing I guess!
    Glad you're off the marshmallow! yik!

  9. Glad you are feeling better, might be cause you wrote it down??

    Marshmallows..hmm, no fat in them just sugar!!!hehe yummy too:)

    Enjoy your lunch..

  10. Yay for being positive! It really does help to try to see the glass half full! As long as it's half full of water and not chocolate milk! LOL!

    Woohoo for new dresses!

  11. Looks so much better! But surely potential buyers could see past that!! LOL - cute dog:-)

  12. They are nice pictures .... I love your house .... I doubt that those panels are stopping people from buying it!!
    Can you try with another agent??
    Glad to see you are not deleting your blog .... Hope you feel better soon....

  13. Anonymous8:33 PM

    It looks much better with the wood stuff gone!!! You have a great house!!!

  14. You have a lovely house, cant understand why its taking so long to sell.
    Glad your feeling better :)

  15. u sound more like our Chris in the later part of the day...maybe it was TOM bringing ya down but I would imagine the sale or lack there of of house will contribute to your mood BIG TIME KIDDO


  16. So happy to hear you are feeling a bit better.

    The deck looks great, good on you for getting out there and doing that, I would have waited till Stew got home or got one of your boys to do it- good work!

    Marshmallow for dinner- sounds yummy and you know there is no fat in marshmallows... :-)

  17. Anonymous10:39 PM

    Go with the flow Chris. Love the back yard it looks fab.


  18. Oh that looks heaps better without the boards and I love your backyard!

  19. Doh! forgot to say that you really sound alot brighter today. :)

  20. It's a stressful situation, no wonder you've been feeling down.

    Not very tactful of the RE agent to say the panelling was tacky, does open the space up a lot more though. You've got a gorgeous home and lovely garden (I envy anyone with a nice garden since our landlords NEVER mow ours).

  21. Your house looks gorgeous! It'll sell soon...don't let it get down.

  22. Such a nice house. I can't believe it has not sold yet. I agree the back does look better with the panels off the deck.


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