Thursday, February 14, 2008


I'm torn... between enjoying blogging.. and not !

My family like it cos it keeps them 'up to date' on what's going on 'at home'... I know this.

Some of my friends like it too it seems, for whatever reason?

For me? I am finding it a fag.... really.. who the hell wants to hear about my shopping trips, my housework, my annoying kids, my up and down weight loss efforts? I know I don't anymore! I am feeling 'over it' and have for quite a while....

So maybe I am thinking seriously of stopping. I mean seriously.

I have really enjoyed using this medium to record my daily doings, and getting to know so many other bloggers... but I'm not enjoying it anymore... it's like a 'job' keeping up to date with what all my 'regular' blogger friends are doing... so anyway, I'm thinking of stopping for a while...

***I actually think I am quite depressed at the moment, and trying to put a "Happy Face" on my blog is getting very hard to do......I'm NOT HAPPY, and I'm over pretending I am.***

Maybe I will give it a break for a few days and see how I if I don't update tomorrow, don't panic, there is nothing wrong with me... I'm just taking a break to see how it feels! STARTING NOW..


  1. Maybe you need a blogging vacation. Or perhaps instead of putting on a 'happy face' you should just express what ever emotions or feelings you want!
    In any case, do what is right for you Chris!!

  2. We all love your blog!
    However its your blog and you need to get something out of it. :)

  3. then my dear.. why keep showing us the happy face?.... if you want to rant and rave and let loose, then damn it woman DO SO - it's YOUR blog to record YOUR feeling, bugger everyone else, you need to do what is right for you and in saying that, if you still feel you need a break and stop blogging, I for one would miss you, and no it's not just for the gossip, or the snooping LOL :) but because I have come to care about my friends I have made in the blogging world... and in that caring, comes honesty and if you truly are not happy blogging, then you need to stop, BUT if you are stopping because you can't be honest on your own blog? ...

    We read because we care, not because we need to see you doing great and all is well (which is a great thing too IF that is what you're feeling).. .understand?.. we just want you to be you and true only to you!

  4. Oh say it ain't so! ((HUGS))Sorry to hear you are feeling down. Do hope you do not give up your blog. Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day. Take care.

  5. Hey you have a lot on at the moment, take a break and see how you feel in a few days/weeks whatever. You have to enjoy it.... take care Jaxx xx (will miss it though :))

  6. Hello! I only just found you, and here you're talking of quitting blogging...

    I found you through Casdok's blog. She is a tremendous source of encouragement to me; I don't know how she finds the time to visit everyone and leave such positive comments... but almost every morning I see a little sunshine from her in my comment box.

    I saw your profile and wondered how you managed three boys and three girls??? Because we have FIVE boys and only ONE girl. We haven't figured out how the "girl" happened. I mean, we've figured out how it happened, but...

    Oh, nevermind. LOL!

  7. I totally understand you babe!! You may or may not have noticed how i really stepped back from my blogging compared to last time round.

    You're blog is for you chicky and no one else! So you do what you need to do for you and if that means taking a break for a bit and coming back if/when you want then so be it!

    Look after you!!!

  8. It has become a chore for you, like you feel you "have to".

    lots of things going on in your life - must be really hard. Keep smiling:-) See you soon.

  9. The trouble is, sweet Chris, that you have become a slave to blogging and update all day long. Try to update less and it becomes more of a journal of your feelings rather than day to day life.

    I totally understand that you must be a little depressed - take some time out and be happy :)

  10. Dang, what the hell, I don't stop by for a few days and you go and quit??? I totally understand, I have been feeling the same..It feels good to take a break sometimes. Take a week off, realx and maybe it won't feel like such a chore.
    I know I will miss you.

  11. Anonymous8:55 AM

    i know how your feeling im really down at the moment and i have been that way for weeks!!

  12. I dont log, but I do enjoy reading others, esp ones like yours, I see that Leenie, Felicity and a few others have shut up shop. Blogging is a medium to reach others, some people have a talent for it, but it is really up to the individual, I mean youre putting you life into the public arena leaving yourself open to praise and criticism. Good on you for doing it so well, and its entirely up to you if you want to continue or not. I feel exactly like you, Im starting to wonder if Im depressed. This house selling does your head in!!!Maybe if you continue blogging but only privately for yourself it could help you, and might be good to look back at when you are all happy and settled in Auckland, Anyway, thanks for allowing me to share in your blogging life, enjoyed every minute of it....


  13. Hey Chris, I can completely understand your dilemma! You could try updating once a day, or having the blog on invite only for your family and friends that you do want to keep up to date. Then you wouldn't have to feel like you need to keep up a happy face all the time. Whatever you decide I'm still here for ya buddy *hugs*

  14. It doesnt hurt to have a break Chris... I used to blog everyday... and felt I had too.. We dont.. I update once a week sometimes twice if I have something to whinge about... I still read my favs daily... just sometimes dont comment as time is limited..
    take care chick.. I know you are down about the house and the move etc... things will work out in the end...
    biggest hugs to you girl...

  15. Would really miss you but understand where you're coming from - it's meant to be fun not a chore. What about a compromise and for the time being just a weekly update just so we all know you're OK and bring us up to date on whatever you feel like sharing? I found when I dipped out for a while then decided to come back that all my previous blogger buddies welcomed me back with open arms - and we most definitely will for you too whatever you decide. But watch that depression and make sure you get some help if it doesn't improve soon. Take care Love Zxx

  16. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Well, I can really sympathise with how you feel right now, Chris.

    For what it's worth, maybe hold off from completely deleting your blog for the time being? Trust me, I kind of regret deleting mine - especially since I am no longer receiving all the wonderful support that I used to get :-(

    Seriously, maybe tell yourself that you are going to have a week away from blogger/Internet (maybe 2) and then see how you feel after that?

    What ever you decide, Chris, I really do wish you all the very best :-)


    Lins x

  17. I don't blame ya! It can get to be a bit over the top-trying to come up with new ways of saying "hi-looks like you're doing well" etc...A vacation from blogging is most likely a very good thing.

  18. I'm with lose2live, we read because of your honesty - if you want to rant and rave, who says you can't?

    And I know how hard it is to keep up with blogging everyday - never mind you with your multiple day updates! There is no harm in taking a break or even increasing the time interval between posts.

    But like the other said, I would miss you if you decided to stop altogether.

  19. Chris you need to do whats best for you ..I dont know you that well , have never had the pleasure of meeting you but I do know you are one woman who has so much spirit that its contagious...I personally couldnt blog everyday it would become a chore for me and thats the last thing I need ...Take care mate, smile and know that there are people who care and love you regardless x

  20. I honestly don't know how you update so often. I think you put too much pressure on yourself to update all day, everyday.

    I love reading your blog and other blogs but I am hopeless at updating my own.

    You do what you feel is best for you. We will understand. But please don't give up alltogether.

    Your blog is the 1st one I read every day.

  21. Maybe you feel you have to put on a Happy face cause your family and friends read your blog?? Tell it like it really is and you may feel better, take a break, I think we all feel like giving up the blogs after a while, the novelty wears off etc.


    We'll all still be hanging around when you come back anyway:)

  22. It certainly shouldn't be a chore [in my humble opinion] and I know a lot about putting on a happy face. In fact now I come to think of it, I think that blogging forces me to look at life in the half full mode, rather than the half empty, which is my more natural inclination.
    BEst wishes

  23. I'm hearing ya honey!!! Take care!

  24. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Do what is right for you.

  25. Maybe just a little break? I went down to blogging about once a week or 2. Just not much to say or just bored or not wanting to go into what's bothering me too.

    I hope you feel better soon Chris and we would miss you if you left!

  26. I totally understand where you are coming from.

    I don't know how you update as much as you do.

    You might have noticed I have backed down in the last couple of weeks... it was getting to the stage that I was more worried about updating than doing stuff I really wanted to do and fitting everything else in and I just can't do it anymore.

    With kids, new job responsiblities, kids activities, weight loss, exercise, camping and wanting so much to do some scrapbooking but because I had to update I didn't have the time...

    I feel that if I am truly liked/loved then they will email me anyway to see how things are going. I will update or try to once a week maybe...

    So yep yep yep I know what you mean.

    Big hugs hun I know what a hard decision it is for you to decide what is best for you but in the long run you will know what is best for you.

    Love ya mwahhh
    hey and we get to see each other at Lee-annes wedding woohoooo.


  27. Well I would miss you! I guess I would have more time in my day! Less checking in with the things you have been up too! You do what you need to do but be assured you will be sorely missed!


  28. Oh I totally understand how your feeling about blogging. If it becomes a chore then you need a break.
    I'm taking a wee sabatical myself too.
    Now in regards to the 'not being happy' thats a different story. I'm sorry to hear your feeling depressed, I hate feel 'ick' about things and don't like it when my equaliberium is all out of wack.

    It sounds like you need to be doing more stuff that makes you happy. Find things to do that you enjoy and the rest will all fall into place.

    Hope you start feeling better soon. (and I know that sounds terribly 'cliche' but this medium is so darn hard to convey real feeling somethings that I just hope you know I mean it and hope this slump doesn't last long.
    Take care chicky

  29. Time for a holiday then mum. I dont really see you stopping, this has been a really good outlet for you with your frustrations and stresses that your have. Some of your good friends you met thro your blog. Maybe when you have a weeks holiday form blogging you can give your blog a make over...
    But when you come back your do need to express you emotions, your blog has relfected your life since your started it. Pretending is not goig to help your state of mind for your task, are you gona pretend to not eat that piece of choco or mince n cheese pie.. or whatever. Not a good mind set.
    If your down dont bottle it up cause it sure as shit aint gona make it go away. Wheither you blog tommorrow or after "one" weeks holiday, you are an important part of peoples lives mum, inspriation for people who are finding it harder than you... they may be in a worse situation than you... more weight to lose or whatever... Reading about a normal disfunctional family life, its a common NZ point, gives people hope and inspiration in their own lives where its needed whether you hear about it or not. lose2live has it right, stop showing us a happy face, normal NZ mums arent always happy! Be straight up!


  30. I'm currently the same way with blogging.

    I like it and reading others, but lately its been a struggle to keep up and the camera is broken....

    It becomes work, you know?

    You could do what I do and slow downa nd take a break, even from reading. You're burning out like I am.

  31. You take a break for as long as you need! This is your blog, happy or sad you should be able to be yourself in it.

    I think we all go through times when it motivates us and when it seems like a chore.

    And as to reading about your adventures - it's not so much what you write about but how you write about it, it keeps us all hooked!

    Hope you enjoy your time away.

  32. Sorry you are feeling down. It is a very stressful time trying to sell your house and think about moving and dealing with everyday life with children, teens etc.
    Take care of yourself and just blog if, or when, you feel like it.xx

    P.S. we do care xx

  33. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Me thinks my little sister needs a little tTLC and maybe her big sister around for a while.
    Honey, you got so much going on with moving etc, Stew not being around much, kids, selling house, its no wonder youre feeling depressed.
    keep your chin up lil Sister and think positive. Love you and miss you ok. Wont be long till Im over there again.

  34. Hey Chris... maybe you need to go on a computer hiatus... it is your site... I always find a break to be nice... I keep mine up for my family back home... but the breaks are nice. I have always found my site as mostly for me... like a diary as I am not that much of a journalist but sister... you do what you gotta do! Take care and good luck on whatever you decide to do...

  35. well, you have 33 comments...
    I have never had 33 comments...

    so the answer to your question is NO NO NO .. DON'T QUIT BLOGGING...

    it's totally fun to get to know you!!

    It does get hard to keep up on blogging and the busy life.. that's for sure...
    but don't quit..

    we love you chick!

  36. you will be missed lots! but you have to do what is best for you. I think it is better that you take a blogging vacation thank putting on a happy face, but you should be able to blog about what every you want.
    Goo luck with the house stuff and I hope you get a good offer this weekend!!!!

  37. take a blogging vacation if you want... or get on here & bitch your heart out if you aren't happy. It's okay. I'm not always happy either.

  38. Oh Chris take it easy and we all need a break from life at times :)

    Take care xxx

  39. just coming back to check on ya!

  40. I get in this mood sometimes, too. Espeically when life is overwhelming me. Actually today that picture is the spitting image of me. Well, that little monkey is a wee bit cuter. hehe. BUT, don't stop for good!!!! I adore your blog.


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